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Posted on 3/21/2024

Costa Rica Easter Week: Traditions, Activities, Attractions & Accommodations

Costa Rica Easter week is one of our sunniest, most festive, and busiest times. Locally known as Semana Santa or Holy Week – typically, falling late March to early April – this time of year welcomes festivities, tradition, Spring Break travel, and delightful weather, with warm sunshine, lush landscapes, and bustling beaches.

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Posted on 9/30/2022

Our Top Costa Rica Family Vacation Rentals & Group Activities in Tamarindo

When it comes to group and/or family vacations, success often boils down to balancing your group's varied activity levels, interests, and travel styles. You'll probably...

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Posted on 2/22/2021

An Extended Family Vacation in Costa Rica: Stay, Play & Learn!

Hey, parents – quick question:

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Posted on 8/29/2019

Planning a Family Vacation? Tamarindo Vacation Rentals: The Cozy, the Spacious, and the Massive

Planning your Costa Rica family vacations can be one of the most exciting – or stressful – parts of your vacation planning. Finding

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Posted on 8/15/2019

Costa Rica Travel with Kids: The Best Family Experiences

Today, Costa Rica celebrates Mother's Day. It's one of the Big Holidays here in Costa Rica – a paid day off work,

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Posted on 5/23/2019

Tamarindo Day Trip: Las Pumas Rescue Center

We like to say that in nature, there are no guarantees. What that means is that, while Costa Rica is an

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Posted on 4/25/2019

Treat Yourself: Hiring a Tamarindo Private Chef

Sometimes, you just don't want to eat out. You don't feel like getting dressed up, or piling into the car for dinner, or any of

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Posted on 4/12/2019

One-of-a-Kind Oceanfront Vacation Rentals in Tamarindo: Part 2

Last month, promised you a list of the best oceanfront vacation

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Posted on 12/27/2018

Costa Rica Family Vacation: Your [Almost] Complete Guide to Tamarindo with Kids

You're enjoying a wonderful holiday season – by the way, happy holidays from the Stay in Tamarindo family! – and you're loving your

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Posted on 12/20/2018

Tamarindo Overnight Trip: Explosive Arenal Volcano

On slopes where once flowed destructive red-hot lava, now grows an explosion of...

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