Posted on 7/17/2018

Tips for Your Destination Wedding in Costa Rica

You ask, we answer: What do newlyweds most often wish they had known, before they walked down the aisle of their destination wedding in Costa Rica? We're not wedding planners – although our Tamarindo wedding guide does offer a pretty good start to your planning – but we do have a lot of Costa Rica wedding expertise. Not only are several of our luxury vacation homes available as wedding venues, but we also have excellent local connections and recommendations: wedding planners, florists, photographers and videographers, and more. So, with all this experience under our belts, we have a few (okay, seven) suggestions to turn your wish-we-would-haves into we're-so-glad-we-dids:

  1. Hire a Local Pro

The first step to pulling off the destination wedding of your dreams is hiring an experienced local who understands your vision. You'll need someone with expertise and great references, with a robust portfolio to match. Trust us – a wonderful local pro is the difference between smooth wedding planning and a total planning nightmare. (Tip-within-a-tip: If you need help finding a local pro, get in touch for our top recommendations.)
  1. Don't Make Your Wedding Day Your First Visit

If at all possible, plan an exploratory trip before your wedding. Months in advance. Visit potential venues in person. Scope out honeymoon locales. Speak with local florists. Interview wedding planners. One in-person visit can make a world of difference to your destination wedding in Costa Rica.
  1. Choose a Location that Speaks to You

Okay, okay – so, there are the basics: Your venue must have the necessary resources, such as sufficient seating and nearby accommodations for your guests. But beyond that, your location should be meaningful. A wedding is but one day in your marriage, but it is the first day. Exchange vows in a place that makes your heart sing. (Wedding inspiration: Fantasize about these picture-perfect Tamarindo ceremony & reception locales for your destination wedding in Costa Rica!)
  1. Build a Vision Board

Whether you use Pinterest or go old-school with a wedding binder, you need a vision board. Populate your dreams with favorite wedding cakes, tropical flowers, photo ops, food, décor – anything and everything that you dream for your destination wedding in Costa Rica. Share with your local wedding vendors to help create a cohesive vision for your special day.
  1. Arrange Everything Locally

If at all possible, don't ship in a lot of décor – and by that, we mean nothing more than what will fit in your suitcase – from overseas. True confession: The Costa Rican mail system isn't the world's fastest and shipping via international mail carriers (e.g. DHL) can be quite expensive, especially once you factor in import duties. Skip the headache (and the lost-luggage woes) and have everything made/prepared locally.
  1. Send Your Save-the-Date Early. Very Early.

Traditional wedding etiquette may suggest sending your save-the-dates about six months in advance, but for a destination wedding in Costa Rica, you're better off notifying your guests 12+ months before your wedding day. This will give everyone ample time to save the date (literally), book flights, and have access to their pick of luxury vacation rentals near your venue.
  1. Arrive Early!

Be sure to book your flight a few days before your wedding. You can settle in, put your gift bags together, take pre-wedding photos, and handle other last-minute details before your Big Day. Additionally, this built-in cushion also accounts for any conceivable flight delays, lost luggage, and other unforeseen events.

Questions? We Have Answers!

Have we tickled your fancy? Then please, get in touch! We have extensive experience in helping our guests plan a destination wedding in Costa Rica – and we're happy to share! From venues to vendors, florists to photographers, we have all the recommendations and advice you need to plan your wedding in paradise. SaveSave SaveSave
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