Posted on 2/28/2019

Sunset in Tamarindo: The Views You Didn't Know You Were Missing

Once upon a time, there was a Costa Rican sunset... Okay, okay – that's a corny opening line. But, the thing is, a Costa Rican sunset really can be spectacular enough to warrant its own story. Sometimes, the sun descends slowly, smearing an entire paint palette across the sky. Other times, it disappears before it even hits the horizon – a blazing orb of mystery. And almost every night, the Tamarindo sunset sets our world and emotions on fire. It is a sight to see, over and over and over again. With our love of tropical sundowns, it's no surprise that we highly recommend Tamarindo sunset tours: adventure and relaxation, nature-watching and ocean activity, all in combination with a beautiful and fiery bow. We are truly excited to share these Tamarindo sunset tours with you. Not only have we vetted each for its overall experience, but we also know from that experience that a sunset on the water, on the beach, on a boat, on a paddle board – these are the sunsets you never forget.
*Prices accurate as of February 2019

Sunset Opportunity #1: The Sunset Catamaran Cruise

If we had to pick just one – the most iconic of our Tamarindo sunset tours – it would probably be this: the sunset catamaran cruise, a favorite of everyone from snorkelers and honeymooners, to ocean-lovers and wildlife watchers. Why? Because, simply put, there are few sights more beautiful (and more Tamarindo) than watching a sunset from the comfort of your own catamaran. Somehow, the sun just looks bigger when you're out on the ocean! There are two basic options when it comes to taking a sunset cruise: a shared cruise and a private cruise. Either way, you'll depart short around 1:30 p.m. – clearly, not sunset time. And that's because you're going snorkelingfirst: Sail to a seclude spot, don your gear, and hop into warm waters to spot puffer fish, starfish, octopus, manta rays, and other ocean life. Once back on board, enjoy a late lunch (early dinner?) of tortilla chips, refried beans, guacamole, dip, salsa, fresh fruit, and veggies. Depending on the cruise, cocktails may be included. And then, watch as the fiery sun descends to the horizon, staining the sky with jewel-toned streaks. Upgrade to a private cruise for a more personalized experience– a boat and crew, all to yourselves. Want to spot whales or dolphins? Lounge on a secluded beach? Snorkel with octopuses? (Yes, that's the correct plural form.) Your skilled captain will do his/her best.

Sunset Catamaran Tour (Shared, Not Private)

Price: $85 per person (children under 6, half price –  must be accompanied by an adult at all times) Free pick up & drop off at your home in the Tamarindo area; $10 extra pp for surrounding areas
What's Included: Open regular bar, open cocktail bar, fruit, light food on board, guided snorkeling tour, stand up paddle and kayaks
Departure: 1:00 p.m.
Duration: 4 hours (approximately)
What To Wear & Bring: Sunblock, sunglasses, swimsuit and towel
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Private Sunset Sailing Tour

Price: Ranges from $100 to $120 per person, depending on the boat Note: Does not include transportation but your concierge can arrange. Children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
What's Included: Open bar including cocktails, wine & beer, fruit platter, snacks, full meal, snorkeling equipment and bilingual guides
Departure: Afternoon sunset sail departs at 1:00 pm
Duration: 5 hours (approximately)
What To Wear & Bring: Water shoes, sun block lotion, sunglasses, and swimsuit
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Sunset Opportunity #2: The Mangrove Kayak Tour

Nature, leisure, relaxation – the only thing that could make this trifecta any better? A sunset, of course! And a sunset, as you paddle down a quiet mangrove, is a sunset like no other. We'll set the scene: The Tamarindo Wildlife Refuge and its scenic estuary, where giant mangroves send spidery roots into calm waters. Here, dozens of bird species, crocodiles and caimansmonkeys, iguanas, and other native wildlife feed, nest, and otherwise live. And they're all on your afternoon itinerary. After about a couple of hours paddling through the mangroves, deep into habitats rarely seen, you'll make your way back toward the ocean... and the sunset. Find your favorite viewing spot, set up the perfect camera angle, or just rest relax to watch the sun go down. This sunset promises to be one of the best souvenirs from your trip.

