When it comes to planning Tamarindo honeymoons, we’re all for a good mix: Blend your romantic with your adrenaline-packed, your luxury with your barefoot casual. But really, it’s all about you. What do you dream for your honeymoon? (Don’t worry, we have plenty of suggestions!)

9 Romantic Experiences for Two in Tamarindo

horseback riding - romantic activities in Tamarindo

Gallop down the beach with the wind in your hair and your beloved by your side; horseback riding is one of our favorite romantic activities in Tamarindo!

We may be publishing this on Valentine’s Day but at Stay in Tamarindo, we believe that romance is meant to be celebrated 365 days a year. And so, we’ve pulled together 9 of our favorite romantic activities in Tamarindo. Great for any day of the year.

From galloping down a white-sand beach to kissing your honey and praying not to die (yep, our love gets adventurous!), we know all the best destinations and activities in Tamarindo – all the places you can make lasting memories with the one you love most.

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Your Tamarindo Honeymoon: A Guide

Tamarindo honeymoon spot

You are here: On a Tamarindo honeymoon in paradise!

So, you’ve settled on a Tamarindo honeymoon – congratulations! Tamarindo is a wonderful choice for a honeymoon: both urban and relaxed, at once romantic and memorable, both secluded and packed with things to do, this is the perfect backdrop for making memories (and all those honeymoon photos, of course!).

In fact, Tamarindo is one of Costa Rica’s most popular towns, thanks to our mix of beautiful beaches and epic surfing, adrenaline-drenched adventures and great dining, luxury amenities and spectacular sunsets.

What’s more, we’re also perfectly located to many of the Costa Rican adventures on your bucket list: active volcanoes and powder-soft beaches, wildlife rescue centers and palm-lined coast, tropical forests and jungle waterfalls, couples’ massages and sunset sails. The things to see, do and experience on a Tamarindo honeymoon are nearly endless.

Go ahead, you can do a happy dance! This is exactly the brand of newlywed bliss you’ve been looking for. Did someone say #BestHoneymoonEver ?

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Honeymoon in Tamarindo: The Most Romantic Things to Do

Sunset sails are a great choice for your honeymoon in Tamarindo

Don’t miss a sunset sail during your honeymoon in Tamarindo!

If you’ve settled on a honeymoon in Tamarindo, congratulations! Obviously, we think you’ve made an excellent choice: Tamarindo is just cosmopolitan enough to offer the fine dining and intimate accommodations you seek, while being quiet enough to afford privacy and romance.

The question is, what will you do while you’re here? Yes, you’ve scoured the guidebooks. Yes, you’ve asked the internet. But, what you really want to know is – what are the most romantic experiences Tamarindo has to offer? This is a honeymoon in Tamarindo, after all, and if there’s ever a reason to be a little cheesy and a lot romantic, this is it!

So, without further ado (or, should we say, I-do!), here are a few of our favorite romantic activities in Tamarindo:

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