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Casa Limoncillo

Bedroom 3 bedrooms
Bathroom 3 baths
Guests 10 guests

Description Description

•  2-bedroom house with the potential to add an additional 1-bedroom/1-bathroom apartment, please inquire for rates.


Casa Limoncillo: A Paradise Just 5 Minutes from the Beach, Where Authentic Local Hospitality Meets Endless Fun for Kids

If you're planning a trip to Tamarindo in the near future, you've got to check out Casa Limoncillo – it's the perfect spot for your vacation! First off, let me just say that the location is amazing. You're only a 5-minute drive away from the sandy shores and inviting surf of Tamarindo. Whether you're a surfer, a sunbather, or just someone who loves a good beach day, you'll be in paradise. Now, if you're traveling with kids (or even if you're not), Casa Limoncillo has you covered. You’ve got a trampoline, a large jungle gym, sand toys, and more. Your little ones will have an absolute blast here, and you'll have some well-deserved relaxation time too. One of the highlights is the saltwater pool. It's not just your average pool – the saltwater is softer on your skin and eyes, making it perfect for hours of swimming and lounging. As the sun sets and the day's adventures come to a close, the fire pit comes to life. It's not just a place for a standard campfire; it's an experience in itself. It's the perfect place for roasting marshmallows to create the perfect s'mores or sizzling hotdogs for a delightful outdoor feast. And when it's time to unwind and catch up on your favorite shows or movies, you'll be pleased to know that there's a Smart TV in every room. Netflix and chill, anyone? You won't miss out on your binge-watching sessions even while on vacation. But what truly sets Casa Limoncillo apart is the authentic Costa Rican living experience. Erin and Eymhus, the wonderful hosts, live on the property with their family and pets. They are the perfect example of "hands-on" hosts. Whether you need advice on local tours or recommendations for things to do in the area, they'll be there to make sure your stay is both fun and relaxing. It's like having your own personal guides to the best that Tamarindo has to offer.

So, if you're looking for the ultimate Costa Rican getaway, make Casa Limoncillo your home away from home. Trust me; you won't regret it. Enjoy your future stay at this incredible house!



1. Prime Location: Casa Limoncillo is just a 5-minute drive from Tamarindo's stunning beaches, making it perfect for beach lovers and surfers.
2. Family-Friendly: The property offers a range of family-friendly amenities like a trampoline, jungle gym, and sand toys, ensuring a great time for kids and relaxation for parents.
3. Personalized Hosting: Benefit from the personalized guidance of the hosts, Erin and Eymhus, who live on-site, making your stay a true Costa Rican adventure with a personal touch.


• Enjoy a unique saltwater pool experience
• Option to add an apartment that contains 1bed/1bath - Please inquire about rates


Casa Limoncillo is included in our exclusive 5-star Concierge Program, where your concierge Cristina will host and guide you through the check-in process and and resolve any needs you have before your trip. You can contact her to start coordinating your personalized service as soon as you pay the final payment. She can help you with any wish or desire, from stocking your fridge with groceries to transportation set up and waiting for you at the airport. She can provide you with top tours, private chefs, flights, spa services, and more for your vacation experience. Cristina is here to ensure your needs are met and your expectations exceeded on your trip to Costa Rica. Allow us to serve you and ensure an unforgettable vacation in paradise!


We offer 200 Mbps of internet access throughout your home so if you need to work or navigate the internet, we have you covered! The house also has a backup battery for the modem & router, so you are always online uninterrupted. If you wish to request a portable wireless router, we can gladly have these available for you with an additional rental fee to keep you more connected.


Bedroom 1: King Bed (En-Suite Bathroom)
Bedroom 2: King Bed
Additional Sleeping: 2 Air Mattresses, Sofa Bed

APARTMENT (SLEEPS 2)  - optional, please inquire about rates
Bedroom 1: King Bed



Casa Limoncillo is nestled in a local neighborhood on the edge of the jungle very close to town.  


• Excellent surfing beaches!
• So many amazing restaurants you won’t want to leave.
• Howler monkeys, iguanas, parrots, and colorful land crabs!
• Las Baulas National Park where giant leatherback turtles nest.
• Boutique shops, live music, and nightlife!


Holidays are exciting, but before you book, please check your dates and only select one of the following when making your holiday reservation. Please contact a reservation agent before booking if your dates are different than the following to find a way to accommodate you. Our holiday dates for 2024 & 2025 are:
• Thanksgiving (November 24 - December 1, 2024)
• Easter Week (April 12 - April 20, 2025)
For any reservations arriving between December 18, 2024 to January 6th, 2025, we have a 10-night minimum requirement. Specific periods may be required. Please contact us before making an online booking during this period.
Please contact us before making an online booking during music festivals dates. Restrictions may apply.


Travel is one of life's great joys... even the most carefully planned trip can be complicated by unforeseen events. Whether it's lost luggage, canceled flights, or a medical emergency, an unexpected mishap can turn your trip into a taxing experience. Our travel and rental protection services are designed to protect you. Our goal is to save you money, safeguard your journey, and make your stay memorable for all the right reasons. We encourage our clients to ensure their travel investment to achieve a peaceful and worry-free vacation. Please protect your investment and your peace of mind.


