Posted on 4/25/2019

Treat Yourself: Hiring a Tamarindo Private Chef

Sometimes, you just don't want to eat out. You don't feel like getting dressed up, or piling into the car for dinner, or any of the restaurant routine. You'd much prefer sunset drinks on the balcony, appetizers by the pool, and a low-key evening. You'd prefer the luxury and bespoke services of our favorite Tamarindo private chef (and surrounds). Welcome to paradise. Truly. Because, if there's anything more indulgent than a vacation in Tamarindo, it's a vacation in Tamarindo, upgraded with the luxury of your own private chef – a personal chef who visits your vacation home, understands your palate, and crafts fabulous meals from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. In other words – yum. All the yums. Whenever and however you want.

Hiring a Tamarindo Private Chef

Professional, high-quality cuisine in an elegant restaurant. Home-cooked meals, served in the comfort of your home. They say you have to choose just one. They say that you can't have everything. We say, who's they? Because, they're wrong. When you hire a private chef, you can have your cake and eat it, too: You can enjoy professional, high-quality cuisine, cooked and served in the comfort of your home. Your vacation home, that is. There are quite a few private chefs in Costa Rica. We work with the very best – with our absolute favorite, five-star catering company and Tamarindo private chef. So, why are they our favorite? Well, in addition to catering every meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and to all needs – everything from homestyle Tico meals, taco bars, and BBQs, to gourmet fare, multi-course meals, and chef-plated delicacies – their services are ideally suited to various budgets, dining preferences, and group sizes. Plus, picky kids? We got you. So, yes. This is your official invitation to treat yourself. Whether it's one special night or every day of your vacation, enhance your trip. Take it to the next level with a private chef. Relax. No, seriously – relaaaaax. (Our private chefs can whip up a mean evening cocktail!) Vacation is about indulgence. It's about satisfying your cravings. (For food and for leisure.) And it's absolutely the one time of year you're supposed to have it all. So, have it all! Have your cake – your homestyle, local plate or your gourmet, top-chef plate – and eat it, too. You deserve it.

Complimentary Concierge Services with your Tamarindo Vacation Rental

When you book a stay with us, you're reserving more than just a great vacation home; your booking also includes full travel concierge services. We'll even hook you up with our favorite private chefs. Cristina (aka Cris) is our wonderful, knowledgeable, and friendly in-house concierge. She not only knows greater Tamarindo like the back of her hand, but her job is to get to know you that well, too. Here's how it works: When you book with Stay in Tamarindo, Cristina will soon get in touch. She'll send you our welcome packet, which includes an intro to many of the most popular Tamarindo activities, tours, and attractions. And private chef services. Have a look. Get a taste of what Tamarindo has to offer. Start building your must-do, would-do, and can-we-eat? lists. Then, it's time to get personal. Because Cris is not your standard travel agent: she doesn't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Her job is to get to know you, and know you well, so she can build your custom itinerary and suggest activities, tours, and attractions tailored to your specific interests, activity levels, and wish lists. Even better? Our concierge services are absolutely and always free for our guests. Relax, dream, and plan. We'll take care of the details. Please get in touch for more information about private chefs and our concierge services.
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