Posted on 8/7/2018

6 (+ a Few Thousand!) Tropical Flowers for Your Tamarindo Wedding

When it comes down to your Tamarindo wedding details, one of the most enjoyable decisions will come courtesy of your florist: What tropical, exotic, and spectacularly colorful flowers do you plan to carry down the aisle? Which will decorate your ceremony? What bouquets will sit atop your reception table? The answer is, almost any flowers you wish. Many grow nearly year-round and offer a wide variety from which to choose – literally, thousands of exotic flower varieties, at a fraction of what you'd expect to pay in the U.S. or Canada. While your ultimate choice will come down to you, your wedding date, and your florist, we thought we'd send your inspiration soaring with a few of our past brides' favorite selections:

Favorite Tamarindo Wedding Flower: Orchids

Far and beyond the favorite choice for Tamarindo wedding flowers, orchids are an elegant and delicate choice for your bouquet and other décor. Bonus: They don't wilt, even in coastal conditions! There are an estimated 1,400 species of orchids in Costa Rica, so there's no doubt you'll find one that speaks to you. Among the most widely cultivated include the guaria morada (Guarianthe skinneri), Costa Rica's national flower, as well as Lady of the Night (Brassavola nodosa), and sobralias (Sobralia decora). Note that, though Costa Rican orchids are far less expensive than they would be in the United States, they're still one of the most expensive local flowers.

Selection #2: Ornamental Ginger

If you've spent any time scouring the internet for tropical wedding bouquets, then chances are good you've already fallen for ornamental ginger. From torch ginger (Etlingera elatior) and pineapple ginger (Tapeinochilos ananassae), to red ginger (Alpinia purpurata) and shampoo ginger (Zingiber zerumbet), as well as several other, Costa Rica's flowering ginger varieties are as gloriously exotic as they are brightly colored – and a perfect statement piece for your bouquet.

Selection #3: Birds of Paradise

It's an iconic profile – a multi-colored crane, its crest out in full display – Costa Rica's bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae), also known as a crane flower, is one of the world's most striking blooms. It's also a common choice for Costa Rican destination wedding bouquets, both for carrying and table centerpieces, thanks both to its beauty and to its hardiness.

Selection #4: Heliconia

Related to both ornamental ginger and birds of paradise, heliconia (sometimes called "lobster claws" are both prevalent and wildly popular in Costa Rica. There are nearly 40 native species, plus hundreds of exotic hybrids from which to choose, among them Heliconia stricta, Heliconia psittacorum, Heliconia latispatha, Heliconia clinophila, and Heliconia wagneriana.

Selection #5: Hibiscus

A full genus of jewel-toned flowers, hibiscus is one of the world's most easily recognizable tropical blooms: delicate, crepe-like petals that erupt in one of the most conspicuous and flamboyant displays of floral beauty on the planet. They're perfect for a table decoration or pop of joy in your bouquet.

Selection #6: Roses + Other Traditional Blooms

Tropical blooms may be available year-round in Costa Rica, but that doesn't mean you can't dot your bouquet with a few more traditional (and cost-effective) selections. From pastel-hued roses to genteel calla lilies, billowing hydrangea and bright carnations, babies' breath stand-ins and elegant greenery, Costa Rica's floral coffers will outshine many a Pinterest board.

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