Posted on 6/15/2021

Costa Rica Beach House Rentals vs. Hotels: The Benefits of Renting a Home During Covid

When it comes to travel, planning is part of the fun, isn't it? Especially the initial window-shopping bit, when you're flipping through photos and making wish lists, dreaming big dreams and planning on a least a few of them. But somewhere along the planning way, you always come to a crossroads – that moment you have to make a decision, to commit to this not that. And one of the biggest decisions, after choosing where you're going, is the choice of where to stay. And when your where is Costa Rica, your where-to-stay boils down to a vacation home or hotel. And that's usually right about the time that indecision sets in. You want, even need to make the right choice. Your vacation depends on it. That's how it feels, of course. But, take a breath. And another. Because Costa Rica is a spectacular place, filled with natural wonders and outdoor adventures. You're going to have a great time! We're sure of it. Now, back to that decision: If you're still researching where to stay, especially if you're going to travel to Costa Rica during COVID, then you're probably wondering whether you should go for a hotel room or for one of the many Costa Rica beach house rentals. Admittedly, we're biased but our vote is for the latter. But we have reasons, compelling ones.

Benefit #1: Bang for Your Buck

Comparing the cost of Costa Rica beach house rentals vs. hotels is not quite like comparing apples to oranges. It's more like apples and broccoli. The difference between the two is vast: While most beach hotels and vacation homes have similar costs – say, from about $150-$500+ per night – the value is vastly different. To begin, most house rentals have at least two bedrooms, an instant halving of the per-night cost (when compared to a hotel room). Beyond that, beach homes are much more spacious and well equipped, often offering private pools, full and gourmet kitchens, ample gardens, indoor-outdoor living, sun terraces, and so much more. It's hard to put a price on privacy, but vacation homes manage to do just that.

Benefit #2: Space. Oh, Glorious Space!

While hotels have long been the "traditional" travel choice, if you ask most travelers whether they'd prefer a single room (usually, one well under 300 square feet) or an entire home (usually, one easily 4-10+ times larger than that aforementioned hotel room), their preference is for a private home. It's only natural. We humans like to stretch out a little. Because, especially when you make the choice to travel to Costa Rica during COVID, you crave the buffer of space. You want some room to spread out... and to stay apart from strangers. After all, that's what we've been doing for a solid year. But, when it comes to Costa Rica beach house rentals, space is about a lot more than just your travel bubble. It's expansive, ocean-view pool terraces and private gardens, ultra-private ensuite bedrooms and infinity pools overlooking the Pacific. It's the opportunity to spend time with family and friends, while still having ample space for time apart. Because you'll have the run of the house. All of it. just for you. Try doing all that in a 300-square-foot hotel room.

Spotlight on: Casa de Luz

Playa Langosta | 8 Beds | 7 Baths

If there were one home that could combine all the many reasons to choose Costa Rica beach house rentals over hotels, it would probably be Casa de Luz, the Home of Light. Located directly on the sands of Playa Langosta, this solar-powered, fully staffed luxury home offers a complete VIP experience, from its oceanfront and Pacific-panorama swimming pool and whole-home air-conditioning, to private beach access and daily housekeeping. This home is particularly well suited to larger groups, offering expansive lounging, living, and entertainment areas – all, with incredible ocean views. All, wrapped in a perfectly environmentally-friendly box. We hope green's your color!

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Benefit #3: Superior Service (It'll Surprise You!)

One of the top reasons travelers choose to stay in hotels: Housekeeping. And maybe, room service. So, what if we told you that many vacation rentals also offer housekeeping? And maybe, room service. It's true: Many of our vacation homes offer a wide and full range of boutique services, including housekeeping (anywhere from a few times a week to daily), daily breakfast preparation and, in some rentals, a full staff. Crave a more luxurious take on room service? Why not hire a personal chef? Or how about spa services, enjoyed at your vacation rental? Beyond that, every one of our rentals also includes complementary concierge services: a personal, hands-on approach to literally anything and everything Costa Rica vacations. Whether you need to arrange airport transportation or a sunset catamaran cruise, or want to go all out with full vacation planning and luxury touches, our concierge Cris can do it all. At no extra charge!

Benefit #4: Togetherness

When you vacation with friends and/or family, the assumption is that you'd actually like to spend time with your friends and/or family. Not with your friends and family... and the rest of the world. There's nowhere better to do the first (but not the second) than in private, often sprawling Costa Rica beach house rentals. We know it's a fine line: Too cramped, and you can't enjoy private, just-for-you-time. Too many strangers around, and your friends-and-family time doesn't really feel like friends-and-family time. And if all that makes you feel a little like Goldilocks on vacation – this one's too small, but that one's too big! – then we'd like to welcome you to just right: to vacation rentals that are anywhere from cozy to palatial, depending on the size of your travel party. But, we already covered size. What we mean but just right is that these homes are perfectly proportioned to foster togetherness, whenever you crave it. Gather in the kitchen. Go for a morning, afternoon, or late-night swim. Settle in for a movie. Have a private chef prepare a special family/friend meal. Do all the things you want to do, in the place where you all want to be.