• We highly recommend you visit and review our Terms and Conditions page to know all the details about your trip, payments, security deposits, cancellation policies, and more. Please note all reservations with stays during BPM or Ocaso Music Festivals, require a wire transfer of $2000 as a refundable security deposit.
• There is an extra charge for the Apartment.
• Enjoy peace of mind with our cancellation policy, allowing free cancellations up to 14 days after your reservation, for September and October 2024 stays. Applicable only for bookings made on or after April 29th 2024.

*Some restrictions may apply.

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Amenities 86 Amenities
Top Amenities
  • Air Conditioning Air Conditioning
  • Air conditioning in bedrooms Air conditioning in bedrooms
  • Beach Towels Beach Towels
  • Communal Pool Communal Pool
  • Concierge Service Concierge Service
  • Dryer Dryer
  • Fully equiped kitchen Fully equiped kitchen
  • Hair Dryer Hair Dryer
  • Nature surrounded
  • Private Parking Private Parking
  • Washer Washer
  • Wifi and high-speed internet Wifi and high-speed internet
  • Recommended Recommended
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  • 24Hr Check-In 24Hr Check-In
  • Self Check In / Check Out Self Check In / Check Out
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  • Bathroom essentials Bathroom essentials
  • Bed Linens Bed Linens
  • Extra Pillows And Blankets Extra Pillows And Blankets
  • Hammock
  • Hot Water Hot Water
  • Iron Iron
  • Iron Board Iron Board
  • Laptop Friendly Laptop Friendly
  • Luggage Dropoff Allowed
  • Safe
  • Staffed property Staffed property
  • Television Television
  • TV TV
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  • Garden Or Backyard Garden Or Backyard
  • Patio Or Balcony Patio Or Balcony
  • Unheated outdoor pool shared Unheated outdoor pool shared
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  • ATM Bank
  • Babysitting
  • Boutique shops
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  • High chair
  • Marina
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  • Swingset
  • Toys
  • Trampoline
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  • Grill Grill
  • Kettle
  • Kitchen Kitchen
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  • Stove Stove
  • Toaster Toaster
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  • Fishing
  • Golf course
  • Hiking trips
  • Horse riding nearby
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  • Rafting
  • Sailing
  • Scuba or Snorkeling
  • Shared tennis court
  • Snorkeling
  • Surfing
  • Tennis courts nearby
  • Water Sports
Safety Features
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Deadbolt Lock
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • First Aid Kit
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Smoke Detector
  • Ceiling fans
  • Cleaning Before Checkout
  • Smoking Not Allowed
Wellness and Fitness
  • Yoga or meditation space (deck) Yoga or meditation space (deck)