Mangrove Kayak Tour

Price: $55 per person (includes free pick up & drop off at your Tamarindo vacation rental)
What's Included: Kayak equipment, bilingual guide, bottled water, and fresh fruit (pineapple or watermelon)
Departure: Depends on the tide, preferably low tide to paddle out
Duration: 2 hours (approximately)
What To Wear & Bring: Water shoes, sunblock, towel, change of clothes, sunglasses, and a swimsuit
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Sunset Opportunity #3: The Ocean Kayak Tour to Captain Island

Love the idea of a sunset by kayak? Can't wait to see it twice? Well, then we have the perfect Tamarindo sunset tour for you: an ocean kayak tour to Captain Island, where Costa Ricans once fished for their dinners. There's something freeing about paddling through the surf on a kayak: Walk through the sand, gear up, take to the bay, and hop aboard. We're cutting through the waves and hitting the open sea, paddling to Captain Island– about 40 minutes from the beach. Once you arrive at the island, disembark and then jump in: we're here in plenty of time for snorkeling! After some one-on-one time with the Pacific – and, hopefully, a few exciting ocean life sightings – we're taking the kayaks back to the beach. Chasing our return: A fire-swathed sun, dipping deep on the horizon, staining the clouds, and smearing the sky in pink and purple, orange and yellow.

Ocean Kayak Tour

Price: $55 per person (includes free pick up & drop off at your Tamarindo vacation rental)
What's Included: Kayak equipment, bilingual guide, snorkeling equipment, bottled water, and fresh fruit (pineapple or watermelon)
Departure: Depends on the tide, preferably low tide to paddle out
Duration: 2 hours (approximately)
What To Wear & Bring: Water shoes, sunblock, sunglasses, and a swimsuit
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Sunset Opportunity #4: The Stand-Up Paddle to Captain Island

If Captain Island calls to you, but you want to cut a different ocean path, then why not tackle the island via stand-up paddle board, also known as SUP? Heads up: It takes balance and strength, but SUP is one of our favorite forms of ocean-bound exercise – and a great way to enjoy the sunset, of course! After paddling out to the island, we'll stop for some rest, relaxation, and snorkeling. Captain Island is ringed by shallow reefs, home to exotic and tropical sea life: rays and sea stars, fish and the occasional sea turtle. Take a swim, enjoy the sun, or simply drink in the scenery. Next up: Back to the beach. Again, the sun pursues your return, plunging toward the horizon almost as fast as you can paddle. But, be sure to stop for a few moments. Let your paddle rest. Dangle your legs in the surf. And turn around to face the sun: The brilliant sunset feels like yours, and yours alone.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) Tour

Price: $55 per person (Minumum of 4 people)
What's Included: Instructor, SUP boards, paddles, and transportation to/from your Tamarindo vacation rental
Duration: 2 hours (approximately)
What To Wear & Bring: Swimsuit, flip flops, sun block, hat, and a change of clothes and a towel
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Sunset Opportunity #5: The Horseback Ride

We know: The sunset gallop sounds like a dream destined for movies and postcards. But, in Costa Rica, this is one dream that's very real: You can gallop down the beach and you can do it at sunset. You can even do it with the wind in your hair. Our two-hour horseback riding tour takes you through tropical dry forest, where you may spot birds, iguanas, monkeys, and other native wildlife. After trotting through the forest, we'll emerge at one of the Tamarindo area's most beloved beaches: Playa Conchal, known for its pink-white sands and spectacular scenery. This is your moment: We've timed the tour to hit the beach at the sunset, so you can run along the sands, the sunset reflecting on the ocean by your side. Be sure to snap some photos!

Ocean Kayak Tour

Price: $55 per person (includes free pick up & drop off at your Tamarindo vacation rental)
What's Included: Ground transportation to and from Tamarindo, bilingual guide, bottled water, and fruit
Departure: Sunset tour departs at 3:00 pm
Duration: 2 hours (approximately)
What To Wear & Bring: Comfortable clothes,  tennis shoes, sunglasses, sunblock, hat, and a camera
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Need Help? 

If you'd like help arranging a sunset tour in Tamarindo, please get in touch with our concierge, Cris! Her services are free and we promise, she'll hook you up with the best tours to match your adventure, leisure, and sunset-viewing style.
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