Posted on 5/10/2018

9 Ways to Upgrade Your Tamarindo Vacation

So, you've done it. You've finally booked your trip to Costa Rica. You bought the airfare. You reserved your Tamarindo vacation rental. And you're thisclose to your dream Tamarindo vacation. You have just a few details to iron out. Well, maybe more than a few. Because you have no idea what you want to do while you're here. Or rather, you know exactly what you'd like to do. Unfortunately, there's just not enough time to do it all. Well, not unless you're here for six months. So, what's a traveler to do? Prioritize, that's what. Because, as difficult as it may be to narrow down your Tamarindo vacation preferences, it's an unfortunate necessity. Your trip (and your sanity) deserve it. (And don't worry, whatever you can't fit in now will be perfect for your next visit!) Luckily, we're here to help. We're here, on the ground. We're here, doing it all so you don't have to. We work with delighted travelers every day. And so, we know – we know the best upgrades, must-book tours, and other activities you can't miss on your Tamarindo vacation.

Sunset Catamaran Cruise

The wind ruffles your hair. The sun glints off the Pacific. And the horizon is almost within your grasp. And then, you spot it – is that a humpback whale, breaching the ocean's surface? Is that a dolphin, spinning its greeting to you? Is that a ray, gliding beneath the water's surface? Is that an endangered sea turtle, preparing to bury its eggs at shore? On one of Tamarindo's famed catamaran cruises, it could be any – or all – of the above. Because Tamarindo is a wildlife haven and our ocean? Well, it's your oyster, at least for today. Because you're here, on a catamaran cruise: a blend of snorkeling expedition, guided tour, beach day, and spectacular sunset. And, let's not forget the onboard snacks, meals, and drinks – full catering, any way you like it. Bottom line: It's the perfect way to spend your day and end your evening.

All-Day Adventures at Rincon de la Vieja Volcano

Is time short? Or, have you prioritized some quality time by your vacation home's private, ocean-view pool? (Great choice, by the way!) Then you're going to love this full-day adventure to Rincón de la Vieja Volcano National Park, which packs several days' worth of fun into just one. Into ziplines and horseback riding, into whitewater rapids and volcano-viewing, into rock-climbing and mineral-rich hot springs, into volcanic mud baths and rappelling – into some of the most incredible, most adrenaline-stoking, most iconic Costa Rican adventures we can imagine.

Buena Vista Adventure

Okay, so adrenaline rushes aren't your thing? No problem. That doesn't mean you can't pack a full day of enjoyment into your trip. One of our favorite, low-intensity adventures, this Buena Vista tour is all about beauty, gentle adventure, and a completely unique experience. About horseback riding and a thrilling (but relatively tame) waterslide, about zip-lining (you choose: standard or extreme adventure) and hot springs, about mud bathing and wildlife-watching. About the tropical rainforest. About the whole package – about the Costa Rica you came to see and experience, all rolled into one exhilarating tour.

Canopy Zip Line Tour

Nearby trees are rustling, heralding the arrival of monkeys. In the distance, you can just hear the crash of ocean waves. The scent of damp earth and blooming flowers wafts through the air. But none of that matters, not right now. Because right now, you're standing on a canopy platform. Your toes are curled, desperately hanging onto said platform. Your body is harnessed, belayed, and all manner of strapped to thick zip line cables. And you're about to jump. 3, 2, 1... and you're off! You're flying. Nay, soaring! You are a winged creature, airborne over a 150-year-old cattle ranch. And this is just the first cable; 10 more await! Not to mention, a swinging bridge and heart-pounding rappel...

ATV Tour

When was the last time you experienced a two-hour adrenaline rush? Take your time. We'll wait. Our favorite Tamarindo ATV tour roars north, to another of our favorites: Playa Conchal, a pink-tinted, white-sand beach ripe for exploration. There's no road access here, so the only way in is via the beach, through our top-secret passage. Shh, don't tell! Over two hours and a seemingly endless adrenaline rush, you may spot monkeys, iguanas, and dozens of exotic bird species. Then, it's off to the beach. That beach. That spectacular, wonderful beach. That sparkling, sapphire Pacific. And that brilliant, iconic Tamarindo sunset that smears the sky (provided you book the sunset ATV tour). Off to the best. day. ever. You're welcome!