Location Location

Reviews Rating 5 (83) Reviews
Rating 5
This house suits a family with children well. The pool, playground area, and beach toys keep the kids happy. While the outdoor grill area and nature filled surroundings keep the adults happy. The design of the house makes the outdoors very accessible. The host was very nice and responded the same day. We were able to access the Guanacaste beaches within 15 to 30 mins from the house. Location worked well for our family!
Karen - Posted: 7/15/2024
Thanks Karen! We loved hosting you and your family :)
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Cuenta con todas las comodidades necesarias para vacacionar tranquilo.
Ernesto - Posted: 7/2/2024
Gracias Ernesto, disfrutamos tenerlos como huespedes!
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Our stay here was fantastic, we really enjoyed the space and the family.
They were always kind and polite and welcoming. We would recommend it if you are looking for a family friendly place with your kids!
Julianna - Posted: 6/24/2024
Thanks Julianna! We loved having you guys as guests :)
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
This was our first time to Tamarindo and we chose this AirBnb due to the space, pool and location to the beaches. We were not disappointed with our findings. Although the home is off the main road and down a rugged dirt path (thank goodness for 4x drive) we found the main area of our stay very Costa Rica esq. The beautiful nature of the surrounding trees and pool were def highlights of the space. The home was well equipped and the host was very responsive and made us feel very welcome. Maybe I missed it in the description, but the home is actually located in the rear of their main home residence which made it a little awkward for privacy and use of the pool and outdoor area. Also - bugs bugs bugs - many of them were in our home upon arrival - Location was great - just a short drive up the rugged road and onto the main street where the center of downtown was only 5 min away. Not ideal for walkable lifestyle however - def need a SUV or truck to move around. Thank you for the stay!
Stephen And Jurga - Posted: 6/2/2024
Thanks for the through review! Our description explains that we live on property and that we are down a dirt road (4WD is not needed, we have many neighbors that don't have 4WD cars ;) ), maybe you missed those details, but no worries, glad you enjoyed your stay, we enjoyed having you as guests :)
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
We had an amazing time at Casa Limoncillo. There was all the accomodations and much more. A paradise for the kids with the playground and the pool. A wonderful terrasse near the pool to eat outside and relax. The host was really nice, reactiv and accomodating. We recommend this place and would stay there again. Thanks for this wonderful experience!
Jessy - Posted: 4/10/2024
Thanks Jessy, we loved hosting you and your family! Glad to hear you enjoyed the property and CR :)
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
We absolutely loved our stay at Casa Limoncillo. Finding the house and check-in were easy. The house and pool were fantastic - endless laughter and fun for the little ones. And the pool patio is fantastic and nicely shaded throughout the entire day. There are many thoughtful additions like pool toys for the kids and everything you need for a day at the beach (chairs, umbrella, etc.).
The location was great as well, 5-10 minutes to everything in Tamarindo and with multiple grocery stores nearby for easy supply runs. We loved the wildlife - howler monkeys and many types of birds in particular.
And to top it off, Erin was a fantastic host, always responsive and helpful, including some local recommendations we would have missed otherwise. Booking a few tours and restaurants through the concierge service was also incredibly easy.
Overall, simply fantastic.
Ryan - Posted: 3/21/2024
Thank you so much Ryan, you guys were such a pleasure to host! We have put our heart into this rental and I'm glad that you and your family were able to enjoy it :) - Erin
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
A beautiful place
My husband and I stayed at Casa Limoncillo for a week. We loved every moment we spent in Costa Rica and we spent so much time at Casa Limoncillo. The place was clean, we loved the shower and the bedroom with a beautiful king sized bed and a patio right outside. I love to swim and swam everyday in the shared pool. There was rarely anyone out there so I got to have it for myself. It was our first time traveling out of the US and we were a little wary of how we were going to find the place in our rental car at night (we flew into Costa Rica after dark) but our host Erin was so gracious and helpful. We got great directions and she was there to greet us when we arrived at 9pm. She was right there in the front house if we needed anything and was so knowledgeable about the area and the various beaches and stores and such. Her bilingual skills were extra helpful as well. We woke each morning with the sunrise so we could listen to all of the beautiful sounds of the birds and other wildlife. On our first morning, we woke to the sound of the howler monkeys and went out to watch a troupe of them jumping along the canopy. It was amazing! We were right off the main road so going anywhere was very easy. Only a five minute drive to town and a few minutes from a great supermarket, it easy to find everything from Casa Limoncillo. I will definitely stay at Casa Limoncillo again. What a beautiful place!
Laura L. - Posted: 2/20/2024
Rating 5
El lugar es hermoso, acogedor, nos encantó que tuviera diferente entretenimientos para los niños, ellos se la pasaron muy bien y disfrutaron mucho al igual que nosotros los adultos, todo muy limpio, muy ordenado, sin duda volvería a quedarme nuevamente en futuro.
Fabiola - Posted: 12/6/2023
Gracias Fabiola! Disfrutamos tenerlos como invitados y esperamos que vuelvan :)
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Our family of 4 adults and 3 children very much enjoyed our stay at this beautiful property. The photos accurately depict the space, which was bright, clean, and inviting. Gorgeous smelling hair products and thoughtful touches throughout. The kitchen is well equipped. There were a few ants- but we fully expected this while in Costa Rica. The location is outside the hustle of Tamarindo, but walking distance to a few restaurants (Rural was great!) The house is situated at the back of the lot, and looks onto the lovely back yard with inviting pool. Our kids were happily entertained in the yard and the owners, who live in their home at the front of the property, were most respectful of our privacy. One note of caution- our youngest was stung by a small scorpion that stowed away in a pool towel. Shake your towels and check your shoes- again, it's Costa Rica. Overall we were very happy to have chosen this beautiful space for our 5 day stay and would happily return in the future.
Heather And Dan - Posted: 12/1/2023
