Posted on 10/4/2018

7 Reasons Why Green Season is the Best Season in Tamarindo

October update! Tamarindo fishing is absolutely booming this month, and we've been reeling in mahi mahi, sailfish, tuna, rooster fish, and so much more. The oven is ovening, the grill is smoking, and the ceviche and sushi are super fresh. Nom nom nom... In other words, we think that Tamarindo green season is the season. Or, at least, a season. A great season, in fact. Ask any local, and we'll tell you that the Tamarindo green season gets a bad rap. Yes, it rains. But no, not all the time. Not even every day, depending on the location and the month (and the whims of Mother Nature). Green season is so named for a reason: In stark contrast to the sun-splashed, oft-parched months of dry season, Costa Rica's green season (roughly May through November) sees lush landscapes, roaring rivers, well-watered wildlife, and other wonderful benefits, thanks to almost daily showers. Another thing to know: Tamarindo is located in the province of Guanacaste, the driest province in the country. So, while the rest of the country is drenched, we often see full days of sun – sometimes, for whole weeks after the official start (or before the official end) of green season. And in Tamarindo, prepare for sunny mornings and afternoons, with rains only beginning in the early evening. In other words, if you're visiting Costa Rica during the rainy season, choose Tamarindo. You'll have a better chance of great weather. And even if it does rain, it shouldn't spoil your vacation. Here's why. Seven reasons why, in fact!

Reason #1: Tamarindo Fishing is Rocking!

First things first: Tamarindo fishing is mostly a year-round kind of passion. No matter when you visit, there are guaranteed to be resident and migratory, mating, and/or feeding species in residence. Others, like the cubera snapper, make their home year-round in Tamarindo waters. That said, late Tamarindo green season (September, October, and November) is a very special time for Tamarindo fishing. To start, large marlin (particularly, blue and striped marlin) troll the area, in search of phytoplankton and schooling fish. Additionally, floating debris and flotsam, pulled to sea via rushing rivers, hides bonitos, mahi-mahi, and yellowfin tuna, often up to the 125-150 pound range. This is also an excellent time for inshore fishing, with small yellowfins (up to 25 lbs.), rooster fish, mackerels, jacks, and snappers catching our hooks. Black marlin are not uncommon near inshore reefs.

Reason #2: The Turtles are in Town!

If sea turtle nestingis on your bucket list, then there's no better time to check it off than during Costa Rica's green season. Olive ridley turtles are nestingnow at both Santa Rosa National Parkand Ostional Wildlife Refuge– choose Ostional during an arribada, for your best chances of spotting turtles, both nesting and hatching – and peak in the Tamarindo green season, typically from June through December.

Reason #3: Surfing is Spectacular

Tamarindo surfing peaks during the green season, when waves come hard and fast (and huge). If you're a serious surfer, this is your season – including at Witch's Rock and Ollie's Point, home to one of the best right-point surf breaks in the world.

Reason #4: The Sunsets Are Stunning

A common misconception: Clear skies make for better sunsets. In reality, Tamarindo's slightly cloudy, green season skies erupt in the best sunsets of the year: fresh rain has fallen, the boats are moored, and the sky is smeared with clouds bedecked in all hues of pink, peach, violet, and turquoise. And then, just as the sun drops over the horizon, a flash of light streaks through the sky to paint its final swath of color. Every. Night. Beat that, dry season!

Reason #5: The Crowds are Fewer

Not going to lie: High season often means high crowds. Every site, every guidebook, every everything tells tourists to visit during the dry season months of December through April. And, do you know what that means? Crowds. Even in the most remote locations, someone's probably there. But in the Tamarindo green season? Well, that secluded beach, that hilltop viewpoint, that tropical waterfall – they're all yours. Very often, you'll be the only one there in green season. The only ones, traipsing over dry forest trails. The only ones, sleeping under the oceanfront palm tree. The only ones, roaring up a backroad on your ATVs. And even at the more popular spots – even in the middle of Tamarindo's best surf waves – the crowds are still far fewer. Bottom line: There is more space, less competition, and greater tranquility to be had in green season.

Reason #6: You Get More for Your Money

Everyone loves a great deal, right? In that case, you'll love the Tamarindo green season, when prices are the lowest of the year. Peruse our selection of Tamarindo vacation rentals, and you'll find incredible deals – sometimes, up to 70% off their peak-season counterparts! If that's not a screaming deal, we don't know what is. What's more, because this is technically low season, you'll also find greater availability. Whereas many popular properties book up a year (or more) in advance, during high season, during green season you may find a perfect home, at the perfect price, still available for that last-minute getaway, long weekend, or airfare flash sale.

Reason #7: Relaxation, Required!

One thing we've learned during our years in Costa Rica: Do not, under any circumstance, underestimate the value of required relaxation. Indeed, on that rare rainy afternoon, take advantage! In Tamarindo, showers are warm (and often, brief) – the perfect time to brew a cup of Costa Rican coffee, grab your book, and relax in the hammock. Or, if there's no thunder, to hop in the hot tub or go swimming the rain. Or, order up an in-rental massage (or head to the spa). Or, during light showers, to go outside and watch tropical birds frolicking in nature's baths. Curl up for a board game with your family. Tell stories. Watch a movie. The rain is almost always fleeting, so you won't be inside for long. Take advantage of this "required relaxation," as we have learned to do!

Plan Your Tamarindo Green Season Vacation

And, there you have it – seven reason why green season might just be the best season in Tamarindo! Convinced this might just be the season for you? Then please, get in touch! Our fabulous concierge, Cris, will be happy to help you find the perfect vacation rental, paired with the season's best activities, to build a green season adventure to remember!
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