Posted on 11/29/2019

4 Tamarindo Tours & Activities You Can Only Experience Here

Every vacation, every trip, every escape is a new opportunity. The chance to see something new, experience something different. Your invitation to explore, enjoy, and endear yourself to fresh places, spaces, and activities. Travel is your path to enjoying the world, as it is. The world, as you don't yet know it. And that's why we always encourage travelers to try something new – to step outside your comfort zone and tick another item off your bucket list. Enter these Tamarindo tours: four opportunities to do something you probably haven't done before. Four chance to experience the world, as only Tamarindo can deliver it. These tours and activities are unique to us, unique to right here. And we can't wait to introduce you to them.

Tamarindo Tours: Mangrove Kayaking

Tamarindo is the kind of place where you come for the beaches – for the sun, for the tropics, for the pura vida – but ultimately fall in love with nature. With green landscapes and lapping sea, dense forests and... gnarled mangroves? You've got that right: Tamarindo's mangroves are just the kind of place that will tug at your heartstrings and inspire awe. As you kayak into brackish paradise, you enter a world of 80+ trees and shrubs that form the wildly unique mangrove habitat – home to monkeys and ctenosaurs, crocodiles and water birds. >> Reserve a Mangrove Tour <<

EPIC Surf (Lessons)

Yeah, we capitalized EPIC. Because, it is. Tamarindo's surf is world-famous – and for good reason. With monster waves and gentle waves, sharp breaks and beginner surf spots alike, our beach town hosts the right kind of surf for every confidence and skill level. Our patient, skilled, and experienced surf instructors know these waves, inside and out. So, whether you're a brand-new beginner looking to get up on a board for the first time, or a seasoned surfer looking to challenge yourself to something new, our certified instructors will tailor your lesson and your locale to your level. >> Reserve a Surf Lesson <<

Sport Fishing

Anglers from around the world flock to Tamarindo for one reason: sport fishing. And for good reason. Very good reason. Our region is a sport fishing hotspot, our oceans teeming with black, striped and blue marlin, yellowfin tuna, snapper, grouper, roosterfish, dorado, wahoo, sailfish, and other prize species. But, we take it a step further: We have the BEST boat and the BEST crew in all of Tamarindo. We're talking the friendliest crew, the most skilled anglers, and the most knowledgeable everything. They'll not only steer you toward the best fishing spots, but they hook you up (ba-dum ching!) with the best lures for the best fishing on Costa Rica's Gold Coast. >> Book Half- or Full-Day Sport Fishing <<

Leatherback Turtle Nesting

Turtle tours consistently top our recommendation lists, so here's something a little different for you: leatherback turtle nesting and hatching. You see, for consistency and sheer volume, we usually send our guests south to Ostional Wildlife Refuge. Home to thousands of olive ridley sea turtles, who come to nest almost every week of the year, this is an easy go-to for one of our favorite activities. But, here's a secret: Las Baulas National Marine Park is just next door to Tamarindo and it's named for the leatherbacks that nest there. Fair warning, though: you'll have to get lucky to visit during leatherback nesting and, if you do, you're likely to see only a handful of leatherbacks – not the thousands of olive ridleys promised by Ostional. Still... a chance to spot the world's largest sea turtles, measuring up to six feet long and weighing an impressive 1,500 pounds? We'll take it! >> Reserve a Turtle Tour <<

Need Help Finding Unique Tamarindo Tours?

When you book a stay with Stay in Tamarindo, you're reserving more than just a great vacation home; your booking also includes FREE and full travel concierge services. Cristina (aka Cris) is our wonderful, knowledgeable, and friendly in-house concierge. She not only knows greater Tamarindo like the back of her hand, but her job is to get to know you that well, too. Here's how it works: When you book with us, Cristina will soon get in touch. She'll send you our welcome packet, which includes an intro to many of the most popular Tamarindo activities, tours, and attractions. Have a look. Get a taste of what Tamarindo has to offer. Start building your must-do and would-like-to-do lists. Then, it's time to get personal. Because Cris is not your standard travel agent: she doesn't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Her job is to get to know you, and know you well, so she can build your custom itinerary and suggest activities, tours, and attractions tailored to your specific interests, activity levels, and wish lists. Even better? Our concierge services are absolutely and always free for our guests. Relax, dream, and plan. We'll take care of the details. Please get in touch for more information!
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