Looking for vacation rentals in Tamarindo? We have ’em. And not just Tamarindo vacation rentals, but the best vacation rentals: luxury villas, oceanfront and ocean-view homes, cozy honeymoon getaways, incredible infinity pools, and even homes that offer onsite massage, private chef services, and much more.

Destination: Green Season? Planning Your Costa Rican Destination Wedding for the Rainy Season

Costa Rican destination wedding tent

In the green season, a Costa Rican destination wedding is all about contingencies and backup plans. Like beautiful, romantic tents and fairy lights, in case it rains.

A Costa Rican destination wedding – there’s something inherently romantic in the thought of it, isn’t there?

You have a wedding vision in mind. Chances are, it includes the melodies of crashing waves and harmonizing bird song. There’s soft sand and cerulean backdrops to your photos. And, most likely, your dream day includes the warm Costa Rican sun.

Aaaand, end scene.

Because, for reasons beyond your control, you cannot schedule your wedding during the high season – during those golden months that all the wedding advice seems to tell you are the “best months.” December, January, February, March… well, they don’t work for your schedule.

And now, you’re frantically googling Costa Rican destination weddings in the rainy season. How much does it really rain? Are we talking a few sprinkles or more like apocalyptic, monsoon-level downpours? Are any venues equipped for the rain? Does everything shut down? Mayday, mayday!

How realistic is your dream of a wedding during Costa Rica’s “rainy” season?

As it turns out, pretty realistic! So, take heart. We’ll help you navigate the path from here to destination wedding during rainy season. No ponchos required.

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Destination Joy: 9 Tips to Identify Perfect (for you) Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Casa Ventanas Tamarindo vacation rentals

When only an ocean-view pool will do, we call that a “must” in your search of Tamarindo vacation rentals. Pictured: The lovely Casa Ventana, a luxury vacation home set on a hillside in Tamarindo’s premier gated community.

Tamarindo vacation rentals are not created equal.

That’s not to say that some are better than others, but rather that some homes are suited to some guests and other homes are suited to other guests. Okay, and some are not suited to anyone. (We don’t list any of these, thankfully!)

This post is about all those lovely, sometime spectacular Tamarindo vacation rentals that might be suited to you: How can you pick from Luxury Home A and Luxury Home B, or Ocean-View Condo A and Ocean-View Condo B? How can you assess the possibilities and then identify the perfect vacation home for you?

Let’s start with what this: We’re going to leave out the super-obvious bits, like being sure to read every listing, in full, paying meticulous attention to the amenities list, and studying each photo in detail. Because we know you’ll naturally do those things.

What we will cover are some of the most important, yet not always considered details. They may look obvious – see Tip 1: Price Point – but we promise, there’s more to each than meets the eye. Here we go:

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Property of the Month: Casa Ilios

Casa Ilios Tamarindo Vacation Rental

Welcome to Casa Ilios, a vacation home in Tamarindo truly worthy of the label, spectacular

Who says you can’t have it all?

It’s a warm afternoon. The sun is shining – and by shining, we mean it’s bright and shimmering over the pool and ocean – and the Pacific has whipped up a salty sea breeze. The curtains are billowing, beckoning you poolside. Sunset is scheduled for T minus 45 minutes.

Almost as importantly, you have a glass of ice-cold fruity something in your hand (side note: In Costa Rica, we think wine officially counts as a fruit. As does lemon in your beer!) and fresh-from-the-boat seafood is grilling. The elegant thatched rancho and its expansive outdoor table are set for dinner. Life is good.

This is perfection. This is the zenith of “having it all.” This is Casa Ilios.

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Property of the Month: La Perla 161

La Perla 161 property

Welcome to La Perla 161, a distinctive and exclusive Tamarindo vacation rental

When you close your eyes and see perfection, what does it look like?

In the tropics of Costa Rica, on the iconic coast of Guanacaste, we’d imagine it looks a lot like La Perla 161, a luxury condo rental with some of Tamarindo’s most spectacular ocean views. Sweeping from lush green hills to white-sand coastline and then out, into the sparkling blue Pacific, this is the kind of view you will contemplate for hours.

If you can pull your eyes (and heart) away from that view, then you’ll find La Perla 161 is just as stunning inside, with cool stone flooring, floor-to-ceiling doors and windows, minimalist lines, and sharp angles – save for the distinctive balcony, which curves like the coast to provide 280º of startling views.

And, did we mention? Christmas is still available at La Perla 161!

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Property of the Month: Casa Lomas del Mar

Casa Lomas del Mar Tamarindo ocean-view vacation rental

Casa Lomas del Mar overlooks Playa Grande and Tamarindo ocean views

Have you ever stepped into a home where it felt like you were still outside? Casa Lomas del Mar is like that.

Indeed, Casa Lomas del Mar has that special something: Light-filled interiors, walls made of glass, and outdoor living spaces that blend indoor/outdoor life and living in a seamless and well-balanced ballet that feels absolutely, completely perfect. If your Costa Rican dream were embodied in a vacation home, it would be Casa Lomas del Mar.