Thanks for the lovely review Heather and Dan!
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
great stay! Should be noted it is a shared property!! buuuut even though we weren't huge fans about that, it definitely felt like you were alone on the property which was awesome. we would definitely stay again
Francella - Posted: 11/8/2023
We enjoyed having you all as guests! Our description fully discloses that we live on property and as you said we are super repectful of our guests, we want you all to have a great time!
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Erin and Diego were such great hosts. Our family really enjoyed our stay. They were very responsive and helpful with everything. Highly recommend!
Courtenay - Posted: 10/5/2023
Thanks Courtenay, we loved having you and your family! Enjoy the rest of your travels :)
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Hermoso lugar! Muy acogedor. Erin fué muy amable con nosotros.
Pamela - Posted: 9/10/2023
Gracias Pamela! Fue un placer hospedarlos :)
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
We stayed here for a few nights, the pictures perfectly represent the place you'd get, beautifully designed, big bedrooms, clean and comfortable beds and bathrooms and gorgeous surroundings. The kitchen is big and have everything you'll need for a short stay. We met Erin's mother, she was very helpful and had great local recommendations, she really spend time with us and explained everything perfectly. the staff were very friendly and had helped is with our luggage. They really listen to your requests and take care of you properly! The pool was amazing! It gets cleaned every day and it has light, so you can have a dip even at night. We would definitely stay here again!
Ghazaleh - Posted: 9/1/2023
Thank you Ghazaleh! We really enjoyed having you all as guests and are glad you enjoyed the home and area :)
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Nous avons passé un excellent séjour.
Oscar - Posted: 8/26/2023
Glad you enjoyed yourselves, Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
My family of 8 stayed at this air bnb for 3 nights and it was perfect. The location is PRIME! You aren't in the heart of Tamarindo but it's a 5 minute drive to the beach. We enjoyed Tamarindo Coffee Roasters every morning and soooo many good restaurants in town.
The home is beautiful! It had all the amenities and more. We couldn't have asked for a better air bnb. 100% book this place!
The owner lives on the property and greeted us immediately when we got there. Very helpful with them showing us everything as soon as we got there so we didn't have any confusion at all. Very very good hosts & easy to communicate with!
Jess - Posted: 8/21/2023
Thanks for the kind review Jess, we really pride ourselves on the guests experience! We loved hosting your group :)
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Erin and her mother were the best hosts! The place is amazing - pool, 2 dogs, 2 cats and some other animals roaming around. The house was cozy and the 2 king beds were extremely comfortable for our party of 4. By the pool there is a hangout area where you can work and hangout.
A couple minutes out you can find a bunch of restaurants, beaches and located near a bunch of activities. Just book it!
Jenna - Posted: 8/17/2023
Thanks Jenna! We enjoyed hosting you guys ?
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Un lugar ideal para compartir en familia y amigos, tiene todo lo que se necesita para pasarla bien. Es un lugar completo y super equipado ?
Yaha - Posted: 8/14/2023
Gracias Yaha! Fue un placer hospedarte a ti y a tu familia :)
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Our family of 5 had a wonderful time!! We stayed in the house for 6 days. The house is very relaxing and modern, has everything you need in the kitchen. the pool and yard are beautiful, the location is just couple of minutes from Tamarindo Beach and some supermarkets are a short driving distance as well. Erin was really nice and welcoming and was very helpful and responsive when we had any questions or stuff around the house.
The house is really nice and we could easily spend there another week!
The only thing we didn’t love-love is that there were some insects in the house, especially at night.. I guess it’s typical for a jungle living in CR tho.
Anna - Posted: 8/11/2023
So happy to hear you and the family had a great time at Casa Limoncillo, we enjoyed hosting you :)
Costa Rica is a small country known for its highest biodiversity. While monkeys are cute, much of Costa Rica’s biodiversity is in insect form. We carefully clean, sanitize and fumigate with safe products to make it uninviting to non-human visitors. However, unfortunately you can expect to encounter an insect in or around a home during your stay. Especially during rainy season ;) Glad it didn't hinder your trip or experience at the house though!
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
This incredible place became our home away from home for three weeks. Erin and her beautiful family were so accommodating, responsive, and supportive of our family. We had everything we needed and more. The home was beautiful and the outdoor space was gorgeous. We spent the warm days cool in the pool and had access to town in just 6 minutes. We are so grateful to Erin, as she helped us during some unexpected shifts. Thank you Erin for your hospitality and for sharing your beautiful rental home/space with us. We def plan to be back again next year! Book this place, it’s amazing!
Ashley - Posted: 7/10/2023
Thank you Ashley, such a lovely review! We really enjoyed having you all :) Hope to see you again!!
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Es una casa muy linda, confortable y que nos encantó. sin duda alguna regresariamos
Yein - Posted: 5/7/2023
Gracias Yein, fue un placer hospedar a su grupo!
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
El lugar es hermoso, súper tranquilo, espacioso y cómodo. La host está a la par 24/7 para lo que uno necesite, nos ayudó hasta a montar la fogata y es súper respetuosa. Vamos super contentos, agradecidos y con ganas de volver!
Dayhan - Posted: 4/17/2023
Gracias por la linda reseña! Me alegra escuchar que se la pasaron bien. Esperamos verlos pronto! Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Property was great and the owners were awesome
The property was great in a great location, especially if you have a vehicle, which we did. The owners always kept in touch, and when I forgot a charger, they were able to bring it to me while I was in a different city. Only small issue was ants in the master shower, which we told the owners about and they sprayed them. But this is to be expected after all, you are in jungle country.
Igor B. - Posted: 4/4/2023
Thanks Igor! We enjoyed having you all as guests :) Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Erin was a great host and super helpful! The house was beautiful with a very enjoyable deck with pool, couches and outdoor kitchen! Was very worth it and would definitely recommend to stay here!
