Posted on 7/12/2018

Business Retreat in Costa Rica? Here's What Your Employees Need (& Want) to Know

So, your company's taking a business retreat in Costa Rica... and you're considering Tamarindo! Or, perhaps you've already decided on Tamarindo. Congratulations! Costa Rica is a great choice for a corporate retreat and in Costa Rica – okay, call us biased – Tamarindo is the perfect home base. After all, greater Tamarindo – Tamarindo, Langosta, Hacienda Pinilla, Conchal, and even out to Flamingo – is one of Costa Rica's most popular destinations. Not just for a business retreat in Costa Rica, mind you, but for vacation, destination weddings, honeymoons, and more. In other words, Tamarindo is paradise amidst paradise. Our main claim to fame? Beautiful beaches, for starters. And then, there's our world-famous surf, eclectic adventure activities, plenty of water sports, and spectacular sunsets. And, of course, there's much geared toward your business retreat in Costa Rica, too: sprawling luxury mansions, an excellent restaurant scene, and plenty of team building, bonding, and fun. If you've chosen Tamarindo, then your company must be a great one! #TamarindoOrBust But okay, after the initial excitement and general euphoria subside, you start to wonder: Where is Tamarindo, exactly? Where are you all going to stay? (And will there be any privacy?) What's the weather like? And, how much should you budgetfor out-of-pocket extras? Well, the first thing you should know – this corporate retreat/vacation is going to be epic. As for the rest of your questions, we have you covered:

Tamarindo Corporate Retreat: The When, Where & What

Let's start with the total basics, so we can get situated:

When to Visit

Obviously, any specific whendepends on a number of factors, including your corporate schedule. That said, if there's flexibility, we can certainly help you narrow down your when. Let's start with this: Tamarindo averages 75-95º F (23-35º C)and gets a consistent 12-13 hours of sunlight, year-round; the sun's up around 5:30 and sets just after 6, almost every day. And, there are two basic seasons: dry season (December-April) and wet season (a.k.a. green season, May-November). But there's more to it than that, at least when you're planning a business retreat in Costa Rica. While there is a sunny "dry" season and a wetter "green" season, Tamarindo is drier than the rest of the country, making for a more enjoyable green season. Seasonally speaking, this also means that Tamarindo also has a high summer season and a mid-season. A quick breakdown:
  • Dry Season (Dec through Easter): Sun, sun, sun! And, the highest prices of the year.
  • Mid-Season (Easter to mid-June): A great bang for your buck, with lower prices and a great chance of sun.
  • Summer Season (mid-June through mid-August): A mid-year peak, with prices just under the true high season.
  • Green Season (mid-August through mid-Dec): A daily chance of rain sends prices to their lowest points of the year.
If you'd like to know more, check out our guide to Costa Rican weather. 

Where is Tamarindo?

As we already mentioned, "Tamarindo" is often used as a catch-phrase for a much larger area that includes Playa Langosta, Playa Grande, Hacienda Pinilla, Playa Conchal, and even, sometimes, Playa Flamingo. Generally speaking, Tamarindo is located on Costa Rica's north-Pacific coast, about 75 minutes southwest of the Liberia International Airport(LIR). If you want to get super technical, the town of Tamarindo is located at coordinates 10.2993° N, 85.8371° W.

What's Tamarindo Like?

To start, it's beautiful. The kind of beautiful that belongs in postcards: A curving, white-sand beach (with a sprinkling of rocky outcroppings) that stretches from Playa Grande down to Playa Langosta. It measures only a mile – great for walking or banana biking! – of compact beach town, packed full of international cuisine, crashing waves, plenty of adventure, and arguably Costa Rica's best beachside nightlife. And, as if that weren't enough of a draw, just outside of town you'll also find dry forest, wet forest, and even desert-like savannah landscapes, making for a diverse ecosystem home to incredible plant and animal life. But let's back up for a minute. Tamarindo was once a funky little fishing town but today, at least by Costa Rican standards, it's a mini beach metropolis that lives by an unofficial motto of "surf, eat, and have fun." And, to be honest, we work hard to live by all three, so if you're planning a business retreat in Costa Rica heavy on fun, food and bonding, then this is the place to be. So, what kind of fun can you have, specifically? What kind of couldn't you, more like! Tamarindo is a veritable smorgasbord of activities and attractions, offering surfing, SUP, canopy zip-lining, yoga, catamaran sailing, turtle nesting, snorkeling & scuba diving, wildlife & nature tours, sports fishing, swimming, golf, and much more. (More on all this, below.) EASY BUTTON!!Don't want to mess around with logistics (or group bookings)? We'll do it for you! From activities and transportation, to spa treatments and chef services, we'll take care of everything before you arrive, so you don't spend your business retreat in Costa Rica... well, planning your business retreat. If you'd like any help, our in-house concierge, Cristina (send her an email), can recommend perfect activities for you and your friends and family – and book them on your behalf, absolutely free!

