Posted on 12/19/2019

Breathtaking Photo-Ops for your Costa Rica Destination Wedding

There are a few must-haves when it comes to any Costa Rica destination wedding: Love. Your betrothed. Vows. And photos. Yes, you need photos. Beautiful photos. Awe-inspiring photos. Epic photos. Photos, photos, photos. Record ye all the memories. Because, part of the allure of a destination wedding is the remarkable beauty of your chosen destination. (Cough, Tamarindo. Cough, cough!) Anyway... Photos. Photographs are the imprint of a moment, a feeling, a milestone. Because, in the moment, your emotions sweep you up. You can't commit every moment to memory because you're too busy experiencing the actual moment. And that's exactly as it should be. Don't observe; experience. Everything else is for the photographs. And so, with that in mind, here are five of our favorite photo ops for your Costa Rica destination wedding:

5 of Our Favorite [Incomparable] Photo Locations for your Costa Rica Destination Wedding

  1. The Beach, at Sunset

Okay, we admit – we're a little biased toward the beach. The beach at sunset, specifically. Because orange. And pink. And purple. And shadows. Oh, the shadows. There are few scenes more memorable than you and your honey, alone on the beach, in shadow with backdrop of the sunset. Especially when it's a Tamarindo sunset: brilliant, all-encompassing, and extraordinary. You really can't beat this photo location, if you're evaluating it on the criteria of frame-worthy and/or everyone-will-gasp.
  1. The Beach, by Day

Whenever we think of a Costa Rica destination wedding, we can't help but think beach. There's just something magical about donning your wedding threads and walking barefoot down the beach. It's an iconic moment – and an iconic photo, of course. Of course, there are beachfront wedding photos and then there are beachfront wedding photos. Close your eyes and you can see it in your mind's eye: sandy, secluded, and all to yourself. This is where your Costa Rica wedding photographer comes into play: Don't just choose any beach (even a "recommended" beach)! Your photographer scopes out beach photo locations on the regular, and will know exactly where to find the best shots, preferably sans spectators.
  1. Beneath, Beside or Behind a Waterfall

We don't know if we could imagine a more magical setting than a waterfall. It conjures thoughts of fairies and sprites, Mother Nature and primal beginnings. It's enchanting. It's novel. And sometimes, it's one heck of a trek. But it's all worth it. Because, if we had to pick one word, we think ethereal would fit. Because, who could argue with that? With this? This one will be framed.
  1. At the Pool. Your Pool.

If you're the kind of couple who prefers to begin wedded bliss in relative privacy, then welcome to the extravagance of getting married at your very own luxury vacation home. Specifically, a luxury home featuring one of the best pools in Costa Rica. These vacation homes have it all: Ocean and sunset views. Ceremony locales. Cocktail spaces. And, of course, some of the most spectacular pools you've ever seen. Spectacular pools, where you can say your "I dos." Where you can toast to your wedded bliss. Where you can pass canapés and dance the night away. Where you can do it right, exactly as you envision.
  1. Go Aerial

No, not you! Your Costa Rica wedding photographer. Kind of. Yes, we're talking drones – a highly specialized form of photography. And one that you're probably going to book, now that we've brought it up. Because, if you've ever dreamed of something jaw-dropping, extraordinary, unlike-anything-you've-seen-to-date, then this is what you'll want for your Costa Rica destination wedding: an incomparable location, paired with drone photography. The result is stunning. And hey, if you want to level-up even more, why not stage a trash-the-dress session at your favorite photo op location?
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