Julianna - Posted: 3/4/2023
Thanks Julianna, glad you all had a good time! Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Un oasis de paz definitivamente pero muy cerca de la alegría de tamarindo! La casa impecable y 100% recomendada para niños
Yoriely - Posted: 1/15/2023
Muchas gracias Yoriely! Nos encantaría hospedarte de nuevo :)
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Erin and her family are great hosts. The accommodation is very well maintained (everything works, great beds and outside space).
It’s a really peaceful environment and very well positioned to all the amenities of Tamarindo (literally 5 minutes in the car) and very handy for exploring all the other beautiful beaches.
Highly recommended
Ben - Posted: 1/8/2023
Rating 5
The house was very spacious, clean, and well organized. They even gave us a Christmas tree! It is a bit out of the center so it is probably better to have a car unless you don't mind walking or taking public transportation to get around.
The common area is very nice and well taken care of, however we spent most of our time at the beach. We had a very pleasant stay.
Sarah - Posted: 12/26/2022
Thanks Sarah, we enjoyed having you as guests! Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Great place for families! close to Tamarindo town, comfortable and clean
Carlos - Posted: 12/18/2022
Thanks Carlos! We really enjoyed having you guys :)
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
What a great stay for our family in tamarindo! Beautiful home with everything we needed. The umbrellas, sand toys, and boogie board were a great bonus that were well used.
Comfortable sleeping and eating with our family of 6. Just so beautiful !
Center of town is just a short drive away. It was so nice to come home to our place that felt like an oasis away from the bustle of town.
Michelle - Posted: 11/27/2022
Rating 5
This property was SO beautiful! The pictures don’t even do it justice. My husband and I came to Tamarindo for the second time for our wedding anniversary. The location was perfect while it was outside of the chaotic Tamarindo but close enough to drive a 4 wheeler back and forth, and to surrounding towns. Erin was amazing and so helpful throughout the entire stay. Highly recommend! We will for sure be back ?? ALSO I left my jacket behind and she was so kind to have it mailed back ?? (I don’t recommend leaving anything behind but just in case you do- you’re in good hands!)
Christina N. - Posted: 10/28/2022
Thank you for your kind review Christina! It was a pleasure to have you as guests :)
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
we had a great stay with Erin and her husband, (and the rest of the family ???) thanks to them we discovered Tamarindo with wonderful activities. My best friends and I highly recommend this accommodation. The pool, the grounds, the outdoor lounge, the rooms everything was beautiful and perfect, and the hosts are awesome. Thanks a lot
Tais - Posted: 9/5/2022
Thank you for such a lovely review Tais! We loved hosting you and your friends. Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
This was the best Airbnb i ever had! The House and Area are very amazing! The facility was perfect nothing was missing! The House is in the near from the Center.
Dlay - Posted: 8/26/2022
Thank you so much Dlay! You guys were great guests and we really enjoyed have you :) Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Such a great place -- close to town, adorable decor, great host!
Ashley - Posted: 8/21/2022
Thanks Ashley, you and your family were a pleasure to have :)
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Family Vacation
Very nice place to spend the week in Costa Rica. The house was very comfortable. With 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and a loft, the house fit our family to a tee. The 3 boys loved the loft area where they could go and be away from mom and dad. Some people might be put off by having the manager living in the house in front but we found it very valuable. They provided directions, as well as suggestions for shopping and enjoying the local Costa Rican environment. The house was centrally located and pretty easy to find and get to just about anywhere we needed to go. We rented a car that carried all 7 of us and was very handy. The only negative is the road conditions going into and out of the area where the house is located. As the week went on, we realized the roads are 'just that way' once you get off the main hardtop. I would hate to try and maintain a dirt and gravel road in hilly terrain with a lot of rain. Overall, we definitely had a great time in a great house and we have already talked about going back again. As for the things to do around the Tamarindo area, we stayed pretty much on the go the whole time, with excursions. The prebooked excursions turned out to be exactly what they said they were and, man, did we have a great time. The people with VRBO made sure our pickup was on time and ready to go exactly when the said they'd be there. The drivers were all like Costa Rica tourist guides and was great. We even stopped on our trip to the volcano to watch a family of howler monkeys cross the road up in the trees. Very nice people to be around everywhere we went.
Sherry B. - Posted: 8/16/2022
Thank you for your kind review, we loved having you as guests! The roads are a bit tricky especially during rainy season, but the good thing is you don't need a 4x4, it's just a bit bumpy ;) We'd love to have you back anytime! Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Erin has a great place!
Really enjoyed the house. The host is very caring and kind. Also great at communicating. My parents were even guided to a tour by the host family. They did a great job. Really well equipped kitchen and bathroom amenities! The TVs and games were a great bonus.
Mehul - Posted: 8/13/2022
Thanks Mehul! It was a pleasure hosting you all, you have such a lovely family :) Glad you enjoyed your stay! Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Great place!
Shay - Posted: 7/15/2022
Glad you enjoyed it! Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Expect a to have some quiet jungle time set back from Tamarindo. Beautifully designed and very comfortable stay.
Javan - Posted: 7/6/2022
Thanks Javan! We enjoyed hosting you and your family :) Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
The house is gorgeous! The pool is lovely too with a wonderful sitting area nearby. It's well equipped, clean, and peaceful -- a great way to visit this area.
Sarah - Posted: 6/29/2022
Rating 5
One of the best rentals I had by far. The house is very clean! Wi-Fi is great, and the pool is stunning!! We stayed for a weekend and absolutely loved it. Highly recommend if you’re staying in the Tamarindo area!
Ali - Posted: 6/12/2022
Wow thanks so much Ali! We really enjoyed you as guests as well :) Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Erin and Diego are great hosts. t
They give you as much of a personal experience as you desire and are rhere to give recommendations, book trips, and make sure that you have a great experience.
