Posted on 11/9/2017

Destination Family Reunion: Why Tamarindo Shines for Multigenerational Travel in Costa Rica

It's a fast-paced world. There never seems to be enough time for everything we need to do, let alone what we want to do. And it's precisely for this reason that multigenerational travel to Costa Rica is so popular: combine your vacation with a family reunion, and you not only check two items off your list ( ✔ family time and ✔  annual travel), but you have a great time, to boot.

What is Multi-Generational Travel?

Multigenerational travel is any trip that unites three or more generations – typically, grandparents, parents, and their children – in a family vacation. It's a chance to make lasting memories, share new experiences, and see the world. It's also a chance for grandchildren to know their grandparents. And, no surprise, multigenerational travel is extremely popular.

In fact, according to the AARP (PDF), in 2017 international multi-generational trips accounted for an estimated 24% of Generation X travel, 18% of Boomer travel, and 19% of Millennial travel. That's a lot of trips. And many of them are to Costa Rica.

Multigenerational Travel to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an ideal choice for family reunions and other multi-generational vacations.

But, of course we'd say that. We live here. We love Costa Rica. We do have our reasons, though. Good reasons! All things considered, multigenerational travel to Costa Rica is about as good as it gets.

When toddlers travel with septuagenarians, there are special considerations. A truly excellent multi-generational destination holds appeal on different levels. By this, we mean that to delight your whole family, you must go somewhere that offers a good mix of activities, blended with a fair dose of downtime: diversion without overwhelm. You want to narrow down your choices to somewhere that is scenically stunning and yet also accessible to all. That's Costa Rica, to a T.

Even though the entire country is smaller than the state of West Virginia, there's tremendous variation in the climates and ecosystems you can find here: from the sky-high mountains to coastal rainforests, from powdery beaches to ethereal cloud forests, there's something for everyone. This is scenic beauty, on a totally new level. And don't even get us started on the things to do. Costa Rica is an absolute paradise of activities and attractions: whitewater rafting, surfing, hiking, snorkeling and scuba diving, ziplining (canopy tours), SUP, coffee tours, windsurfing, ATV riding, mountain biking, and sailing. Not to mention, rainforests, beaches, volcanoes, dry forests, out-islands, hot springs, cloud forests, mangrove estuaries, mountains, river gorges, and open savannah – the sheer variety of things to see and do here is incredible.

Of course, Costa Rica also has excellent weather – warm year-round, dry from December through April, and greener (read: it usually rains a few hours a day) from May through November – so you'll be able to enjoy those activities any week of the year. So, no matter when you have time to visit – no matter the school vacations, or the work time off, or any of your other scheduling challenges – it'll be warm and at least partially sunny when you're here.

Tamarindo: A Perfect Base for Multigenerational Travel to Costa Rica

If multigenerational travel to Costa Rica is a good choice, then we think family vacations in Tamarindo are even better. And again, we have our reasons.

Reason #1: Tamarindo is Great for Kids

Let's face it: If kids are miserable on vacation, then the adults will be, too. Kids don't handle boredom well. They need room to run and play. They crave the outdoors. They want to do all the things you enjoyed as a kid, like splash in the ocean and build sandcastles.

Put another way, if the kids in your group are happy, the adults will have a better chance of being happy, too. And, Tamarindo makes kids happy. In fact, there is so much to do in Tamarindo with kids, you won't be able to fit it all into your schedule. (No, seriously, please don't try. You'd end your trip more exhausted than you began it!) From ocean kayaking and boogie boarding, to beachfront bonfires and SUP surfing, Tamarindo is an outdoor playground for your kids.

But kids aren't the only one on this vacation, are they?

Reason #2: Tamarindo is Great for Adults

If the kids are happy, you're going to have time for your happiness. And happy, you will be, here in Tamarindo. Chances are, you enjoy many of the same activities your kids do: whale watching and snorkeling, beach-going and ziplining. But it's more than that, right? Tamarindo has just enough infrastructure to pump some luxury into your vacation: private swimming pools and day spas, private chefs and chauffeur services. You can build your perfect getaway, here in Tamarindo.

Reason #3: Downtime Here is the BEST

There's nothing quite like the joy of relaxing with your book beneath the shade of a sea almond or palm tree. There's nothing quite as refreshing as diving into your private, ocean-view swimming pool on a hot afternoon. There's nothing as thirst-quenching as walking into town for a cool gelato or frozen lemonade. And there is definitely NOTHING like walking down a white-sand beach as sunset.

The greater Tamarindo area is about as perfect as it gets for relaxation. And when you're on vacation, and especially when you're taking a multigenerational trip, you're going to need some downtime. Lots of it. In all its iterations. So everyone can relax. So everyone gets what they need.

