Posted on 1/10/2019

Romantic Dinners in Tamarindo - 7 of our Favorite Spots

From twinkling fairy lights to crashing surf, lantern-lit tables to bamboo palapas for two, the most romantic dinners in Tamarindo serve up more than just a delicious memory. Because romance is not just the meal; it's an experience. An experience of dim lighting and stolen moments, great views and memorable moments. It's about setting the mood – about connecting with your loved one, and only your loved one – whether it's for a simple date or a special occasion. The most romantic dinners in Tamarindo are some of the most romantic in all of Costa Rica. Our restaurants are world-class, focusing on hyper-local ingredients and sustainable practices, while working to deliver on an intimate and, yes, romantic ambiance. Here are seven of our favorites:

1. Pangas Beach Club

Phone : 2653-0024 | Website There are few Tamarindo settings more romantic than Pangas, our favorite spot for beachfront dinners in town. Fairy lights  in the trees, a bonfire  on the beach, crashing surf, flickering candles on the table, kaleidoscopic sunsets, and fire dancers on the sand – it's a peaceful, perfectly romantic, and wonderfully unforgettable setting for a dinner à deux. Speaking of dinner, Panga's menu is unmatched: Dine on succulent lobster and rack of lamb, grilled local octopus and the fresh catch-of-the-day. Chilled avocado-cucumber soup and perfectly cooked shrimp skewers, roasted pork tenderloin and juicy tuna steaks. It's a feast for the senses and the palate, complete with a full bar serving tropical cocktails, local beers, and a menu of international wines.

2. Bamboo Sushi Club

Phone : 2653-4519 | Website What do a secluded table for two, a bamboo canopy, and low lighting have in common? Bamboo Sushi Club, that's what. Bamboo, located in downtown Tamarindo, is the kind of place that is wonderfully out of place . It's in the heart of it all, but surprisingly sedate; it's beach-town hip, but more zen garden than party spot; it's welcoming to all but especially romantic. And that's why it easily makes our list: Bamboo is a special place for romantic dinners in Tamarindo, offering a quiet ambiance and private tables, not to mention a perfect menu for sharing : sizzling woks and savory dumplings, specialty sushi rolls and ocean-fresh sashimi .

3. Barefoot Restaurant Lounge

Phone : 7006-1476 | Website At the intersection of the perfect ambiance and live music, Barefoot offers a tropical oasis just off the main street – and an entirely different world, seemingly built for two. You two! While Barefoot Restaurant Lounge isn't just for romantic dinners in Tamarindo, it's one of our top choices for just that. The ambiance here is very casual – true to name, it's barefoot-casual and beach chic, perfect for dressing down while dressing up – but there's an upscale twist, too. We're talking fresh-caught mahi-mahi and their signature Barefoot mojito, a Costa Rican poke bowl and marinated seaweed salad. It's healthy, it's varied (from vegetarian to gluten-free), and it's delicious. It's a perfect balance, perfect for your special night.

4. Dragonfly Bar & Grill

Phone : 2653-1506 or 8554-2723 | Website Just far enough off the beaten path and just tranquil enough to make our list of the most romantic dinners in Costa Rica, Dragonfly is the hip-yet-not-hipster place to dine on hyper-local, sustainable ingredients, source from Costa Rica's seas and sands, farms and fields. Low lighting, unobtrusive staff, fairy lights, table lanterns, and a casual ambiance are the setting at Dragonfly, where food follows the seasons . The result is an innovative and highly seasonal menu, which features everything from vegetarian Buddha bowls to fresh-caught red snapper, sesame-seared yellowfin turn, to fiery Thai beef. The daily specials are also a treat and the restaurant's cocktail menu is second to none, especially if you're a fan of martinis . Toast to two!

5. Seasons

Phone : 8368-6983 |Website A quiet hideaway with poolside seating and occasional live music makes for one of the most romantic dinners in Tamarindo, courtesy of Seasons by Shlomy, an Israeli chef and master of the kitchen. While the ambiance is lovely, the real star of the show at Seasons is the expertly prepared Mediterranean fusion dishes – perfection on a plate, as they say. And here, we're talking lobster-leek terrine and grilled octopus, spicy tuna tartar and calamari skewers, shrimp scampi salad and green risotto, seared tuna and... well, we could go on (and on) but we think it would be better for you to see (and taste) for yourself. Do be sure to order one of Shlomy's desserts!

6. HiR Jungle Culinary Adventure

Phone : 7223-6697 | Website If your take on romance is out of the ordinary, then you'll fall in love with HiR Fine Dining, voted "1 of 25 dishes to travel around the world for " by OpenTable. The Jungle Culinary Adventure is truly a step away from your traditional meal and into something extraordinary. Over three hours and seven to ten plates per diner, international chefs will serve your table with a back-to-basics (and yet, very un basic) menu: roasted sesame-crusted tuna and deep-fried squid, scallop carpaccio and tahini mahi-mahi, grilled lobster tail and fresh octopus – everything, prepared to perfection and served as one of the most unique, most transcendent dining experiences in Costa Rica.

Chez You: Dinner with Your Private Chef

Location:  Your Tamarindo Vacation Rental There is no meal in Tamarindo more romantic than a privately catered table for two: A private chef, a table for two (and no one else), at your own private Tamarindo villa. We work with Tamarindo's top catering company, to supply you with the perfect private chef to fulfill your culinary dreams. From vegetarian and vegan palates, to sustainable meals and gluten-free delicacies, our private chefs are capable of crafting a custom menu that suits you – and sets the tone – be it casual or gourmet – for one of the most romantic dinners in Tamarindo. Hot Tip : When you reserve your vacation home with Stay in Tamarindo, Cristina (aka Cris), our wonderful, knowledgeable, and friendly in-house concierge, will get in touch. She'll help arrange all those super-special details for your vacation – including your own private chef, who will whip up a private feast and one of the most romantic dinners in Tamarindo.
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