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Special-Occasion Vacation Planning – Weddings, Birthdays, Reunions, Anniversaries & More with SIT

If you’re planning a special vacation getaway – everything from grand Costa Rica wedding destinations to luxury villas equipped for milestone events, including birthdays, reunions, and anniversaries – then you are in the right place.

At Stay in Tamarindo, we offer wedding planning and event specialization, paired with the villas, venues, andmansions in Costa Rica that are equipped to host groups and adapt to event needs. Here’s what we offer, to help elevate your wedding, event, or celebration to more than you’ve even dreamed:

Elevate Your Villa Experience: Elite Service Level

Whether you’re seeking out picture-perfect Costa Rica wedding destinations or luxury villas worthy of an anniversary, birthday, reunion, or other milestone, much of your day-to-day experience understandably resides in where you stay. And at Stay in Tamarindo, we have perfected the art of the stay.

Over the years, and over many thousands of guests, we've discovered that a luxurious experience does not revolve around one particular add-on or moment; it's about the entirety of the journey – from researching and booking to your travels and return flight.

Elevate your service tier, and enhance every single moment of your special-occasion getaway. That's truly transformative. This realization was the impetus behind Stay in Tamarindo’s unique 5-star concierge services and our Elite Service level.

At SIT, select vacation rentals, villas, and mansions in Costa Rica are part of our Elite Service tier and offer daily housekeeping, daily breakfast preparation, and snack & cocktail preparations – served poolside, when you’d like! We’ll stock the kitchen prior to your arrival, keep you fueled with fresh snacks, craft refined cocktails, and even do your laundry.

What’s more, these homes grant you access to our world-class concierge, who takes care of every detail, ensuring your stay is truly exceptional. We can help you arrange for airport transportation and in-country transportation, as well as book tours and experiences, hire a private chef, arrange for in-villa spa services, and more.

Private Chefs & Event Catering

Whether you're hosting a cozy get-together or a lavish celebration, our exceptional private chefs tap into their comprehensive understanding of our in-depth knowledge, breathtaking locales, and Costa Rica wedding destinations to craft dining moments that go ascend into the extraordinary.

We've meticulously selected a team of culinary wizards and private caterers, who not only excel in whipping up mouthwatering delights but are also deeply dedicated to highlighting the rich fare and fresh local produce you’ll find here in Costa Rica. Their vast culinary range spans global dishes and innovative fusions, seamlessly melding the new with the familiar for an unparalleled gastronomic journey.

Their expertise isn't limited to event catering. They also shine in curating bespoke dining experiences within the comfort of your villa. Be it an intimate dinner for two or a grand banquet celebrating a milestone, our chefs guarantee that every course is a sensory treat. Because at Stay in Tamarindo, we recognize that memorable moments are often intertwined with exceptional cuisine.

Wedding Planners & Event Specialists

Whether you’re searching Costa Rica wedding destinations or planning a major milestone celebration – a birthday, an anniversary, a reunion, or another event that requires planning and logistics – it’s easy to become quickly overwhelmed by the array of choices.

You could be unsure about which location aligns with your unique vision for your big day? Or you’re struggling with balancing the logistics of menu planning, flowers and décor, or other celebration staples. That’s where our hand-selected event specialists and wedding planners come into play.

From planning assistance, local musician recommendations, chef service options, bartending, and even furniture rentals for your ceremony and reception, our wedding specialist is intimately familiar with every home we offer as a potential venue, as well as myriad other event spaces in the region.

With established connections to managers in prime wedding and event spots, including Tamarindo, Langosta, Hacienda Pinilla, and nearby areas, we can guide you to the best service providers for all your wedding and/or event needs.

Wedding & Event Accommodations

From sumptuous villas to sprawling mansions in Costa Rica, at Stay in Tamarindo, we are proud to be one of the only comprehensive vacation rental agencies in the area. We offer a diverse range of group travel accommodations, event venues, and tailor-made packages that align with varied preferences and budgets.

