Posted on 2/14/2019

9 Romantic Experiences for Two in Tamarindo

We may be publishing this on Valentine's Day but at Stay in Tamarindo, we believe that romance is meant to be celebrated 365 days a year. And so, we've pulled together 9 of our favorite romantic activities in Tamarindo. Great for any day of the year. From galloping down a white-sand beach to kissing your honey and praying not to die (yep, our love gets adventurous!), we know all the best destinations and activities in Tamarindo – all the places you can make lasting memories with the one you love most.
  1. Cozy Up on a Secluded Beach

It's a truth universally acknowledged, that a couple in Tamarindo will seek their own slice of paradise. And we can think of no slice more beautiful, more special, or more romantic than your very own sliver of secluded beach. There's just something special about being the only two people in sight. So today, and any day, take a few hours to motor up and down the coast. Explore greater Tamarindo, in search of a beach you can claim all your own. (We may have a few super-secret suggestions, if you ask!) Be sure to arrive in time for sunset; they're spectacular!
  1. Take a Sunset Cruise

Together, you snorkel among puffer fish, starfish, octopuses, and manta rays. Laughing, you lounge on a luxury boat deck, drinks in hand. Suddenly, your captain calls out to look portside – a pod of whales, or of dolphins, or of sea turtles is swimming just there. And then, finally  you watch the fiery sun set over the Pacific. There's an obvious reason why we recommend a sunset sail in Tamarindo: it's incredibly romantic. It's also a wonderful way to enjoy several best-of romantic activities in Tamarindo in one day, combining a luxury cruise, wildlife watching, snorkeling and, of course, an epic sunset. Don't miss it!
  1. Test Your Mettle

Kiss fear goodbye, take a leap, and sail off into the abyss – you're on a canopy tour! If you're a couple of the daring (or even semi-daring) sort, then there are few things sexier than challenging each other to something new, getting your hearts pumping, and letting the adrenaline flow. And that's exactly what's in store on our favorite area zipline tour, which offers two options: low-key or big-adrenaline. Channel Superman, swing like Tarzan, and rappel through the jungle, if you dare. The couple that adventures together, stays together!
  1. Challenge Yourselves to a Surf Lesson

Falling off your board and getting salty may not scream "romance," but we think this is one of the best Valentine's Day (or any-day) romantic activities in Tamarindo. When you book a surf lesson, you set aside time for just the two of you. You're learning, you're laughing, you're bonding. And, you're doing something you may never do again – carving out a morning or afternoon, in sunny Costa Rica, to learn (or improve) your skills. You know you'll make some great memories.
  1. Book a Couples Massage

Swedish, relaxing, deep-tissue, hot stone – there are dozens of massage options available in Tamarindo and, most likely, just as many available for two. If you and your honey like to relax together, then we recommend booking the ultimate indulgence: a spa day for two. If you want to get extra sexy, request to book your couples massage at your Tamarindo vacation rental! There's nothing more sensual than already being home after your massage. Stay relaxed for awhile. Open up a bottle of champagne. Snack on fresh-cut fruit. Take a dip in  your private pool. It's infinitely better than the in-spa alternative.
  1. Go Horseback Riding

Active couples will love this brand of romance: A peaceful-yet-thrilling horseback ridethrough dry forest and spectacular white-sand beach, renowned as one of the most beautiful in Costa Rica! You may spot monkeys, iguanas, and dozens of bird species – but, what we think you'll love most is galloping down the beach, the wind in your hair and your beloved at your side.
  1. Lounge in Your Private Pool

One of our favorite romantic activities in Tamarindo is rather the absence of activity: Doing everything and absolutely nothing. And by that, we mean lounging poolside, a drink in your hand and the view at your feet. And, if we're being honest, there's nothing we crave more than an ocean-view, infinity-edge swimming pool, surrounded by luxury, privacy and – if you'd like – the stylings of a private chef or the above-mentioned couples massage therapists. There's almost no limit, when you've rented you own private villa in Tamarindo.
  1. Reserve a Romantic Photo Session

Couples photography sessions are very popular in Tamarindo, so why not book one to commemorate your vacation (and your love)? A professional photographer will take you to some of the most romantic backdrops in the area – tide pools and rocky outcroppings, ocean bluffs and picturesque viewpoints – where you'll enjoy the scenery and each other, while you snap a photo series you'll admire forever.
  1. Plan a Romantic Dinner

Picture this: twinkling fairy lightsand lantern-lit tables, crashing surfand bamboo palapasfor two. Yes, Tamarindo's most romantic dinners serve up much more than just delicious meals. Because romance is about more than food; this is an experience. An experience of private moments and beautiful views, memorable times and dim lighting. Tamarindo sets the mood and sets it well, so you can connect with your loved one, and only your loved one – whether you're here for Valentine's Day, a simple date, or a notable occasion. And, indeed, a romantic dinner in Tamarindo promises to be one of the most romantic in all of Costa Rica. Because, our restaurants are world-class, focusing on farm-to-table ingredients and sustainable meals, while delivering on the intimate ambiance and private moments you crave.

Need a Romantic Tip? 

Have we whet your appetite with our romantic activities in Tamarindo? Then please, get in touch! We're happy to share our expertise in Tamarindo vacation planning – including all our favorite activities and can't-miss experiences for two – for honeymooners, for special occasions, for anniversaries, or simply for a couple in love. We have all the recommendations and advice you need to plan your romantic vacation in paradise.
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