Costa Rica Can’t-Miss: 7 of the Best Tamarindo Activities

sport fishing is one of the best Tamarindo activities

Sport fishing is, without a doubt, one of the best Tamarindo activities

Are you afraid that, after all your meticulous research and hunt for the best Tamarindo activities and attractions, you’ll miss out on that one, irreplaceable, life-changing, can’t-miss experience? You know the one – the thing that you’d finally remember at the eleventh hour, when there was no time left, and then forever regret that you had missed?

Yeah, we’ve all been there. Luckily, you’ve found your way here. We know the best Tamarindo activities out there. And we’re happy to share. So, with that, our top 7 can’t-miss activities in Tamarindo – one for each day of your stay!

  1. Sport Fishing

Sport fishing is, hands down, one of the most popular things to do in Guanacaste. And for very, very good reason! Our oceans teem with black, striped and blue marlin, yellowfin tuna, snapper, grouper, roosterfish, dorado, wahoo, sailfish, and other prize specimens.

And, if that weren’t enough of a draw, we have the BEST boat and the BEST crew in all of Tamarindo. The absolute best. The most skilled. The friendliest. And with the most knowledge. They’re guaranteed to steer you to the best waters, set you up with the best lures, and show you the best time while you wait to hook a record.

It doesn’t stop there, though! For anglers who crave the “real” Costa Rican fishing experience, we also offer you the super panga, a traditional boat and an authentic experience. Bonus: Our sport fishing excursions include everything, from gear to refreshments.

  1. Snorkel + Sunset Sailing

Tiger Fish near Tamarindo

Costa Rica’s waters are full of incredible sights!

We can think of few activities more iconic than snorkeling and sailing – and that’s each, separately. Put them together, and you have a true and quintessential Tamarindo experience.

Of course, you’re here for more than iconic. You want to have fun. You want to see unforgettable sights. You want to do incredible things. And a catamaran sunset cruise does just that! First, you’ll sail to a secluded snorkeling destination, where you’ll have the opportunity to see puffer fish, starfish, octopus, manta rays and other fish. When your energy’s spent, you’ll board the boat for a light meal and a slow cruise into one of our spectacular sunsets. Pro tip: Also available as a private half- or full-day sailboat charter!

  1. Surfing

Tamarindo is world-renowned for surfing, so there are few “musts” more “must” than this. Do you vacation right with surf lessons, given by 100% local surfers who know our waves inside and out. Whether you’re a brand-new beginner or a seasoned surfer, your certified instructor will tailor your lesson to your skill level and specific preferences.

Bonus: Surf action photos are a must, and we work with the absolute best photographers in the business! We’re happy to arrange a photographer during your surf session.

  1. Zip Lining

Think zip-lining is old hat in Costa Rica? This may be one of the most iconic and best Tamarindo activities, topping every can’t-miss list, but there’s truth to the recommendation: the country looks different when you’re soaring above the trees! Our favorite canopy tour takes you south of Tamarindo, to a 150-year-old horse and cattle ranch. You’ll swing, fly and float through the treetops on 11 cables, a swinging bridge, and an adrenaline-pumping rappel. All told, the adventure lasts about two hours.

  1. ATV or Horseback Riding

Tamarindo horseback riding

How’s this for a can’t-miss activity?

Gallop through paradise on a horseback riding adventure! The day begins in the dry forest – keep your eyes open for iguanas, birds, monkeys, and more – and trots onto the brilliant, pink-white sands of Playa Conchal. Tip: If you want to go high-octane, swap an ATV tour for horseback riding. You’ll rip and roar over Tamarindo’s countryside, traversing our toughest terrain and climbing to spectacular views. It’s memorable and thrilling.

  1. Turtle Watching

Treat yourself to one of the most tranquil and moving sights in Costa Rica: turtle nesting. Located just next door, at Las Baulas National Park – one of the world’s preeminent nesting sites for the vulnerable leatherback, the largest sea turtle in the world – you’ll have a nightly opportunity to witness one of the world’s greatest sights (in season). You’ll watch as hulking sea turtles lumber up the beach, dig their nests, and lay their eggs. It’s as unexpectedly moving as the flip-side – hatching! – is heart-warming.

  1. Spa Services

INDULGE: That’s our one rule for any Tamarindo vacation. As in, you must indulge. You should do something for yourself. You should relax. And what better way, than a half- or full spa day? We’re talking an Indonesian soaking tub, facials, body scrubs, body wraps, mani/pedis, massages, and any other treatments that tickle your fancy. Bonus: A gourmet lunch, wine, and leisurely soak in the Jacuzzi is included in your pampering.

Feel the Need for Fun?

Have we whet your appetite for the best activities in Tamarindo? Then please, get in touch! We’re happy to share our expertise in Tamarindo vacation planning – including all our favorite activities and can’t-miss experiences. We have all the recommendations and advice you need to plan your vacation in paradise.