Eric - Posted: 6/8/2022
Thanks Eric! We really enjoyed having you as guests :) Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Got exactly what we expected out of the listing! Great location, price point and host. The house had everything we needed. Nice that there are 3 private areas/bedrooms to sleep in. Outdoor pool area was great and well maintained (cleaned every single day). Would definitely recommend staying here!
Hope - Posted: 6/1/2022
Thanks Hope, you guys were great guests! We're glad you enjoyed your stay :) Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Great location close to town without the noise/traffic, pool was great for kids, outdoor seating area great for adults. Erin and family were great hosts!
Lisa L. - Posted: 5/29/2022
Rating 5
¡Pura Vida!
It was an amazing stay! Leighjia (I'm unsure of the spelling) and Erin were the perfect hosts! The property is stunning! The pictures do not do it Justice. Being so close to the local wildlife was cute. One of our guests got injured during an excursion and they were super helpful and accommodating! Even down to the return travel. We had not yet secured out covid tests and Erin was able to find the most convenient solution that made our return loads easier. This property is exactly what it is advertised. It was easy to get to the main road and easy to find from the airport. We definitely will be returning! They really take care of their guests.
Elyssa H. - Posted: 5/29/2022
Thank you so much for your kind words Elyssa! We really take pride in our guests stays and want them to have the best experience :) So glad you guys had fun and hope your brother is recovering fast. We'd love to have you guys back! Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Casa limoncello is a great stay in tamarindo! 7 minutes to town, spacious, and if you want to live like a local you should definitely choose this Airbnb! The hosts are very nice people, who are helpful. There was a big tree that got knocked down on our 2nd night there and we lost wifi for 2 days. The host was kind of enough to rent a portable router while that was getting fixed. We really enjoyed our stay!
Aaliyah - Posted: 5/21/2022
Thanks Aaliyah! You guys were such troopers, that tree falling was a little bump in the stay but I am glad that we worked it all out and you enjoyed your time here :) Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
The home is amazing. There were four of us and we all fit very comfortably. A few of us were working from the house and had zero issues with Wi-Fi, always a worry of mine while traveling. Erin was an attentive host who made sure we had everything we needed. If you’re looking for a quiet getaway in Tamarindo, I recommend!
Talor - Posted: 5/7/2022
Thanks for the lovely words Talor! We loved having y'all as well :) Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Great stay in Tamarindo Beach. Really comfortable guest house with all the amenities. The pool is amazing and location is very private and secure. About 5 min drive to Tamarindo's center and beach. The host is adorable and so is her family. We would definetly stay there again.
Ana Paula - Posted: 4/30/2022
Thank you for your sweet review! You guys were great. Hope the rest of your trip around CR went well :) Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Nice location. Super nice people. And a perfect pool.
Markus - Posted: 4/22/2022
Thanks Markus, it was a pleasure to have you and your family! Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
This place is amazing! The hosts were so great. They met us outside and helped us in to show us around. The location was perfect as the beach was only 8 minutes away, the monkeys came up across the road everyday, and the pool was perfect way to relax in the evenings
The hosts were regulary checking in and making sure we were comfortable. They gave us advice on activities to try and places to eat. The price was great and I think its the best value in Tamarindo. 5 star all around! We will be back again and hope to stay at Casa Limoncillo.
Chris - Posted: 3/26/2022
Thanks for the awesome review Chris, we loved having you and your family! Please do look us up when you are back. Pura Vida :)
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Excelente atención, el lugar es muy agradable y el wifi es bastante funcional para trabajar.
Manuel - Posted: 3/6/2022
Gracias Manuel :) Nos alegra que se divirtieron y les gusto la casa! esperamos que nuevamente puedan regresar. Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Could not imagine a better place to stay in Tamarindo for a week. I’ve come a few times to Tamarindo and this is the most comfortable and accommodating spot I’ve stayed at. The host are beyond accommodating and you really feel like you have everything you need to enjoy your time away.
Rares - Posted: 2/21/2022
Thanks for your kind words Rares! You guys were great :) We really pride ourselves on making sure all of our guests have a great experience, glad you all enjoyed yourselves. Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Absolutely loved our stay… I’d give it six stars if I could! Tastefully designed, well appointed, with every amenity you would dream of in a vacation rental. The backyard is an oasis of fun for kids (jungle gym, pool, trampoline, toys) and for adults alike (lounge areas, BBQ/dining table, fire pit)! Erin and her family are very accommodating and respectful of the shared property/space. The home was located on a peaceful street just a 5 min drive to the hustle and bustle of town. I wouldn’t hesitate to book this home again for our next visit to Tamarindo!
Meredith - Posted: 2/13/2022
Thank you so much for your kind words Meredith! We'd love to have you guys again :) Safe travels!
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
This was the perfect place to stay for a vacation in Tamarindo! Erin and Eyhmus are excellent hosts. So accommodating, friendly, and kind. Check in/out was a breeze and any questions or concerns we had were quickly addressed and taken care of. Eyhmus offers surf lessons and boat tours, which we gladly took advantage of! We had the best time and we will most definitely be back. We’ve found our home away from home!!
Stephanie - Posted: 12/10/2021
Thank you Stephanie for your great review! We can't wait to have you back :) Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Great stay and hosts! Would recommend
Ben - Posted: 10/29/2021
Thank you for the recommendation Ben, hope to have you back soon!
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Was much better than we expected. Erin and family was amazing and made our trip even more enjoyable. They were very helpful with our needs.
The house is perfect and 8 minutes by car from the center with markets and shops.
Certainly when we return to Tamarindo we will stay here again.
Carolina - Posted: 10/2/2021
Thank you so much Carolina! You and your family were such a pleasure to host, guests that turn to friends :) We would love to host you again!
