Posted on 7/3/2018

Your Costa Rica Corporate Retreat: 7 Signs That It's a Terrible Idea

If you're planning a Costa Rica corporate retreat, STOP RIGHT THERE. Because, there are a few things you should know. A few things that should give you serious pause. Costa Rica may receive a lot of praise – it's spectacularly beautiful, environmentally forward and has perfect weather, right? Right?! – but there's a dark side to this slice of tropical paradise. A very dark side. Here are 7 signs that you and your team are absolutely, positively not made for a Costa Rica corporate retreat:
  1. You Do. Not. Like! the Great Outdoors

On paper, you're a fan of the environment. But your group, as a whole? You have no desire to spend any significant time outside. No surfing. No swimming. No exploring the mangrove forest, or the rain forest, or the dry forest, or the cloud forest. Definitely no hiking around active volcanoes, swimming in natural hot springs, snorkeling the tropics, or diving into swimming holes at the base of a waterfall. Absolutely NOT.
  1. And Speaking of, You're No Fans of Wildlife, Either

While we're on the topic of outdoor horrors, your Costa Rica corporate retreat group has zero interest in local wildlife. The fact that the country protects more than 25% of its land in national parks, wildlife refuges, and private reserves – and that Costa Rica is working toward the repopulation of 100+ endangered species– does not impress you. You don't want to see howler monkeys, or iguanas, or humpback whales, or leatherback sea turtles, or American crocodiles, or two- and three-toed sloths, or toucans – none of it! That's what Animal Planet is for.
  1. You Don't Care for International or Fusion Cuisine

Fresh fish, right off the boat? World flavors? Oven-fired pizza? Fresh-from-the-farm fruits and veggies? Restaurants with an ocean view? Private chefs? Someone, save you from this horror.
  1. And Ugh, You Also Loathe Coffee

Costa Rica is the worst. The absolute worst. You hate coffee. And that's bad news because this aroma would tempt anyone, even the staunchest tea drinker. After all, Costa Rica does have some of the best coffee in world. But who needs it?
  1. You HATE to Relax

You're here to work and to work hard. Fourteen-hour days are nothing to you. Pool, schmool. Sun – ugh! Endless adventures? Pshaw. Who would ever come to Costa Rica to relax? Certainly not your corporate group, that's who!
  1. You Never Take Your Cameras Anywhere

Costa Rica is certainly one of the world's most spectacular destinations: Brilliant sunsets. Endless beach. Cerulean sea. Lush jungle (often spilling into said cerulean sea). There are few places more photogenic than Costa Rica so, if you really hate beautiful memories and lovely photos of your vacations, then you should really send your group elsewhere.
  1. And You Have No Interest in Team-Building

Sure, some Costa Rica corporate retreat groups come here for team-building. They have goals. They want to learn to work better as a group. They want to improve their team communication. They want to brainstorm ways for their companies to grow. Not you. The thought of group surf lessons, or of hiking together into the jungle, or of visiting wildlife refuges as a team, or of bidding farewell to the day on a sunset cruise, or of – well, any of it! It all sounds like a terrible way to spend your time in Costa Rica.

Want to Know More About the Horrors of a Costa Rica Corporate Retreat?

Don't say we didn't warn you: You're going to HATE your corporate retreat to Costa Rica. That said, if you're still looking to retreat to the horrors of Costa Rica, then get in touch! We have extensive experience in planning corporate retreats to Costa Rica – and we're happy to share! From venues to vendors, vacation rentals to team-building, we have all the recommendations and advice you need to plan a memorable (and not-so-terrible) corporate retreat. SaveSave
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