Surf Lessons

You're paddling through warm ocean. The warm sun beats down on your back. The roar of crashing waves is behind you. The vast Pacific is before you. And then you see it – the perfect wave. Luckily, your instructor is there to guide you. To coach you into catching this oh-so-perfect wave. To cheer you on, as your feet grip your board. As you ride the famed Tamarindo surf. Indeed, we can think of no better way to kick off your Tamarindo vacation. Because, amidst these crashing waves, foaming surf, and the warm Costa Rican sun, you'll learn anything from the surfing fundamentals to more advanced techniques, per your level of expertise. Hot tip: Want proof of your surf prowess? Book a surf photography session and we'll help you forever immortalize your time on Tamarindo's waves.

Palo Verde Safari Boat Tour

Here's a best-kept secret for you: Palo Verde National Park! We'll never understand why this isn't one of the most popular destinations in all of Costa Rica. With 45,500 acres and an incredible 15 distinct habitats, including mangrove forests, salt ponds, and marshes, this is The Place to for spectacular wildlife watching – especially birdwatching! In fact, more than 300 migratory and resident bird species have been counted here, making this our top choice for wildlife enthusiasts. Hop aboard our thrilling safari float, and we'll treat you to Palo Verde's myriad sights. To up the ante, this tour also includes a visit to Guaitil, an indigenous village renowned for its spectacular pottery – soil-to-oven craftsmanship, passed down through the generations.

Tamarindo Fishing Charters

So, you already know that Costa Rica, and the north Pacific in particular, is famous for its sports fishing. Billfish. Hard fighters. Record-breakers. Indeed, we have it all. You can have it all, too, when you book one of our fishing charters. And, guess what? We have the BEST boat with the BEST crew ever! If you want to hit the deep sea, we'll oblige. If near-shore fishing is your jam, we have that, too. Or, put your trust in us and let us book you aboard a traditional panga fishing boat. For generations, local anglers have trolled Costa Rican waters in these boats and today, you will, too. With the help of an amazing local captain and an experienced and knowledgeable crew, you'll live the real Costa Rica fishing experience. It's the best fishing charter in Costa Rica, hands down.

Private Sailboat Charter

They say that you should "treat yourself." We say, that's a great idea! And there's no better way to treat yourself in Tamarindo, than by booking a private sailboat charter. Sail up the coast and leave it to our talented captain to assess the best and most secluded place to anchor for the day. Once you're tethered, hop on in. Go ahead. This ocean is yours, all yours! For a half- or full-day, the Pacific is your playground. Snorkel, swim, relax! Do your thing. When hunger strikes, an open bar and buffet lunch await. Then, it's back to the ocean. Or to the beach. Or to underwater treasures, ripe for exploration. Fish, swim, snorkel, and sunbathe the day away. And, as evening falls, stretch out on a catamaran hammock and watch the sunset. The Tamarindo sunset – that special, only-here sundown that streaks the sky with red, orange, and yellow, with pink, purple, red, and salmon. With every color in the sunset wheelhouse. Drink it in. Because, when you book a private sailboat charter, the day – and sunset – is yours. All yours.

Build Your Perfect Tamarindo Vacation – FREE!

It all sounds lovely, doesn't it? But if it's simultaneously also overwhelming, take heart – we're here to help! Meet Cristina, our knowledgeable in-house concierge. She knows Tamarindo inside and out, and she'll work to know you almost as well, so she can recommend the best tours for you. Even better? Her services are totally, completely and 100% free. When you book a Tamarindo vacation rental with us, you're booking more than just your dream vacation home; you're booking your dream vacation. Period. Cris will work with your to build a stress-free, seamless and perfect vacation. Whereas your standard, run-of-the-mill travel agent can add Tour 1 and Tour 2 to an itinerary, Cris understands the on-the-ground logistics of it all: where your vacation home is located, when it gets dark outside, the best hours for birdwatching, airport layouts (just where will your driver meet you, anyway?), and all the other details that affect your vacation. And, back to that bit about it being free: It is. No strings, no hidden anything. The short explanation: Travel companies in Costa Rica – that's tour providers, parks and refuges, and even attractions –  pay commission on bookings. With ZERO markup. So, if you were to book XYZ Sunset Sail yourself for $85, then you'd pay $85 with Cris, too. The only difference? You may not know whether XYZ Sunset Sail is better than ZYX Sunset Sail. You won't be sure which is easier to reach from your vacation home. You won't know which catamaran is more (or less) kid-friendly. Or which has the best free booze. Cris does. So go ahead, send her an email or call her at 754-222-1884, and she'll help you build an unforgettable, customized-just-for-you Tamarindo vacation – absolutely free of charge. What do you have to lose? SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave SaveSave
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