Posted on 8/15/2019

Costa Rica Travel with Kids: The Best Family Experiences

Today, Costa Rica celebrates Mother's Day. It's one of the Big Holidays here in Costa Rica – a paid day off work, universally celebrated, and much beloved – and so we thought we'd celebrate in the best way we know how: by sharing our favorite family tours, travels and family experiences, to enhance your own Costa Rica travel with kids. Because, we're realists. We know that traveling with kids isn't the same as traveling solo or with adults. There are special considerations and accommodations to be made. Because, even the littlest of kids have big personalities. We want to keep them happy. Nay, thrilled! We want all travelers, both big and small, to have the time of their lives. To finish every tour entertained. To say, "this was the best trip EVER!" Because it was.

Palo Verde Safari Boat Tour

There's nothing that bonds families better than the thrill of adventure... and a dribble of danger? We kid, we kid – kinda. Because, the thing about a trip to Palo Verde is that it is wild. Not zoo wild but honest-to-goodness wiiiiild. You are in the heart of nature – no barriers, no bars, no walls. Just you and the river, the forest, the jungle. Here, you have the chance to come eyeball-to-eyeball with crocodiles and caimans, white-faced monkeys and tiger herons. It's definitely an experience for the entire family. What makes this tour extra-special is that Palo Verde National Park is a maze of rich and vibrant wetlands that house one of the world's foremost examples of tropical dry forest. What's more, it's home to 300+ bird species and the largest population of black-crowned night herons in the country, as well as important nesting sites for pink herons, glossy ibis, needle ducks, gray herons, and cattle egrets. >>Book Palo Verde<<

Sloths, Frogs & Waterfall Adventure Package

There aren't many kids that wouldn't hop (hahaha) at the chance to see frogs and sloths, to hike rainforests and swim waterfalls. There aren't many parents or grandparents who wouldn't love it, too. Sloths are pretty special, aren't they? Frogs are adorable. And waterfall swimming holes? Well, we'd officially classify them as magical. And, as for a tour that pulls them all together? Well, we'd call it a definite must for Costa Rica travel with kids. For 90 minutes, you'll field close encounters with sloths. You'll cozy up to toucans. You'll interact with butterflies. And you'll learn to spot frogs in all their various colorations and habitats. You'll check animal after animal offer your collective bucket list. And then, you'll head to one of our favorite local waterfalls. Dip your toes in. Don your bathing suit. And jump in. The water is fine and it's going to be a great afternoon! >>Book the Frog, Sloth & Waterfall Adventure<<

African Safari Adventure

Think you have to cross an ocean to see zebras and wildebeest roaming freely? Not when you vacation in Costa Rica, not when you're staying in Tamarindo. Just 90 minutes outside Tamarindo, Ponderosa Adventure Park delivers 75 acres of open savannah where African game lives its best life: 297 exotic animals, including zebras, Ankole-Watusi cattle, camels, and giraffes. It's exciting, it's different, and it's a parent-pleasing, kid-thrilling day trip that guarantees lifelong memories for your family. If you'd like to stay a little longer, we can add on additional adventures: a kayaking tour, canopy zipline, horseback ride, and hike. It's a day on African safari, only you're still in Costa Rica. >>Book an African Safari Adventure<<


If you're kids are a little older (or have a great grip), you're all going to love Tamarindo ATV a nd UTV tours. You're probably familiar with an ATV, aka all-terrain vehicle. It has four wheels, one steering wheel, and the promise of huge adventure. They're also an excellent choice for families with older kids: You can each rent your own ATV and rip-roar over Tamarindo's back roads and secluded beaches. You can kick up huge adventure and major fun. So, what happens when you have younger kids in tow – kids who can't drive their own ride? Welcome to the wonderful vacation world of UTVs, a kind of side-by-side off-road vehicle. They're fast, they're massive – kids who like monster trucks will love UTVs! – and they're high-adrenaline, but they're also safer, especially with kids. You can even rent a 2- or 4-passenger UTV, so the whole family can pump up the adrenaline, together.

Sunset Catamaran Cruise  

The perfect choice for the whole family, even those who can't hike or zipline, a sunset catamaran cruise is one of our hands-down favorites. Just imagine: You're all aboard a luxury catamaran. You're cruising along the Pacific. There may be a sea turtle, a dolphin, or a humpback whale swimming just off the port side. You're spread out on the massive hammock, under the sun and suspended just a few feet above lapping water. And you're on the way to a secret beach, or a snorkeling cove, or anywhere else your talented captain has identified. On the schedule: Sun-bathing. Swimming. Snorkeling. Snorkeling with puffer fish, starfish, octopus, manta rays, and other wonders of the sea. And then, you'll feast on fresh guacamole, chips and dip, fresh fruit, and other snacks. You'll sip on cold drinks. And, you'll await the sunset – a sunset bigger and brighter than ever before, its reflection glinting off the sea. >>Book a Sunset Catamaran Cruise<< And, there you have it: A few of our absolute favorite, must-experience travels for when you're visiting Costa Rica with kids. Because you want to have fun while you keep the peace. Luckily, that possible – in spades! Have a wonderful trip!
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