And that is just one of many reasons why we love this very special home. A Tamarindo vacation rental dedicated to indoor and outdoor living, space for togetherness and space for privacy, sleek modernity and comforting curves, the recently updated Casa Lomas del Mar is our well-deserved Property of the Month.

Casa Lomas del Mar

Welcome to Casa Lomas del Mar, where the outdoors is welcomed in – indeed, where outside is in, inside is out, and where the lines between the two are constantly blurred. And we mean that in the best way possible.

With sleek, floor-to-ceiling windows, a color palette that mimics sand and sea, and bouquets of light that send sunbeams streaming inside, being inside at Casa Lomas del Mar is almost like being on the beach. Except, cooler – literally, thanks to full air-conditioning, throughout the home.

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Property of the Month: Casa Costa Blanca

Casa Costa Blanca beachfront Tamarindo vacation rental-min

Casa Costa Blanca is one of the most prestigious luxury vacation rentals in Tamarindo

Step into another world – into a beachfront paradise, a luxury community, an exotic wonderland. Step into Casa Costa Blanca, one of the most prestigious and spectacular vacation rentals in Tamarindo. In Costa Rica, even!

This seven-bedroomseven-bathroom beachfront villa is equipped with the full menu of luxury amenities (including air conditioning, WiFi and cable television, among others), but what really pulls your spirit is That Ocean. Yes, the wide open Pacific is on full display here – overlooked from every common area, almost every bedroom, and the custom infinity pool and heated Jacuzzi.

And, what is paradise without a full-time housekeeper and groundskeeper? Monday through Saturday, your housekeeper even cooks up a delicious Costa Rican-style breakfast (you provide the ingredients).

It’s the perfect choice for Tamarindo weddings, family reunions, and other groups and celebrations for up to 24 guests. We look forward to welcoming you!

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Property of the Month: Casa Serena

Casa Serena luxury Tamarindo vacation rental

Casa Serena is – yes, we dare say it – one of the most luxurious vacation rentals in Costa Rica

We’re excited to announce (and launch) our new monthly feature: the Featured Property of the Month – one exceptional vacation rental in Tamarindo every month, each chosen for its beauty, or its perfect location, or its uniqueness, or its recent updates, or for any other standout detail.

One incredible home. Three hundred sixty-five nights it could be yours.

Introducing Casa Serena, a beachfront mansion located within the exclusive community of Hacienda Pinilla. A beachfront labyrinth of lavish interiors and exteriors, where no detail, no comfort, and no luxury is spared.

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5 Ocean-View Tamarindo Vacation Rentals with Air-Conditioning

Tamarindo ocean view

The only thing better than this view is this view with air-conditioning!

What’s the only thing better than an oceanview or oceanfront home in paradise? An air-conditioned oceanview or oceanfront home in paradise! For when you want all the benefits of the tropics without the heat, we’ve rounded up five excellent picks for Tamarindo vacation rentals with air-conditioning. In no particular order:

Casa Tranquila

4 Bedrooms | 4.5 Bathrooms | Tamarindo

Casa Tranquila Tamarindo vacation rentals with air-conditioning-min

Lovely Casa Tranquila is one of Tamarindo’s most exclusive ocean-view Tamarindo vacation rentals with air-conditioning

Located within and surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Tamarindo Preserve (Costa Rica’s only beachfront gated community), Casa Tranquila is a spectacular luxury vacation rental. Set high on a bluff occupying sweeping Pacific views, this air-conditioned home is a masterpiece of tropical design: Vaulted wood ceilings, stone floors, artisan ceilings, and other details emphasize the home’s sleek modern lines and complementary rustic details.

The star amenity at Casa Tranquila is full, free membership at the exclusive Tamarindo Preserve Beach Club, boasting a beachfront pool, yoga studio, five-star bistro, bar, and gym, plus a beautiful beach safe for swimming.

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Destination Poolside: 6 of the Best Pools in Costa Rica

best pools in Costa Rica

Welcome to six of the best pools in Costa Rica

One of our favorite things about a vacation in paradise? Doing everything and absolutely nothing. And by absolutely nothing, we mean lounging around some of the best pools in Costa Rica, be it for an afternoon or an entire week.

The choice is yours. We don’t judge. We do enable, though! So today, we’re serving up six of our picks for the best pools in Costa Rica: ocean-view, infinity-edge, and surrounded by all the luxury accouterments you could dream. Jump in. Cool off. Enjoy!

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Top 5 Honeymoon Vacation Rentals, Bungalows and Hideaways

Welcome to honeymoon bliss. Welcome to five of our favorite Costa Rica honeymoon villas.

Tucked into Costa Rica’s north Pacific coast (and the jungles of the Osa Peninsula), this spectacular country welcomes honeymooners to some of the world’s most secluded, most beautiful and most dream-worthy Costa Rica honeymoon villas and vacation rentals.

They’re lovely. They’re private. They’re all yours. And yes, they’re even a little bit extravagant. Because if there’s one moment in life to indulge, we believe it’s on your Costa Rican honeymoon.

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