Our selection of Costa Rica wedding destinations and event venues offer the ideal setting to both host your event and your guests. Step beyond the standard all-inclusive hotel or resort experience and embrace an authentic, boutique-styled stay. Our homes cater to both exclusive events and weddings, and we can accommodate groups from as intimate as 15 to a grand gathering of over 200.

We have a large collection of stand-alone adjacent homes as well as our exclusive 19-bedroom private villa option. So, whether you're leaning towards an all-inclusive package or prefer à la carte services, our events department will provide personalized assistance, guiding you meticulously through every detail or your special occasion.

Below, we invite you to explore four of our top choices for events and weddings, each catering to different tastes and budgets. Experience the essence of a Costa Rican destination resort, crafted for ultimate privacy and uniquely sculpted to your vision and desires.

Playa Langosta | 8 Bedrooms | 7 Baths | Sleeps 23
A remarkable property to host a wedding or event, Casa de Luz embodies your vision of a tropical getaway, with magnificent Pacific Ocean views, separate sleeping spaces in one main villa + two independent courtyard casitas, a private pool, and the grand Pacific Ocean as your own backyard, where soft sands and lapping waves bid you come outside and play a little.

Even better, Casa de Luz is named for its dual purpose: The Light House, not only because it’s bathed in natural sunlight, but because it’s one of Tamarindo’s only solar-powered luxury homes. Because Costa Rica wedding destinations and event venues can offer luxury without the guilt – can be a getwaay with a soul, delivering clean energy, biodegradable cleaning products, and ozone sanitation systems in the pool and laundry (the reduce the need for chlorine and cleaning products by 90%).

Speaking of amenities to make you smile, Casa de Luz has exuberant tropical gardens and a private pool – both, the perfect backdrop when paired with soothing sounds of lapping waves and calling birds. And, did we mention? The home’s private gate to the beach is your path to on-the-sand retreat activities. Not a sandy kind of day? The home’s ample indoor and outdoor spaces play happy host, thanks to the help of Casa de Luz’s full-time staff.

Hacienda Pinilla | 8 bedrooms | 10 baths | 32 guests

You might find yourself double-checking to be sure it's real, because Villa Encantada feels like a dreamy slice of paradise! Step inside this treasure of a home, and you'll instantly sense the promise of an unforgettable escape.

But the real jewel? Your private pool. Akin to a secluded haven, amplified with an aquatic volleyball net for that added touch of celebration and fun. Hours will drift by as you luxuriate in its crystal-clear embrace, each moment a testament to sheer bliss.

Yet, there's more magic in store. The home's outdoor living spaces are nothing short of a dream. Imagine a private resort right at your doorstep, ideal for grand celebrations or just for reveling in sheer opulence. Envision sunset soirees and memorable events that would leave friends back home in awe. The magnitude of this space is overwhelming, making every moment feel almost royal.

Amidst this, the soft whispers of nearby waves will serve as a perpetual reminder of your proximity to the beach. Days here seamlessly weave into a luxurious tapestry of relaxation and indulgence, making you wish you could pause time just to relish every moment just a bit longer.

Hacienda Pinilla Amenities

Casa Blanca is located within Hacienda Pinilla, a 4,500-acre community and the epitome of Costa Rican heritage and tradition. Here, your wedding or special occasion will have access to wending trails and a championship golf course, open ranch land and ecological Blue Flag beaches.

Among the community’s exclusive amenities, you’ll have access to:

  • The Hacienda Pinilla Beach Club: a beachfront infinity-edge pool, fitness center, an international restaurant, and more;
  • A Championship, 18-Hole Golf Course;
  • The Spa & Restaurants at the JW Marriot;
  • Tennis Courts;
  • Pickleball Courts;
  • Hiking & Biking Trails;
  • And more!

Tamarindo | 14 bedrooms | 12 baths | 28 guests

Discover the enchanting union of Compass House and Casa Leo Loco, two exquisite homes that together transform your perception of a luxurious celebration. Central to this extraordinary experience are the mesmerizing ocean views, presenting a daily masterpiece of expansive blue horizons and awe-inspiring sunsets.