Where to Stay: The Best Vacation Rentals for a Business Retreat in Costa Rica

One of the best parts about your business retreat in Costa Rica? The digs. No, seriously. Costa Rica's long reputation for boutique and luxury travel has birthed an incredible selection of luxury vacation rentals perfect for groups, whether you're planning an intimate C-level corporate retreat for 10 or treating your 75-person startup with a reward in paradise. Tamarindo's vacation rental market, in particular, is robust with group-friendly homes of 6+ bedrooms. We know your priorities: You want luxury. You'd love Pacific Ocean views. You seek upscale amenities, like an ocean-view infinity pool, daily housekeeping, private chef services, and other five-star extras. And you absolutely require privacy: enough bedrooms and preferably, enough bathrooms that no one has to share. We've got you covered. In fact, we have an entire fleet of luxury vacation rentals that business retreat in Costa Rica guests love, time and time again. Villa Tranquila, designed by one of Central America's most noted architects, treats your group to serious style with lavish furnishings, 13,000 square-feet of space, and sweeping vistas over the magnificent golf greens at Hacienda Pinilla. And, with eight deluxe suites (and 10 bathrooms), you can share the villa between up to 24 business retreat guests. If only beachfront will do, then you can't miss retreat favorite Casa de Luz, a Millionaire Row rental. This 8-bedroom, 7-bathroom beachfront home has room for 23+ guests, making it one of the largest beachfront homes in the Tamarindo area. And, did we mention? It has a spectacular private pool, beachfront social spaces, and a full-time staff to attend to your every need. (Bonus: This home sits adjacent to several other homes, making it a perfect choice for groups of 25+.) You can't go wrong at El Chante, one of the most eco-friendly and beautiful private home in Costa Rica. Here, you'll spread out over nine individual bungalows (sleeps 19), open-air Bali-style architecture, and a tropical haven of sustainable luxuries and sweeping estuary and ocean views. What's more, El Chante is approved for events up to 50 guests and noise restrictions don't set in until 10 p.m. And, rounding out our short list, have a gander over to Casa Puros Dieces, a one-of-a-kind home and reigning crown jewel of Tamarindo luxury real estate. Home to Balinese-inspired architecture, unspoiled seclusion,panoramic ocean views, and 8 bedrooms with 2 separate apartments, this home also offers event capacity of 80 guests and an onsite staff to attend your needs. Don't see something that strikes your fancy (or is large enough for your group)? Search all our Tamarindo vacation rentals, where you'll find everything from ocean-view 2-bedrooms to palatial properties that accommodate up to 64 guests! (And remember, if you'd like any help with planning or booking tours, our in-house concierge, Cristina – send her an email– can recommend, arrange, and ensure all the details for you and your corporate retreat – and book them on your behalf, absolutely free!)

Things to Do in Tamarindo

By now, you know that Tamarindo is one of Costa Rica's most popular destinations. But, you still don't have the full picture of why– what makes Tamarindo a better choice than other towns, for example Jacó or Manuel Antonio? It's a simple answer, actually. In addition to owning some of Costa Rica's most beautiful beaches, including the iconic pink sands of Playa Conchal, the Tamarindo area is home to some of the country's most iconic activities. We're talking all those things-to-do on your wish list: record-breaking sport fishing, heart-pumping canopy zip-lines, tranquil nature-watching, world-class surfing, and every other Costa Rica bucket-list thrill. It all boils down to team-building, bonding, and fun – right? And Tamarindo's the king of all three. As proof, here are a few of our most popular activities: Surfing: If we had to pick just one team-building activity, it would be surfing. And that's not just because our surf is epic (and world-renowned). In fact, learning to surf as a corporate group – and then, hopefully, catching your first wave while your coworkers cheer you on – is one of the most iconic Costa Rican experiences, not to mention a great way to grow as a team. Get in touch and we'll hook you up with the best surf lessons in the area. Catamaran Sailing: As far as corporate incentives and employee rewards go, there's no better way to say "job well done" than with a catamaran cruise. In addition to an afternoon at sea, snorkeling and swimming, and basking on a private beach, these excursions put you front-and-center to the epic Tamarindo sunset. Sport Fishing: It's no secret: Avid anglers know that Costa Rica's north Pacific is theplace to go for great fishing. But, what you may not know – and what's great to know, if any of your retreat crew is prone to seasickness – is that we also offer the typical Costa Rican panga fishing boat, for the authentic Costa Rican fishing experience. Turtle Nesting: Talk about group bonding. If you're in town for turtle nesting, do yourself a favor and book a night tour to Las Baulas National Park, an internationally renowned (and incredibly important) nesting site for leatherback sea turtles, a threatened species. Canopy / Zipline: Intensify your team-building with a heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping canopy tour through the Costa Rican jungle. Together, you'll all jump off sky-high platforms, swing through the canopy, navigate a swimming bride, and even scale down a thrilling rappel. It's high-octane and all fun! Snorkeling or Scuba Diving: Whether you're looking to spot manta rays, or reef sharks, or wiley octopuses, great captains will know just where to take you – tiny, secluded inlets and major destination (like the Catalina Islands), inclusive. Mangrove Tours: There are tons of nature tours available around our area, but none quite so Tamarindoas a mangrove tour, which will take you through the canals in search of photo ops and nature sightings, including crocodiles, iguanas, monkeys, and dozens of bird species. Of course, there are many, many more things to do in and around Tamarindo, including tubing/raftinghorseback ridingATV toursocean kayakingluxury spa days, and even day trips to Palo Verde National Park (wetlands and wildlife-watching) and Rincón de la Vieja National Park (hot springs, hiking, horseback riding and more!).

