If you’re planning a destination wedding in Tamarindo (or anywhere in Costa Rica), then don’t miss our Tamarindo wedding guide. Packed with everything you need to know, from budgeting details to you’d-wish-you-had-known can’t-miss insider info, we deliver the goods on Tamarindo weddings, honeymoons, and romantic getaways.

4 Costa Rican Wedding Traditions to Incorporate into Your Tamarindo Wedding

local traditions to incorporate into your Tamarindo wedding

To love, to luck, to your marriage! Here are four of our favorite Costa Rican wedding traditions to incorporate and adapt to your Tamarindo wedding ceremony and reception.

In this wonderfully modern era, every country has its traditions – some, that persevere and others, that time has long forgotten. These traditions are never more pronounced as when they comes to life’s big moments.

And here, in Costa Rica, there are many wedding traditions to which we cleave, for the joy they bring, the moments they represent, and the rich cultural tapestry to which they belong.

So, with that in mind, we’ve pulled together a few of our favorite Costa Rican wedding traditions. Which might you incorporate into your Tamarindo wedding ceremony and/or reception?

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Romantic Dinners in Tamarindo – 7 of our Favorite Spots

a private chef offers one of the most romantic dinners in Tamarindo

Looking for the most romantic dinners in Tamarindo? We say, look no further than you own private chef, who will prepare the meal of your culinary dreams. Enjoy it, just the two of you, in your private villa or vacation home. Perfect lighting. Perfect views. Perfect music. Perfect company.

From twinkling fairy lights to crashing surf, lantern-lit tables to bamboo palapas for two, the most romantic dinners in Tamarindo serve up more than just a delicious memory.

Because romance is not just the meal; it’s an experience. An experience of dim lighting and stolen moments, great views and memorable moments. It’s about setting the mood – about connecting with your loved one, and only your loved one – whether it’s for a simple date or a special occasion.

The most romantic dinners in Tamarindo are some of the most romantic in all of Costa Rica. Our restaurants are world-class, focusing on hyper-local ingredients and sustainable practices, while working to deliver on an intimate and, yes, romantic ambiance.

Here are seven of our favorites:

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How to Find (and Choose) the Perfect Costa Rica Wedding Planner

how to find a Costa Rica wedding planner

We highly recommend hiring a Costa Rica wedding planner. But, how to find the right one for you?

If you’re planning a wedding in Tamarindo, one of the most important first steps take? Finding, interviewing, and ultimately hiring a local, on-the-ground, right-here Costa Rica wedding planner.

For all those questions you have about your venue, for all the Costa Rica-specific details you don’t know, for all the Spanish-to-English communications you may require, for all the big picture and tiny detail items – a local wedding planner and/or wedding coordinator will make it easier (and actually doable) to plan, organize, and ultimately execute your absolute perfect day.

Because you should have a perfect, exactly-what-you’ve-always-dreamed kind of destination wedding. You’re in Costa Rica. This is paradise. And you’re finally, finally saying your I-dos.

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Property of the Month: Casa Costa Blanca

Casa Costa Blanca beachfront Tamarindo vacation rental-min

Casa Costa Blanca is one of the most prestigious luxury vacation rentals in Tamarindo

Step into another world – into a beachfront paradise, a luxury community, an exotic wonderland. Step into Casa Costa Blanca, one of the most prestigious and spectacular vacation rentals in Tamarindo. In Costa Rica, even!

This seven-bedroomseven-bathroom beachfront villa is equipped with the full menu of luxury amenities (including air conditioning, WiFi and cable television, among others), but what really pulls your spirit is That Ocean. Yes, the wide open Pacific is on full display here – overlooked from every common area, almost every bedroom, and the custom infinity pool and heated Jacuzzi.

And, what is paradise without a full-time housekeeper and groundskeeper? Monday through Saturday, your housekeeper even cooks up a delicious Costa Rican-style breakfast (you provide the ingredients).

It’s the perfect choice for Tamarindo weddings, family reunions, and other groups and celebrations for up to 24 guests. We look forward to welcoming you!

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The Ultimate, Can’t-Miss Checklist for Your Tamarindo Destination Wedding

Tamarindo destination wedding couple-min

Planning a wedding in Costa Rica? Then you can’t miss this ultimate Tamarindo destination wedding checklist.

Are you dreaming of a Tamarindo destination wedding? We are too. Always. Because Costa Rica is both a tropical paradise and a photogenic backdrop – the perfect choice for your jet-set “I dos.”

But, let’s sprinkle a dose of reality into the mix: A destination wedding requires serious planning and firm organizational hand. From long-distance decision-making to the possible language barrier, things can get a little complicated.

Advanced planning and reliable local experts are key. So is our comprehensive Tamarindo destination wedding checklist. Together, we’ll send you sailing off into the sunset. Literally, if you’d like!

Tamarindo Destination Wedding: 12-18+ Months Before

Tamarindo destination wedding at Pangas

Plan a reconnaissance visit to choose the Tamarindo locale perfect for your wedding

☐ Set Your Budget

When it comes to destination wedding planning, the earlier you can set a budget, the better. This is probably the hardest part of your wedding equation, as it depends on destination weddings can incur more expenses than their domestic counterparts: Not only do you have to consider your own airfare and accommodations, but you must also consider whether you will cover your wedding party’s accommodations, group activities, and other destination expenses.

Easy button! If you’re looking for some guidance on budgeting for a Tamarindo destination wedding, please get in touch. We’ve worked with brides and grooms for years, and we have connections with some of the best wedding vendors in Tamarindo and Costa Rica. We can offer tips, provide information, and point you in all the right directions for your budgeting needs.