Benefit #5: Kids Are People, Too. And So Are Their Parents.

If you're a parent who travels with kids, especially younger ones, you know the deal: You're forever giving up this to get that. In a hotel, you're either sharing a room with your kids (and thus, forced to turn off the lights and end your every day at 8 p.m.) or you're worrying through the shared hotel room walls. Sure, if you're lucky, there's an adjoining door between you but still – you're separated from your kids and their room has a door that leads out to the hotel hallway. Or worse, the balcony. Five stories up. And you're still confined to your hotel room after 8 p.m. Welcome to a better way to vacation as a family! Costa Rica beach house rentals offer the flexibility of home: Sure, you'll still turn out your kids' lights at 8 p.m. but then, you're free to enjoy a night of vacation. Go ahead, take a midnight swim beneath the stars and moonlight. Queue up your TV show or that movie you've been waiting to watch. (Psst... Many of our vacation homes have dedicated 100 Mb high-speed internet!) Pour yourselves a glass of wine. Because staying at a vacation home means that kid and parent needs are important.

Spotlight on: Crystal Sands 504

Playa Langosta | 3 Beds | 3 Bathrooms

Did someone say penthouse? How about oceanfront? Or Pacific panoramas? How about all three! Welcome to Crystal Sands 504, a luxury penthouse that puts you on top of the world. Or at the top of Playa Langosta, at least. Because from here, you'll have a birds-eye view of every reason you're here: ocean sunsets and a private indoor jacuzzi, Pacific horizons and crashing waves. Walk right out and they're still yours. As at guest at Crystal Sands, you'll also have access to the condo community's amenities. These include:
  • Resort pool with a surrounding sun deck and rancho
  • Spacious outdoor entertainment area, directly fronting the Pacific Ocean
  • 24/7 Secure Underground Parking

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Benefit #6: Privacy

We know, we know – it can seem contradictory to mention togetherness and then privacy, in almost the same breath. But, hear us out. Togetherness refers to the togetherness you choose: the choice to spend family-and-friend time on the terrace, in the pool, and in shared living/entertainment spaces. Privacy means there's no forced togetherness with strangers: no sharing a hotel pool, or eating with 100 of your not-nearest-or-dearest in the hotel restaurant, or cozying up to a stranger in the lobby. Vacation rental privacy means you can enjoy vacation on your terms. Because, if you like to have your own space, a hotel can feel about as inviting as airport security. Thin walls, crowded spaces, shared everything... it's not quite what you had in mind, especially if this is your maiden voyage to travel to Costa Rica post-COVID. Vacation rentals are beautifully, wonderfully, gloriously devoid of overcrowding, cramped spaces, and other shared-space woes.

Spotlight on: Casa Savanna

Hacienda Pinilla | 4 Bedrooms | 4 Baths

Casa Savanna is the perfect blend of private vacation home and luxury resort amenities. You could even call it the best of both worlds. We do! This elite rental, located in the exclusive community of Hacienda Pinilla, delivers four independent bedroom suites, each with a private bathroom and adjoining a breezy living/dining area with a full chef's kitchen. Casa Savanna also has serious flair, offering gorgeous local wood art, clean lines, and a beach-inspired color palette to complement your vacation mindset. What's more, as guests at Hacienda Pinilla, you and yours will have access to the community's full resort amenities, which include:
  • A luxurious Beach Club, located directly on Playa Avellanas's pristine sands. The Beach Club offers an oceanfront restaurant and resort pool, plus a bar, fitness center, and event facilities.
  • Three miles of soft sands and incredible swimming and surfing beaches.
  • A championship 18-hole course, designed by respected architect Mike Young. Play is 7,200 yards and 72 par.
  • Tennis courts – beneath towering royal palms, to boot!
  • Miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, which wend and wind through Hacienda Pinilla's 4,500 private acres.
  • Several restaurants.
In other words, welcome to paradise!

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Benefit #7: It Can Be a One-of-a-Kind, Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience.

We know it sounds like hyperbole. But some vacation homes, including a few featured here, are truly next-level vacation experiences unto themselves. We're not talking about all the things you do while you're in Costa Rica, but the vacation rental experience itself: Our Costa Rica beach house rentals are so much more than just a room with a view. They are opportunities. The opportunity to live in the lap of luxury, if only for a week or two. To have your own private, ocean-view infinity pool. To wake up (and go to sleep) to the sound of lapping waves. To be pampered by a full staff and attentive concierge. To relax in a private hot tub or open your doors onto a lush golf course. There are some things money can't buy. Luckily, a once-in-a-lifetime vacation experience isn't one of them.

Browse Our Costa Rica Beach House Rentals

Go ahead – window shop a little! Browse our full inventory of Costa Rica beach vacation rentals. Imagine yourself here. And, when you're ready, get in touch and get started on a private-but-together, memory-building, dream-fulfilling stay at one of Costa Rica's top beach house rentals. We look forward to it!
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