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Erin was an amazing host, very kind and was available for anything needed. The house is fully equipped and it’s very comfortable to be at, it’s pretty near the tamarindo beach (around 15 mins car ride)
Sara - Posted: 8/23/2021
So glad you enjoyed your time at Casa Limoncillo! Hope you come again, Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
We came in at night and they were kind enough to make it easy for us. We also asked for a few grocery items and they were kind enough to provide them and the receipt. You will need to buy water or ask them to provide as it is not drinkable. It wasn't a problem for us since they provided us a with a big jug as part of our grocery stock. We enjoyed having their family around.. even with Covid. They gave us our space and didn't have their children play in the pool with ours which we appreciated. TiP- for other travelers... Ask the host for landmarks off the main road. It was a little difficult to find but fortunately google maps led us there. Overall, great host, great stay.. and great people.
Z - Posted: 8/20/2021
Thanks for the review Z, so glad you all enjoyed yourselves! I want to clarify a couple things, the water in the house and the area is drinkable and 100% potable. Regarding the address, we send a link prior your arrival with the exact location of the house. Hope to see you again soon! Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Casa Limoncillo is stylish, spacious, essentially new, and was a wonderfully quiet and luxurious 8-night stay for our family of 4 adults and 4 grandchildren ages 7-14. Murals by local artist highlight the pool/choza area where we grilled, watched howler monkeys, lounged and enjoyed the large pool. Another family lives on the property; sharing the common area was not a problem as family members were very respectful of our presence. We spent most days at area beaches, and Casa Limoncillo’s pool and beautiful, quiet home were there to welcome us home.
Evelyn - Posted: 8/13/2021
Thank you Evelyn! Sounds like you had an amazing time in Casa Limoncillo and really enjoyed what the house offers! :)
We'd love to help you plan another great stay when you're ready to come back down to Costa Rica! Thank you again for staying with us!
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Perfect place
The house is at the end of a gravel road, about 10 min drive from the town and beach. But very close to supermarkets and everything else. Is in the back of the property, behind the owners house, so it is away from all the action of Tamarindo, but right there if you want to be part of it. The house is beautiful and very well maintained, Erin and her family are very helpful and understanding. We were 4 adults and my two grandsons, the pool, the playground, the chicken and the dogs made it an experience hard to forget
Rolando B. B. - Posted: 8/10/2021
We are so glad your had an amazing experience, it was a pleasure to have you as guests as well! Hope to see you back soon :)
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Great place to stay, it is close enough to Tamarindo “downtown”, and other beaches you may visit around. The house is very clean and comfortable to relax. I recommend it for a group of 4 friends or a family.
Javier - Posted: 8/2/2021
It was a pleasure to have you as a guest Javier! Hope to see you again! Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
One of our best vacation home experiences!
The location and setup of the property was perfect for our family of five! We stayed for two weeks and it was hard to leave! We received a warm welcome by the hosts who are so knowledgeable about the area and nice that they became big part of our overall experience! The house is located in a quiet neighborhood just a few minutes outside of Tamarindo. It was spacious with very comfortable and large bedrooms. Kitchen had everything we needed to cook every single day. Upstairs loft provided additional room and was perfect as we worked from there. Internet speeds were fantastic, allowing both of us to have video conferences with US. Kids loved the playground, pool, animals and nature around the property. We grilled outside quite a lot on a covered patio with large and comfortable chairs. It’s a shared property with the hosts who made this a true experience and were always attentive and thoughtful. While its a shared property you could have not known it as you are allowed your space (though we preferred sharing time and meals together!!)
Sabrina F. - Posted: 8/1/2021
Was such a wonderful time having you as guests, who have turned into friends :) See you next year!
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Excelente atención y servicio.
Diego - Posted: 7/25/2021
Gracias por su comentario Diego, nos alegra que disfrutó! Esperamos volver
a verlo pronto!
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Best Stay & Experience
Had the best experience! This home was exactly as listed and new, clean & modern. Perfect for our family of 5. The hosts were incredible and gave us suggestions that made the trip even better. Would definitely go back.
hillary g. - Posted: 7/9/2021
Thank you for the lovely review, it was so fun having you guys as well!
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Very friendly treatment and the house is very nice, clean and comfortable.
Very well equipped and an excellent BBQ area.
John - Posted: 6/14/2021
We are happy to hear you loved the house and felt so comfortable. Let us know next time you are coming back!
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Excellent, well designed home just outside of the busy Tamarindo strip. Quiet neighborhood, well lit parking spot and everything felt very secure.
Great pool and playground. My son loved it.
Kitchen had everything you need to cook anything. Lots of room in the rest of the house to spread out. Solid AC!
Jp - Posted: 6/1/2021
Glad you enjoyed the home JP! We loved having your family stay with us :)
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Un lugar súper acogedor; con bonita arquitectura, muy cerca de las playas y a un precio razonable!!!
Ricardo - Posted: 5/23/2021
Rating 5
A great house with great facilities and very friendly hosts. The hosts are always ready to help and are very open people. We would definitely recommend this house to anyone from from a young group of friends to families with children. We will for sure go back, if we ever visit Tamarindo Again!
Mads - Posted: 5/18/2021
Glad you enjoyed your trip! You are always welcome back if you make it back to Tamarindo :) Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Muy bonito el lugar, excelente la atención
Erick - Posted: 4/26/2021
Gracias por hospedarse con nostros. Esperamos que vuleva pronto! Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Excelente lugar
Pablo - Posted: 4/21/2021
Rating 5
Overall it was a great stay at Casa Limoncillo and the hosts were great!
