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15 Reasons You’d Hate Your Costa Rica Destination Wedding

So, you’ve been seduced by the promise of a crashing sea and soft sand, tropical flowers and a wedding on the beach. You’re convinced that a Costa Rica destination wedding will deliver on the moment, the setting, the venue… the whole picture you’ve always hoped. Well, stop right there. We’re here to tell you that […]

Property of the Month: Puesta del Sol

Have you ever had that dream where you’re flying? Not in a plane, but really flying – your arms spread, your hair wild, your body alive with the delight and exhilaration of it all? Puesta del Sol feels a bit – okay, a lot – like that. Set atop a hilltop overlooking Tamarindo, on a privileged point offering 300-degree […]

Sunset in Tamarindo: The Views You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

Once upon a time, there was a Costa Rican sunset… Okay, okay – that’s a corny opening line. But, the thing is, a Costa Rican sunset really can be spectacular enough to warrant its own story. Sometimes, the sun descends slowly, smearing an entire paint palette across the sky. Other times, it disappears before it […]

Property of the Month: Flamingo Blu

A work of art, built completely in the round. A walkway, punctuated by streaming sun and startling views. A mountain breeze, sweeping from ocean to hillside. A single television, to inspire mindfulness and repose. Welcome to beachfront Flamingo Blu, set on a hillside, exquisite in detail, and curved in beauty – a unique vacation rental on Flamingo Beach. Flamingo […]

Destination: Green Season? Planning Your Costa Rican Destination Wedding for the Rainy Season

A Costa Rican destination wedding – there’s something inherently romantic in the thought of it, isn’t there? You have a wedding vision in mind. Chances are, it includes the melodies of crashing waves and harmonizing bird song. There’s soft sand and cerulean backdrops to your photos. And, most likely, your dream day includes the warm […]

The Costa Rican Casado – What’s That?

Open up a menu in almost any Costa Rican restaurant, and you’ll be greeted with the casado. Casado? Your Spanish-to-English dictionary says that means “married.” Who says what now? Welcome to Costa Rica’s national dish and most popular lunchtime special, the famed casado: white rice, black or red beans, cooked veggies (aka picadillo), and/or salad, plus […]

Destination Joy: 9 Tips to Identify Perfect (for you) Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Tamarindo vacation rentals are not created equal. That’s not to say that some are better than others, but rather that some homes are suited to some guests and other homes are suited to other guests. Okay, and some are not suited to anyone. (We don’t list any of these, thankfully!) This post is about all […]

Property of the Month: Casa Ilios

Who says you can’t have it all? It’s a warm afternoon. The sun is shining – and by shining, we mean it’s bright and shimmering over the pool and ocean – and the Pacific has whipped up a salty sea breeze. The curtains are billowing, beckoning you poolside. Sunset is scheduled for T minus 45 […]