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Posted on 7/8/2024

Guanacaste Turtle Nesting: Everything to Know about Species, Tours & Where to Go

Year after year, five species of sea turtles – olive ridleys, leatherbacks, loggerheads, hawksbills, and green sea turtles – come to shore in Csota Rica. These gentle sea giants, which are classified as vulnerable, endangered, and critically endangered species, lay hundreds of thousands of eggs on Costa Rican beaches. Watch it happen live on an Ostional turtle tour, Las Baulas leatherback tour & more!

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Posted on 4/30/2024

The Perfect Itinerary: An Indulgent Day at Our Costa Rica Luxury Vacation Villas

As you awaken in the soft embrace of luxury linens, the promise of a perfect day unfolds at our lavish Costa Rica luxury vacation villas. The first rays of sunlight peek through the curtains, inviting you to embark on a journey of total tranquility, ultimate indulgence, or holistic wellness – whatever your heart desires and for any reason you’re here.

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Posted on 3/21/2024

Costa Rica Easter Week: Traditions, Activities, Attractions & Accommodations

Costa Rica Easter week is one of our sunniest, most festive, and busiest times. Locally known as Semana Santa or Holy Week – typically, falling late March to early April – this time of year welcomes festivities, tradition, Spring Break travel, and delightful weather, with warm sunshine, lush landscapes, and bustling beaches.

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Posted on 2/27/2024

Insider Tips, Packing & Luxury Rentals in Costa Rica: Plan Your Trip

Planning beach luxury vacations – from packing essentials and prioritizing your itinerary to choosing a location and narrowing down your shortlist for luxury rentals in Costa Rica – is never an easy task. Here are 10 planning and packing tips, plus some advice on choosing the right accommodations, to get you started.

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Posted on 1/15/2024

Spotlight On Playa Langosta: Rentals, Things to Do, Travel Tips and More

If you’re the kind of traveler who seeks the best of both worlds – proximity to Tamarindo’s vibrant energy but not being engulfed by it – then welcome to Playa Langosta. An ideal haven nestled just 1.5 miles south of Tamarindo, this quaint beach town could have fallen into the realm of a bedroom community… Except, it’s an upscale and serene locale all its own, complete with Playa Langosta rentals, dining, shopping, things to do, and more.

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Posted on 11/17/2023

Bring in the New Year in Costa Rica - Our Top Events & Things to Do

If you’re looking for things to do in Costa Rica for New Year’s, then you’ll be delighted to know that Costa Rica's festive holiday season is a vibrant spectacle of color, lights, fireworks, and culinary delights that extends from December 25 to well into the new year. This is an exciting, bright, and joyful time to visit Costa Rica! (Not to mention, we’re enjoying some of the year’s best weather…)

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Posted on 6/19/2023

Upgrade your Costa Rica Luxury Vacation: Elite Services at SIT

Have you ever wondered how to level up your Costa Rica luxury vacation? Over the years, we’ve had to refine our offerings in pursuit of top-tier luxury.

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Posted on 5/15/2023

Costa Rica Spiritual Retreats: From Meditation to Ayahuasca

Costa Rica's lush landscapes, rich history, and long legacy of plant medicine create a perfect destination for Costa Rica spiritual retreats – from meditation to ayahuasca. Indeed, retreat travelers find solace in the transformative power of the country's wellness travel, which focuses on

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Posted on 12/15/2022

Visiting Tamarindo, Costa Rica: Hotels vs. Airbnb vs. Vacation Specialist

As you begin planning your vacation, the question arises: should you be looking at Tamarindo, Costa Rica hotels? How about and Tamarindo, Costa Rica Airbnb Vrbo options? And is there any other option out there that you're missing? Spoiler alert: Yes, there is. Because in Costa Rica, you also have

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Posted on 11/15/2022

Top 8 Things We Are Thankful For in Tamarindo Beach, Guanacaste

'Tis the season for thankfulness! And this November, as we reflect on another year in Tamarindo Beach, Guanacaste, we find we have so much to be grateful for. We're Thankful for... Our Biodiversity It's no secret that Costa Rica has a reputation for being one of the world's most nature-rich,

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