Land Adventures | Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Discover the wonderful surprises of Guanacaste's savannahs and tropical dry forest. Take a zip-line canopy tour through the tree tops and over river gorges. If that's not enough excitement for you, the Tarzan Swing is sure to speed up your pulse. Go horseback riding on the beach or down seldom-traveled back roads through the hills and valleys. Fire up an ATV and get muddy in the back country. Enjoy the fascinating cultural experience of visiting potters of indigenous descent who use materials and techniques dating back thousands of years.

Local tours in the Tamarindo area offer all of these things and much more. There is something to entertain and enthrall all ages and any activity level preferences.

Up for a day trip? Let us take you to one of the national parks or adventure centers that offer full-day activity packages that we can customize according to your interests. Ride horseback up a dormant volcano slope. Go tubing over bubbling rapids. Visit a wildlife rescue refuge. Take a ride on a one-of-a-kind waterslide where you ride the river. Hike to a cobalt blue waterfall unlike anything you ever imagined. Full and half day adventure packages can include your meals and transportation so that everything you need is taken care of.

Fill out the Contact Us form on the right, and let us know what your interests are. Our tour department will get back to you right away. You're also welcome to call our US number (754) 223 0031, or our Costa Rican line 2653 1561.

Things To Do ATV


During this amazing ATV tour in Tamarindo, you will start the tour on the off roads of our typical Guanacaste fields. As you ride along you will see cattle, horses, and fields full of our local culture.  You will then ride through these off...

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Things To Do Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

The Horseback riding tour is a tour for those Horse lovers who wish to just gallop through a Costa Rican paradise! This tour is a two-hour Horseback riding tour. The pick up is usually at 8:30am or 3:30pm for Sunset. The tour starts at a dry forest l...

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Things To Do Rincon De La Vieja Hiking

Rincon De La Vieja Hiking

Hiking at the base of the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano with lunch, mud bath, and hot springs. This tour is an incredible hiking tour, the hike is two hours, one hour each way. You hike to a waterfall where you will be able to jump in and bath. You wil...

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Things To Do Turtle Watching

Turtle Watching

The Olive Ridley Turtles come to Ostional Beach to nest in big numbers in an event called Arribada. They gather out in the ocean and sometimes around the last quarter moon fill up the beach coming ashore at night and for as long as a week....

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Things To Do Valcano Tours

Valcano Tours

Enjoy a day filled with adventure. Enjoy the all-day tour when sliding through the trees on the amazing zip line and explore the hacienda while doing horseback riding. You will also have fun tubing down the river, rock climbing and rappelling....

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Things To Do Wildlife Tours

Wildlife Tours

The Palo Verde National Park is located on the banks of the Rio Tempisque it is one of the best wildlife and bird watching spots in Costa Rica. The remote sanctuary harbors one of Central Americas largest concentration of aquatic birds and is t...

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Things To Do Zip Lining

Zip Lining

This amazing trip is located about 25 minutes northeast of Tamarindo Beach on a large farm that has been handed down from a local Guanacaste family from generations to generations.

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