Looking for a Major Adrenaline Rush? Don’t Miss this Combo Tamarindo ATV Tour + Canopy Zipline!

Tamarindo ATV tour to secluded beaches

You are here: On the best Tamarindo ATV tour, roaring through dusty backroads, carving out your own secret passage to three of Costa Rica’s most beautiful and secluded beaches. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Imagine this: You’re clinging to the side of a mountain, racing up a country background. The wind’s in your hair and the ocean’s at your back. A cloud of dust billows out behind you, a puff of earth to trace your progress up the bumpy dirt road.

Or this: You’re teetering who-knows-how-high above the jungle floor, your toes curled over the edge of a treetop platform. Behind you, your guide chants, “One, two, three – JUMP!” Suddenly, you’re flying.

Or this: You’re speeding through arid countryside, cutting a swath through scrub and sand. It’s your own secret passage – an off-the-road shortcut to a no-road-access nearly deserted beach.

Welcome to the world’s best adrenaline rush, as only Costa Rica can offer it!

It All Begins: The BEST Tamarindo ATV Tour

Half Day ATV Tour

And now, you are here: On secluded Playa Minas, inaccessible by road but accessible to your ATV. Thankfully!

Your adventure begins with a two-hour adrenaline rush – a rip-roaring ATV tour north of Tamarindo, through Guanacaste’s dusty off roads, through cattle and horse farms, and into the secluded paradise of Playa Minas, Conchal Beach, and Brasilito beaches.

We’re talking white-sand beaches, a sapphire Pacific, and beachfront palms and sea almonds.

We’re talking two hours of total exhilaration, Costa Rican culture, and possibly the world’s best scenery.

We’re talking the best Tamarindo ATV tour. But that’s not all!

Supercharge Your Fun: The BEST Tamarindo Canopy Tour

Monkeys on Tamarindo Zip Line tours

And finally, you are here: Nearly face-to-face with rescued monkeys, just moments after having completed an exhilarating canopy zipline tour.

It’s hard to overshadow the delight of the ATV tour, but our favorite canopy zipline does its absolute best. (And succeeds, in many ways!)

Offering more than your standard zip-line fare, this monkey-watching-and-canopy-flight tour offers your choice of Family-Friendly or Adrenaline-Fueled fun – choose the latter, and you can fly like Superman, rappel down a tree, and even free-fall into a thrilling Tarzan swing – with a healthy side of wildlife watching.

After you’ve flown through the trees, jumped into the abyss, and gone sky-high horizontal, you’ll swing through the monkey and reptile center. Here, monkeys enjoy their own version of a canopy tour – a canopy-high tightrope! – and reptiles show off their scaliest scales and coolest camouflage.

Time it right, and you can take your combo tour at sunset– highly recommended!

Need Help? 

If you’d like help arranging a combo Tamarindo ATV tour + canopy zipline (or either as a separate day trip), look no further than where you already are. Our friendly concierge, Cris, will fill you in on all the details – and even book your tour for free.

ATVs and ziplines not your jam? Cris has first-hand knowledge of all the best tours, activities and adventures in and around Tamarindo, so she can recommend any flavor for any taste – the best day trip to match your personal adventure style. Or relaxation style. Or outdoor style.

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