Things to See in Tamarindo

Think we've covered all there is to do on a business retreat in Costa Rica? It's no exaggeration to say we've barely scratched the surface. There's a lot more to do and, even more importantly, see in and around Tamarindo. Here are a few of our must-dos-or-you'll-regret-it-forever Tamarindo attractions, perfect for corporate retreat guests: BeachesTamarindo's beaches are some of the most beautiful in Costa Rica, if not the world. But, it's more than sheer beauty: There's also plenty to see and do on our iconic beaches. From killer surf to you-have-to-see-them-to-believe-them pink sands, you could fill your every day on the North Pacific coast, and still leave Costa Rica wanting more. Las Baulas National Marine Park: Even if the leatherbacks aren't nesting (or hatching), our neighboring Las Baulas Marine Park still offers miles of pristine beaches, great surf, and other must-see sights. Tamarindo Wildlife Refuge: If your group counts itself as nature-loving and wildlife-watching, then you owe yourselves a trip to the Tamarindo Estuary, a wildlife-rich saltwater jungle that stretches from the Pacific and into the mangroves, covering wetland habitats home to monkeys and coatis, herons and caimans. Catalina Islands: Known for their scuba diving, these iconic islands also offer superb scenery – above and under the water. On your way to the Catalinas Islands, keep your eyes open for manta rays, dolphins, sea turtles, and whales breaching near the boat! Nightlife: You're here to bond, and that means we have to mention the famous Tamarindo nightlife! From dancing and dining, hosted events to live music, beachfront fire dancers and after-hours drinks, our sandy beach town sure knows how to have fun.

Getting to/from Tamarindo

We've known many groups vacationing in Tamarindo and, hands down, one of the most appreciated conveniences is pre-arranged airport transportation. If you're all arriving on the same flight, this is the hands-down best way to go. It's the smooth, easy, and headache-free way to begin your business retreat in Costa Rica. Of course, if you're arriving on different flights and group transportation is too complicated to arrange, there are other options. For those times, you'll want to know how to get to Tamarindo(and back to the airport again).

Option 1: Private Airport Shuttle

No bias – this is the best way to get to Tamarindo. After a long flight, there's nothing better than finding your company name on a sign, climbing into an air-conditioned vehicle, and letting your driver handle your bags, the driving, and all the other details.

Option 2: Drive

You may want a rental car while you're in town – don't worry, if you shuttle from the airport, we can have your rental car(s) dropped off at the villa – so if you pick one up at the airport, be sure to use Waze, a free GPS app, to navigate to Tamarindo. Otherwise, from the airport, take Route 21 south to Route 155 southwest, and then follow signs on Avenida las Palmas west to Tamarindo downtown. You have three additional options, as well – but we don't recommend them. The first is flying into SJO (San José International Airport) and taking a puddle-jumper – or rather, a few puddle-jumpers, since you're a group – to Tamarindo; the second is taking a shared shuttle from Liberia, which can be scheduled at inconvenient-to-you times and has luggage limitations; and the third is to take the public bus, which we recommend only more the most adventurous travelers. (And definitely not to groups.) And that wraps up our primer for your business retreat in Costa Rica. If there's anything, in particular, you'd like to know, please post a comment or get in touch! We're always happy to help. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave
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