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Posted on 8/15/2021

Level Up Your Vacation: Top 7 Day Trips from Tamarindo

Tamarindo is a destination unto itself, famed for its powdery beaches and raucous surf,

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Posted on 6/27/2019

Our Favorite Tamarindo Tours on Land

When you come to Costa Rica

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Posted on 6/20/2019

Top Costa Rica Volcano Tours & Day Trips from Tamarindo

Did you know that Costa Rica lies at

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Posted on 3/27/2019

Spotlight on: A Tamarindo Mangrove Tour

You came for the beaches but you're now enthralled with the wildlife. After all, how often can your toes be...

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Posted on 12/20/2018

Tamarindo Overnight Trip: Explosive Arenal Volcano

On slopes where once flowed destructive red-hot lava, now grows an explosion of...

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Posted on 9/27/2018

Costa Rica Turtle Watching: Ostional Wildlife Refuge

When was the last time you visited one of the world's most important anythings? Welcome to Ostional Wildlife Refuge

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Posted on 8/31/2018

Tamarindo Day Trip: Guide to Diria National Park

Guanacaste is home to eight national parks, each known for their vast habitats, natural beauty, and varied wildlife. You've probably heard of many of them: from

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Posted on 7/27/2018

Guide to Santa Rosa National Park

Where isolated beach meets rare dry forest, where rushing rivers flow into lush mangrove forests, where epic waves crash onto rocky islands –

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Posted on 6/14/2018

Tamarindo Day Trip: Snorkeling & Scuba Diving the Catalina Islands

Every year, divers from around the world make their pilgrimage to Costa Rica's Catalinas Islands – a haven for a spectacular

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Posted on 5/31/2018

Tamarindo Day Trip: Guide to Palo Verde National Park

One of Costa Rica's seemingly greatest contrasts, spectacular Palo Verde National Park is home to a resounding dichotomy: rich and

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