The house is not downtown but 5-10mins away in car... In our case this was perfect because we were trying to stay away from people and the noise. The house is in a shared property with the owners but they were very respectful that we wanted to keep distance and we were able to use all the common areas (pool, BBQ, play gym) without any issues.
The house is well equipped, clean and kids friendly. Would recommend this house for a family :)
Cynthia - Posted: 4/16/2021
Glad you and your family enjoyed the house! We appreciate the review, hope to have you back :) Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
La casa es increíble en todos los aspectos y muy limpia. Son muy atentos y super flexibles para buscar la comodidad de los huéspedes.
Alejandra - Posted: 4/5/2021
Nos alegra saber que lo pasaron muy bien y disfrutaron de la casa. Esperamos que podamos volver a recibirlos de nuevo :)
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Un Airbnb con mucha personalidad, mucha paz. Limpio, ordenado y cerca de todo lo que uno necesita. 100% recomendado.
Gabriel - Posted: 3/30/2021
Muchas gracias por sus comentarios muy lindos! Esperamos que podamos volver a recibirlos pronto :)
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Lugar muy bonito y cerca de todo. Excelente comunicación.
Mario - Posted: 3/23/2021
Nos alegra que hayan difrutado de su estancia, esperamos que nuevamente puedan regresar!
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Stayed here with our 4 kiddos for 4 nights. The shared yard/playground/pool space was perfect and my kids had an amazing time meeting new friends. Space was clean and comfortable and private. Location was private and quiet and super quick 5 minute drive into downtown. House was beautiful and well set up. We would gladly return again.
Jilene - Posted: 3/16/2021
It was a pleasure to host you and your family! Glad you enjoyed what the house has to offer, we would love to host you again :)
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Michelle - Posted: 2/28/2021
Esperamos que si :) Siempre estan bienvenidos! Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
You are making a mistake if you don't rent this if you are staying in Tamarindo! Eight minutes away from everything, but secluded, safe and really a perfect place to stay for a week or longer. This place isn't one of those cute spots that look cheap when you get the compared to the photos, its the real deal, and thoughtfully taken care of by an awesome family. Also, be sure to tap into the host's resources of tours, we did private tours directly from the house almost daily and it was incredible. Sport fishing, surfing and turtle hunting.
Alexandra - Posted: 2/25/2021
Thanks for the props Alex! We love our home and area and really enjoyed having you guys as guests :)
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Beautiful Eco friendly house in Tamarindo! It was great experience staying at this place and the host was so kind and friendly. Will recommend!!
Julia - Posted: 2/16/2021
Thank you for your nice words Julia! So glad you enjoyed Casa Limoncillo and we look forward to welcoming you back very soon :)
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
La casa es muy bonita , tal como las fotos esta muy bien equipada , y los anfitriones son muy amables .
Yanin - Posted: 2/2/2021
Gracias Yanin, nos alegra que le hayan gustado la casa y hayan disfrutado de su estadia! Esperamos que nos visiten nuevamente :) Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
La casa cumplió nuestras expectativas, tanto de aseo como los implementos necesarios para una excelente estadía.
Charlene - Posted: 1/24/2021
Estamos felices que tuvieron un excelente estadia y que cumplio sus expectavtias. Esperamos que nos visiten nuevamente! Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Excelente lugar
Harold - Posted: 1/21/2021
Estamos feliz de que hayas disfrutado de la casa! Esperamos que nos visiten nuevamente. Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
La casa es como se muestra en las fotos, muy bien equipada con todo lo necesario y todo funciona a la perfección, prácticamente nueva. Muy cerca de Tamarindo.
Erin es muy atenta y accesible con cualquier consulta o lo que se ocupe durante la estadía, Erin y su familia van a hacer todo lo posible para que sus huéspedes la pasen muy bien.
Los propietarios viven en la propiedad compartiendo todas las amenidades exteriores, sin embargo respetan el espacio de los huéspedes.
Muy recomendada!.
Alexander - Posted: 1/12/2021
Muchas gracias Alexander por sus comentarios, estamos felices que tuvieron un excelente estadia y que cumplio sus expectavtias. Esperamos que nos visiten nuevamente ya que sera un gusto atenderlos! Pura Vida
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
La casa es hermosa y muy cercana a la playa. Sin duda volveremos, gracias Erin y Ligia por su carisma y brindarnos una excelente experiencia!
Cristhy - Posted: 1/7/2021
Gracias por su comentario y por huespedarse con nosotros! Esperamos que vuevlan a visitarnos pronto, fue un placer tenerte como huesped :)
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
Todo espectacular
Yesi - Posted: 1/4/2021
Estamos felices de que la hayan pasado muy bien! Esperamos que vuevlan a visitarnos pronto :)
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
La casa es súper bonita, exactamente como se ve en las fotos, súper limpia, nueva, detalles de lujo.
La atención increíble, la host es demasiado accesible y amable, siempre dispuestos a ayudar.
Tiene buena ubicación, la piscina muy bien.
Sin duda lo recomendamos
Amanda - Posted: 12/31/2020
Que bien que nos encontraste y gracias por sus comentarios muy lindos :) Gracias por recomendarnos, estamos super felices que la casa cumpliera con todas sus espectativas. Fue un placer atenderla y esperamos su pronta vista!
Stay in Tamarindo staff
Rating 5
La casa es tal cual se muestra en las fotos, los aires acondicionados funcionan al 100%, nos gustó mucho que había TV's en cada uno de los cuartos y zonas comunes, los baños amplios con todas las comodidades. Algo a tomar en cuenta es que tienen una conexión de internet con sus respectivos expansores de señal así que es ideal para teletrabajo, además de ser un lugar SUPER tranquilo rodeados de naturaleza. El acceso es un poco complicado pero cualquier automóvil puede entrar, el lugar está a 3 minutos en automóvil de playa Tamarindo, los supermercados están cerca (MaxiPali, Automercado), restaurantes, entre otras cosas. Tienen parrilla para hacer asados, el lugar está equipado con todo, la piscina tiene tres profundidades de las cuales una es ideal para niños. Sobre la anfitriona super amable y la comunicación para asistencia fue casi que inmediata, Erin muchas gracias por todas las atenciones y muchos éxitos 100% recomendados.
Alberto - Posted: 12/27/2020
Gracias por su comentario tan detallado, nos alegra que todas las caraceristicas de la casa fueron de su agrado! Para nosotros fue un gusto asistirlo con todas su necesidades. Fue un placer pasar tiempo con su familia. Esperamos volver a reciberlos!
Stay in Tamarindo staff
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