Posted on 11/6/2018

Best Happy Hours in Tamarindo

There's nothing quite like winding down a Tamarindo day with a cold drink in your hand, the ocean at your feet, and the sand between your toes. Well, nothing quite like it, except for that cold drink at half price. Because this is Tamarindo and we are all about happy hour. All the happy hours! Because salt-rimmed glasses, tropical fruit infusions, ice-cold microbrews, and lovely wines are the perfect accompaniment to an ocean view and kaleidoscopic sunset. Because 2x1 cocktails and $4 artisan pints and $5 glasses of wine are a deal that can't quite be beat. And now, without further ado, our choices for the best happy hours in Tamarindo:

Pangas Beach Club

Phone: 2653-0024 | Website With your feet in the sand and the ocean breeze in your hair, Pangas can feel like the place to be, no matter the time of day. But we admit, we do have a special place in our hearts for Pangas at happy hour, when their already great drinks menu gets even better for 2x1 deals (4:30 to 6:30 p.m.). If you have the time, stick around for dinner: fresh-off-the-boat seafood, juicy cuts of beef, a full wine menu, and much more!

Langosta Beach Club

Phone: 2653-1127 | Website If you're looking for upscale without the fuss, then you'll love the Langosta Beach Club. Surrounded by gardens and bordered by the sea, the beach club strikes that just-right balance: cold drinks, fresh eats (grilled lobster would go well with that cocktail!), and the perfect happy hour – half-priced drinks, on the beach, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Time it just right and catch the sunset!

El Chiringuito

Phone: 2438-9569 | Website There's a reason Tamarindo's happy hour buzz has honed in on El Chiringuito: situated on a slice of quiet beach, in a great spot to enjoy the sunset, El Chiringuito serves up a great happy hour with $2 beers and $5 drinks. Plus, if you hang around for dinner, the menu is wonderfully varied, offering everything from chicken fingers to a fresh-caught poke tuna bowl.


Phone: 2653-0029 | Website Occupying a prime slice of Tamarindo beachfront, Nogui's tops our list for the best seafood restaurants in Tamarindo. But, you seafood lovers will be happy to know that this go-to dinner choice also tops our chart for the best happy hours in Tamarindo. Offering 2x1 drinks and $5 wine every night from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m., Nogui's seems to understand that every great plate of garlic calamari or shrimp kebabs should be paired with a fantastic drink.

El Vaquero at Witch's Rock Surf Camp

Phone: 2653-1262 | Website One of the town's favorite beachfront hangouts, El Vaquero is also one of Tamarindo's top spots for happy hour. Sharing space with the Volcano Brewing Company, you know you'll always be served an excellent pint of at El Vaquero. But, what's more, you'll also enjoy live music (Saturday and Sunday afternoons) and crashing waves, thanks to the restaurant's beachfront location. Hello, new favorite happy hour!

El Be! – Tamarindo Beach Club

Phone: 2653-0178 | Website El Be! has long been a great place to catch the sunset, so why not make it your place to watch the sunset while sipping a cocktail? Not only does El Be! offer one of the best chiliguaros (local aguardiente, limes, and hot sauce) in town, plus live music, a barefoot bar (yaaaaas!), and spectacularly beautiful beachfront sunsets. And hey, look at that –  El Be! is re-opening for happy hour TODAY! We hope you've found your own favorite among our choices for the best happy hours in Tamarindo. There only one thing left to say: Bottoms up!
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