Tamarindo Costa Rica Real Estate


Are you interested in owning a home or condominium in Costa Rica? A piece of paradise, a place of your own, outside of your home country. An investment abroad in a safe stable country that has much to enjoy. Whether you like sloths or monkeys, waterfalls, volcanoes, and the jungle or surfing, fishing and white sand beaches, the endless beauty of Costa Rica has made it a top choice to vacation and own property in the world today. There are so many reasons to buy real estate in Costa Rica. At Stay in Tamarindo, we are focused on the vacation rental market from an investment perspective. The origins of our company began with the development of Real Estate for sale. A few years ago we built Pangas restaurant and the Las Mareas villas, both fantastic successes. When we looked at how best to present these to the marketplace we realized that our properties had to be beautiful, modern, and well-appointed as well they needed to be a good investment. Stay In Tamarindo has become the region’s specialist in creating income from vacation rentals. Our aim is for you to use our company, our proprietary local knowledge, and our highly talented staff to become the owner of a beautiful property that is well maintained and becomes a great cash flow positive investment.

We are not realtors. We are specialists in creating rental income and managing properties. Our goal is to help you work with a realtor and to qualify and identify a property that will perform best. Then of course we hope to manage this home for you. Knowing which properties will attract the most renters and are the easiest and most affordable to own is our business. We have an excellent relationship with several of the area’s best realtors who understand our income model. We recommend you speak to one of them for an idea of what is available and what it would take to get you into a vacation home of your dreams and one that truly makes a sound investment.


We manage properties for their owners with the goals of creating income for the owner and keeping the property in a turn-key condition. In a successful home your expenses are contained and your incomes or rents are maximized. Additionally frequent turnover allows you to constantly keep the maintenance and inventory of the home at its original level.

Some of our best homes are generating net to the owner more than 10% of the home’s value or purchase price, this is referred to as the “Cap Rate” and the 10 Cap property is known as the gold standard in investment returns especially in Real Estate. Our company is lucky enough to manage several homes that exceed this benchmark.

A vacation rental home or condominium have historically been bought and sold based on their market value. Realtors typically use the values of other home sales, market comps, to guide them on what a home is worth. This has not changed but now we are seeing an additional valuation as these properties start to look and feel like a commercial property. An interesting opportunity is to buy a home for its current market value and then begin to create the rental and income history. When you do this you can just sit back and enjoy the income however it is nice to know that the income you generate will increase the home’s value. This is due to the fact the fact that home will now reflect its business value rather than just its residential value. The home is now a business after all and businesses sell based upon their income.


Residential Realtors are typically not well versed in the business values and perspectives of properties. This is the field of the commercial realtor. Apart from this crossover field of vacation rentals, commercial realtors and residential realtors rarely even occupy the same offices. Homes and condos are primarily sold by residential realtors so it is important that you find someone who can help you with a good understanding of commercial real estate values and which residential homes are the best candidates to become great income properties. We work with many great knowledgeable realtors in our area and would be happy to refer you one of them to help you find the best property. Then we ask you to let us be a part of qualifying the home for you with your relator.


Every business measures its performance through a profit and loss statement. How much money comes in and how much did it cost to produce this money? A home is no different and this is where a good purchase can make such a difference. The key to this is buying or building a property that checks all of the boxes and maximizes profitability. A few of these criteria are shown below.

  • Market Competition( how many homes are similar to yours and what is the demand in that category of home)
  • Costs to operate
  • Repairs and Maintenance, An easy keeper or needy of attention?
  • Well appointed/ Presentation( Pictures).
  • In-demand amenities
  • Location- Distance to the beach, Ocean view, Distance to town( shopping, dining, nightlife)
  • Décor
  • Property use, Venues, combination rentals, division rentals.
  • A quality management company

The list above is a few criteria that should be considered when looking for a best-performing rental. Get all of these rights and the property will surprise you in how easily it can generate a great return on investment. While we at Stay In Tamarindo consider the detailed explanation of the above list of our proprietary information, if we are working with you and your realtor we will go over this information carefully to get it right. An example of this would be the amenities. We know our rental market well and homes that have a beach club are far more in demand to rent than homes that do not. Conversely, a home on a golf course does not seem to increase rental demand at all. Additionally, certain decors outperform others, bed sizes and sleeping configurations all have an impact on whether your home is the preferential rental.

The most underappreciated item on the list is what does it cost to run your property? An easy keeper, as we call them, costs much less and does not need frequent attention during a guest’s visit. The difference is all profit… or loss depending. I have some homes that successfully rent a lot but make limited income because they are needy of attention and cost much to operate. I also have homes that are poorly positioned in terms of competition and amenities but they are quite profitable because they run smoothly and their costs like electricity and water and maintenance are quite low. Ideally, we find a home for you that does all of the above.

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