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Posted on 3/21/2024

Costa Rica Easter Week: Traditions, Activities, Attractions & Accommodations

Costa Rica Easter week is one of our sunniest, most festive, and busiest times. Locally known as Semana Santa or Holy Week – typically, falling late March to early April – this time of year welcomes festivities, tradition, Spring Break travel, and delightful weather, with warm sunshine, lush landscapes, and bustling beaches.

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Posted on 1/14/2020

A Guide to Costa Rican Microbrews, Craft Beers & Artisan Alcohol

In the land of sun and fun, you'll likely to crave an ice-cold one. That's our motto,...

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Posted on 9/12/2019

15 Restaurant Recommendations We Haven't Made Before

Jumbo prawns, classic lobster thermidor, crispy falafel, Mongolian

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Posted on 8/13/2019

Tamarindo Restaurants Guide, 2019 Version

Tamarindo is a veritable foodie haven: Dozens, if not hundreds of worth-your-time restaurants and

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Posted on 2/5/2019

The Costa Rican Casado - What's That?

Open up a menu in almost any Costa Rican restaurant, and you'll be greeted with the casado. Casado? Your Spanish-to-English dictionary says that means...

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Posted on 6/19/2018

7 Costa Rican Fruits to Try at the Farmer's Market

We've touched on a few local foods we think everyone must try while in town, but we thought the last item on our list – Costa Rican fruits, oh...

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Posted on 3/27/2018

9 Costa Rican Foods You Simply Must Try

If you're anything like us, food is a big part of your travels. You love to taste...

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Posted on 4/3/2017

Coffee in Tamarindo

Coffee – it's as central to Costa Rica's identity as lush jungles and rich biodiversity. In fact, café played a defining role in Costa Rica's history

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