Last-Minute Vacation? Here’s Why You’ll Love Our Tamarindo, Costa Rica Private Villa Rentals

Last-minute Costa Rica private villa rentals

There’s nothing quite like a last-minute getaway to relieve stress and satiate your travel bug. Tamarindo – and our Costa Rica private villa rentals – are the perfect choice for your next escape.

In times past, there were two basic vacationer types: The pre-planning kind who reserved travel days, booked accommodations, and even researched activities months or years in advance; and the seat-of-the-pants type, who snagged a great deal on flights and left everything else (or thereabouts) until after landing.

Today, our post-2020 world has produced a third type – a type that bridges the gap between the pre-planners and the seat-of-their-pantsers, often pulling each into its thrilling orbit: These are the last-minute vacationers, who embrace the greater flexibility, lower stress, and excellent deals afforded by last-minute plans.

The question is – where will you go? Ask us, and we think Tamarindo and our Costa Rica private villa rentals are the perfect choice. Here’s why:

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Travel Insurance for Costa Rica: Do You Need It?

travel insurance for Costa Rica covers every eventuality

Lost you camera on the beach? Luckily, you bought travel insurance for Costa Rica!

No credits, no refunds, no substitutions.

That’s the standard line in travel – and one that, unfortunately, mostly applies to Costa Rica. As with airfare, event tickets, prepaid hotel reservations, and other travel-related expenses, most, if not all of your Costa Rica vacation reservations are non-refundable.

So, in a word – yes, you should absolutely purchase travel insurance for Costa Rica.

What Is Travel Insurance for Costa Rica?

Travel insurance, sometimes called trip insurance, is a simple-but-comprehensive insurance policy that provides financial protection before, during and after your vacation. (Note: Don’t confuse travel insurance with travel health insurance; they’re two very different things!)

Knock wood, but if something were to happen – illness, travel delays, inclement weather, etc. – to interrupt, disrupt, or influence your trip, your travel insurance covers your losses. Standard benefits extend to recouping trip expenses and covering medical emergencies, lost luggage, and other unexpected events.

So, why do we recommend travel insurance for Costa Rica trips? Well, back to that bit about nonrefundable prepayments…

Remember: Reservations are Prepaid

Most, perhaps all of your reservations – your Tamarindo vacation rental, activities, equipment rentals, airport transportation, rental car, etc. – will be fully prepaid, before you arrive.

And that means, if you miss your flight, or get sick, or fill-in-the-blank, you won’t receive refunds for missed reservations: unslept nights at your vacation rental, airport shuttles not caught, surfboards not surfed, ziplines not zipped – all those much-awaited activities and fun, missed due to snow that grounds your flight, or a last-minute bout of strep throat, or a missed connection at the airport.

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Costa Rica Travel Costs: The Accommodations Budget

Casa Orchidea luxury vacation rental

Honestly, why go hotel when this luxurious mansion (Casa Orchidea) could be yours starting at just $92 per room, per night?

For most visitors to Costa Rica, accommodations cost represents a huge chunk, if not the largest portion of the budget.

Bear in mind that Costa Rica’s travel network is highly developed – tourism is the #1 industry in the country – and that means standards are high. By and large, Costa Rica’s rooms are clean and comfortable. That said, because standards are so high, you’d also be hard-pressed to find a hostel bed for $10. Costa Rica accommodations costs are not bargain-basement, but you can still find a great deal.

We’ll jumpstart this post with a disclaimer: We’re biased. We believe that Costa Rica’s vacation rentals offer far greater value than hotels. But, we don’t expect you to believe that. At least, not right off the bat. We’re going to show you why. Then, you can make your own decision.

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