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Posted on 4/15/2022

Post-COVID - How Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica is Thriving

It was a long haul. But we've made it from there to here and today, Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica is thriving in our

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Posted on 3/15/2022

Top Tamarindo Instagram Must-Visits & Must-Stays

When it comes down to it, your Tamarindo Instagram must-visits should be

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Posted on 12/12/2019

7 Costa Rican Christmas Traditions for your Holidays in Tamarindo

Look out your window. If you see

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Posted on 9/19/2019

How to Keep the Beach Clean on Your Tamarindo Vacation

Ahhh, the beach. The glorious beach. Can't you just hear the sound of lapping waves, each tiny crash on wet sand? Can you see the pelicans

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Posted on 9/12/2019

15 Restaurant Recommendations We Haven't Made Before

Jumbo prawns, classic lobster thermidor, crispy falafel, Mongolian

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Posted on 9/5/2019

Dance, Music & the Pura Vida: The BPM Festival Comes to Tamarindo, Costa Rica

The best month of the year just got better: This coming January, Tamarindo will welcome the legendary BPM Festival, an underground electronic music festival that offers a perfect complement to our powder-soft beaches, sunset vistas, tropical dry forests, and Pacific Ocean escapades. It's a

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Posted on 7/25/2019

July 25: The Annexation of Guanacaste

Ah yes, it's that time of year again – one of the many times of year that we ask ourselves, "What's that noise?" Well,

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Posted on 5/9/2019

Property of the Month: Pacific Soul

You've just awoken. There's a hint of sunlight streaming in your window but, that's not what woke you up. What was it? It

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Posted on 4/25/2019

Treat Yourself: Hiring a Tamarindo Private Chef

Sometimes, you just don't want to eat out. You don't feel like getting dressed up, or piling into the car for dinner, or any of

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Posted on 1/10/2019

Romantic Dinners in Tamarindo - 7 of our Favorite Spots

[caption id="attachment_2387" align="aligncenter" width="1030"] Looking for the most romantic dinners in Tamarindo? We say, look no further than you own private chef, who will prepare the meal of your culinary dreams. Enjoy it, just the two of you, in your private villa or vacation home. Perfect

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