Posted on 4/10/2018

Before I Do: 8 Ideas for a Better Tamarindo Bachelorette Party

Look, while we all love a good naughty-themed fête, you also want your bachelorette to be Insta-worthy. You want to make memories. Real memories, not just the don't-show-Grandma kind. The good news: You can opt for a super-cool Tamarindo bachelorette party and have your phallic cake, too. #YOLO, ladies! That's right: The era of the alternative (read: better) bachelorette party has arrived and with it, some of the coolest, most memorable ideas for your bachelorette party in Costa Rica. (Psst, also be sure to check out our full Tamarindo wedding guide!) In the meantime, here are a few of our favorites:
  1. Have a Luxury Sleepover

Need an excuse (as if!) to watch chick flicks and eat ice cream? Look no further, because there's no better way to bond with your girls, than with an old-school sleepover. But not just any sleepover, not in Costa Rica. Instead of dragging out your pillows and sleeping bags like you did a decade ago, Tamarindo invites you to elevate your bachelorette sleepover right into the luxury zone. In addition to luxe linens and private bathrooms for all, when you rent a luxury Tamarindo vacation rental, you'll have your pick of hot tubs and ocean views, private pools and big-screen TVs. In other words, the fulfillment of all your bachelorette dreams.
  1. Book a Spa Day

Speaking of bachelorette bonding, why not book some luxury spa treatments for your group? Even better, double-up with your sleepover: Book your day of pampering in your rental villa! That's right – we're happy to reserve a full day of spa treatments, right in your vacation rental. From facials to massages, body wraps to mani/pedis for the big day, you and your girls will never have to leave the comfort of your luxury cocoon. JOMO has never felt so good.
  1. Pose for Glamorous Bachelorette Photos

Half the fun of getting dressed up is Instagramming the results, right? So, why not immortalize your last bachelorette moments with a professional photo shoot? There's no better backdrop than Tamarindo, from the sparkling Pacific to our spectacular sunsets. When you're finished, keep the glitz on and hit the town for the party-half of your bachelorette.
  1. Take Surf Lessons

There's no bonding quite like workout bonding – the sweaty tie that binds. So, here's an idea: book an afternoon of surf lessons with your girls, and hang ten to some great memories. Make sure someone takes photos! And when you're finished, celebrate all those burned calories with some indulgent cocktails.
  1. Go Canopy Zip-lining

Don't feel like surfing but want to do something different for your bachelorette? Then, may we suggest zip-lining? You'll swing through the trees, zoom in the forest canopy, and spark your collective adrenaline. Make the day extra-special by zip-lining in full hair and makeup. (Sorry, no fancy dresses allowed; most zip-lines require shorts/pants and walking shoes.)
  1. Make a Dent in Your Bucket List

Want to do something memorable and long-lasting? Then, invite your besties to help make a dent in your bucket list! Whatever it is, be it dancing on a bar or hiking to a hidden waterfall, Costa Rica and Tamarindo will be happy to accommodate.
  1. Take it Healthy

Traditional bachelorettes involve a lot of booze and certain hangovers. A Tamarindo bachelorette party does not – at least, not necessarily. Costa Rica is the reigning queen of health and wellness travel, so feel free to avail yourself of the possibilities. Make it a wellness weekend. Book a group yoga class. Meditate to a view of the Pacific. Order up clean meals from your personal chef. Pamper yourselves with good food, good health, and great friendship.
  1. Bonus: Trash the Dress(es)... in the Pacific!

Okay, so this is an after I-do bachelorette experience, but we love it so we're including it! If you've planned a trash-the-dress session, include your girls. Don your dresses, hair and makeup, and splash through the ocean. Run in the sand. Hike into the forest. You could even book those surf lessons... Whatever you do, make it epic.

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