☐ Draft the Guest List

A guest list is even harder for a destination wedding, given all the related costs you and your guests will assume. (Side note: It’s impossible to set a budget without drafting your guest list.) Not only should you create your guest list well in advance, but you also should send out Save the Dates at least 10 months in advance.

☐ Choose Your Locale

Provided you’ve already settled on a destination wedding in Tamarindo, you may think you have this checkbox under control. Unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated than that: You need to lock in not only your destination, but also your ceremony and reception venues, as well as your guest accommodations and honeymoon locale. Especially if you’re getting married during high or midseason, venues and accommodations book up quickly, often a year or more in advance. Don’t miss out on your perfect Tamarindo wedding venue!

Tip: See our section below on When to Plan Your Tamarindo Destination Wedding, for more information (and the pros and cons) of each wedding season in Costa Rica.

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6 (+ a Few Thousand!) Tropical Flowers for Your Tamarindo Wedding

Wedding and Event planners in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

What kind of flowers do you dream for your Tamarindo wedding?

When it comes down to your Tamarindo wedding details, one of the most enjoyable decisions will come courtesy of your florist: What tropical, exotic, and spectacularly colorful flowers do you plan to carry down the aisle? Which will decorate your ceremony? What bouquets will sit atop your reception table?

The answer is, almost any flowers you wish. Many grow nearly year-round and offer a wide variety from which to choose – literally, thousands of exotic flower varieties, at a fraction of what you’d expect to pay in the U.S. or Canada.

While your ultimate choice will come down to you, your wedding date, and your florist, we thought we’d send your inspiration soaring with a few of our past brides’ favorite selections:

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Tips for Your Destination Wedding in Costa Rica

advice on a destination wedding in Costa Rica

Avoid these mistakes to plan your perfect destination wedding in Costa Rica

You ask, we answer: What do newlyweds most often wish they had known, before they walked down the aisle of their destination wedding in Costa Rica?

We’re not wedding planners – although our Tamarindo wedding guide does offer a pretty good start to your planning – but we do have a lot of Costa Rica wedding expertise. Not only are several of our luxury vacation homes available as wedding venues, but we also have excellent local connections and recommendations: wedding planners, florists, photographers and videographers, and more.

So, with all this experience under our belts, we have a few (okay, seven) suggestions to turn your wish-we-would-haves into we’re-so-glad-we-dids:

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Top 5 Honeymoon Vacation Rentals, Bungalows and Hideaways

Welcome to honeymoon bliss. Welcome to five of our favorite Costa Rica honeymoon villas.

Tucked into Costa Rica’s north Pacific coast (and the jungles of the Osa Peninsula), this spectacular country welcomes honeymooners to some of the world’s most secluded, most beautiful and most dream-worthy Costa Rica honeymoon villas and vacation rentals.

They’re lovely. They’re private. They’re all yours. And yes, they’re even a little bit extravagant. Because if there’s one moment in life to indulge, we believe it’s on your Costa Rican honeymoon.

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Your Tamarindo Honeymoon: A Guide

Tamarindo honeymoon spot

You are here: On a Tamarindo honeymoon in paradise!

So, you’ve settled on a Tamarindo honeymoon – congratulations! Tamarindo is a wonderful choice for a honeymoon: both urban and relaxed, at once romantic and memorable, both secluded and packed with things to do, this is the perfect backdrop for making memories (and all those honeymoon photos, of course!).

In fact, Tamarindo is one of Costa Rica’s most popular towns, thanks to our mix of beautiful beaches and epic surfing, adrenaline-drenched adventures and great dining, luxury amenities and spectacular sunsets.

What’s more, we’re also perfectly located to many of the Costa Rican adventures on your bucket list: active volcanoes and powder-soft beaches, wildlife rescue centers and palm-lined coast, tropical forests and jungle waterfalls, couples’ massages and sunset sails. The things to see, do and experience on a Tamarindo honeymoon are nearly endless.

Go ahead, you can do a happy dance! This is exactly the brand of newlywed bliss you’ve been looking for. Did someone say #BestHoneymoonEver ?

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Before I Do: 8 Ideas for a Better Tamarindo Bachelorette Party

Tamarindo bachelorette party - go surfing

Can you imagine doing this… in your wedding dress? Welcome to a better Tamarindo bachelorette party!

Look, while we all love a good naughty-themed fête, you also want your bachelorette to be Insta-worthy. You want to make memories. Real memories, not just the don’t-show-Grandma kind. The good news: You can opt for a super-cool Tamarindo bachelorette party and have your phallic cake, too. #YOLO, ladies!

That’s right: The era of the alternative (read: better) bachelorette party has arrived and with it, some of the coolest, most memorable ideas for your bachelorette party in Costa Rica. (Psst, also be sure to check out our full Tamarindo wedding guide!) In the meantime, here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Have a Luxury Sleepover

Need an excuse (as if!) to watch chick flicks and eat ice cream? Look no further, because there’s no better way to bond with your girls, than with an old-school sleepover. But not just any sleepover, not in Costa Rica.

Instead of dragging out your pillows and sleeping bags like you did a decade ago, Tamarindo invites you to elevate your bachelorette sleepover right into the luxury zone. In addition to luxe linens and private bathrooms for all, when you rent a luxury Tamarindo vacation rental, you’ll have your pick of hot tubs and ocean views, private pools and big-screen TVs. In other words, the fulfillment of all your bachelorette dreams.

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