Compass House resonates with an impeccable balance of wild jungle ambiance and pure luxury. Located amidst nature's embrace, it is a sanctuary of serenity and relaxation. Envision the sunset each evening from your private infinity pool, where the heavens and water merge into a kaleidoscope of mesmerizing hues. And for those with a passion for surfing, the tantalizing waves are ever-present, beckoning from a stone's throw away.

Casa Leo Loco, in contrast, welcomes you with its majestic, three-tiered tower, reminiscent of a fairy tale sprung to life. The vistas it commands are nothing short of breathtaking, particularly as the sun descends over your private infinity pool, painting the horizon in vibrant shades of gold and rose. Surf aficionados will revel in the convenience of scouting the waves from their doorstep, ensuring every surf outing is nothing short of legendary.

Yet, this tropical haven has another whimsical touch: the howler monkeys. Your endearing local companions, their joyful calls and playful behaviors amplify the magic of your surroundings, reinforcing the notion that nature is an unparalleled maestro. It’s no wonder that the combined splendor of Compass House and Casa Leo Loco, where nature's charm and luxury intertwine, craft a getaway that promises both awe and renewal – and one of our most beloved Costa Rica wedding destinations and special occasion venues.

Hacienda Pinilla | 6 Bedrooms | 6 Baths | Sleeps 20

Indulge in the ultimate special occasion at Casa Blanca, a 6-bedroom private resort home located within the spectacular community of Hacienda Pinilla.

You’ll want to spend almost all your time here outdoors, in the home’s stunning outdoor area: a spacious thatched rancho and an expansive pool, with a tranquil hammock station that will beckon you to bring your book, a cool drink, and the desire to do nothing more than relax. If you prefer your tranquility sunny rather than shaded, head out onto your spacious patio, with plenty of seating, a barbecue grill, and more to fuel (literally!) your outdoor enjoyment.

Indoors, Casa Blanca is equally spectacular. Its gourmet kitchen boasts high-end appliances, a large island with seating, and an adjacent (and cozy!) breakfast nook that looks out onto that spectacular backyard… But focus! Because here, the home’s luxurious six bedrooms are beautifully appointed, each with an ensuite bathroom for ultimate privacy and comfort. There’s also a private guest home with separate living and sleeping spaces, to create a comfortable retreat for grandparents, a couple, or anyone who desires a little extra space and privacy.

Hacienda Pinilla Amenities

Casa Blanca is located within Hacienda Pinilla, a 4,500-acre community and the epitome of Costa Rican heritage and tradition. Here, Here, your wedding or special occasion will have access to wending trails and a championship golf course, open ranch land and ecological Blue Flag beaches.

Among the community’s exclusive amenities, you’ll have access to:

  • The Hacienda Pinilla Beach Club: a beachfront infinity-edge pool, fitness center, an international restaurant, and more;
  • A Championship, 18-Hole Golf Course;
  • The Spa & Restaurants at the JW Marriot;
  • Tennis Courts;
  • Pickleball Courts;
  • Hiking & Biking Trails;
  • And more!

Seeking Costa Rica Wedding Destinations and Special Occasion Venues?

At Stay in Tamarindo, we really are different. We really do care about you. We really will go the extra mile. And private wedding and event venues are our specialty.

We’re going to work hard for you. We’re going to follow up with you. And we’re going to do everything we can, to ensure that this is not just your Best Vacation Ever, but also Everything You Want It to Be.

Because that is what we mean, when we talk about our quality of service: We want to transform the way you travel and celebrate. We want to deliver the best everything you’ve ever experienced – including the best value. And we want you to go home completely fulfilled, whether you came to relax for a week straight or have packed your days full of every adrenaline-soaked, high-adventure activity you could fit in.

So go ahead, give us a try. Embrace the experience. Live your best life. And now, plan an unforgettable occasion, from picture-perfect Costa Rica wedding destinations to special occasion and event venues. It all starts with getting in touch with our concierge!

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