Reason #4: Tamarindo Vacation Rentals are Perfect for Families

When it comes down to it, family vacations, especially of the multigenerational variety, are most successful when there's enough space to spread out and even secure a little privacy. A hotel just won't do.

Tamarindo vacation rentals are a perfect fit for multigenerational travel to Costa Rica. With dozens of 4+ bedroom, 4+ bathroom properties available, we give you gathering spaces for time together and private areas for moments apart. It's the best of both worlds.

And speaking of the best of both worlds, multigenerational vacation rentals can be both extremely affordable (as low as $90 per room, per night) and incredibly luxurious. So, if you're in the mood to window shop, here are a just a few homes to whet your appetite:
Casa Oasis 4 Bedrooms | 5 Baths | Sleeps 14
$364 - $1,482 

Casa Oasis is more than just a house. This four-bedroom sanctuary is the definition of Costa Rican dreams: cool ocean breezes, massive palm trees & open spacious courtyards. It's the perfect blend of authentic tropical beauty and modern convenience.
Casa Ventana
5 Bedrooms | 5½ Baths | Sleeps 12
$832 - $2,734 

Casa Ventana, or the "window" home, is a home of incredible views. Each bedroom has its own en-suite bathroom and 4 of the 5 bedrooms have a truly amazing ocean view with doors that open directly to the pool/sundeck.

Casa Coral
5 Bedrooms | 7½ Baths | Sleeps 12

Casa Coral, custom-designed by one of Costa Rica's most acclaimed architects, offers unmatched privacy, security and luxury, and includes: a secluded, private courtyard with an infinity pool, a hot tub, an outdoor cabana and a private, outdoor dining area and entertainment center. Casa Orchidea

6 Bedrooms | 6 Baths | Sleeps 13
$552 - $1,650 

One of the finest homes in Costa Rica, this incredibly luxurious 7,000 sq ft. mansion offers and infinity pool, jacuzzi, bar, BBQ, and state-of-the-art TV movie theater with Polk audio surround sound throughout. This highly upgraded 5-star home has been featured in many magazines and TV shows.

Casa Puros Dieces
8 Bedrooms | 9 Baths | Sleeps 20
$1,092 - $2,750 

Casa Puros Dieces, the crown jewel of Tamarindo luxury real estate, sits proudly atop a verdant hillside overlooking unspoiled views of Costa Rica's majestic Pacific Coast. One glance at the cerulean sea and you'll know these are panoramic ocean views worth writing home about. Reason #5: You Get FREE Vacation Planning

Logistics can make or break your multigenerational travel to Costa Rica. And that's why we offer 100% free, 100% AWESOME vacation planning, via our knowledgeable onsite concierge, Cristina.

Here's how it works: After you book your vacation rental, Cristina gets in touch. She'll send you a welcome packet, review all the activities and attractions in the area, and fill you in on what you need to know. From there, it gets personal: She'll get to know your multigenerational group – who you are, your preferences, and everything you'd like to see and do.

And then, she'll build you a completely personalized, 100% customized, and absolute best multigenerational vacation ever. For free.

5 Tips for a Great Multigenerational Vacation

  1. Give Yourself Time to Plan
The larger your group, the more time you need to plan. Logistics can be killer! So, give yourself time – preferably, at least a year.
  1. Decide Who's Paying
Don't let money issues get in the way of your vacation. From the very beginning, determine who's paying for what: will you split everything down the middle, or will one party pay for airfare while another handles the vacation rental? Discuss and decide who's paying – up front and honestly, so there are no surprises or hard feelings along the way.
  1. Determine (and Stick to) Your Budget
After you know who's paying for what, then it's time to work out a budget: transportation, accommodations, food, activities & entertainment, leisure, and any other expenses you may have. (Psst, our concierge, Cris, is a whiz at helping set out – and meet – a budget. If you tearing your hair out on this step, give her a shot!)
  1. Plan in Some "Memory Making"
One of the most wonderful aspects of multigenerational travel is the opportunity to make lasting memories with your loved ones – especially between the generations. Be sure to plan in special grandparent-grandchild activities, or a family-photo session, or any other activity, tour, or another moment that will fortify and solidify your family relationships. (Secondary tip: Transform your family vacation photos into a beautifully bound photo book, then gift if for the holidays.)
  1. Think Low-Stress and Convenient
Family is a wonderful thing, but there's no doubt that vacationing with your extended family can serve up its fair share of challenges. Prevent them from the start with careful planning and a few luxuries –  perhaps a few nights of private chef services, so no one has to cook for a crew every night, or book private airport transportation, so you're not milling around a foreign airport while one member of your group takes the shuttle, finds your rental, and tries to solo navigate Costa Rican roads for the first time. And, there you have it: our opinion on why multigenerational travel to Costa Rica is a superb choice. If you have any questions, you can always send Cris an email or call her at 754-222-1884. Zero obligation and, as always, absolutely free of charge.
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