Tamarindo Day Trip: Las Pumas Rescue Center

jaguar Panthera onca-min

Jaguars, Costa Rica’s biggest wildcats, are just one of the five big cat species you’ll find at Las Pumas Rescue Center

We like to say that in nature, there are no guarantees. What that means is that, while Costa Rica is an incredibly biodiverse country where more than 25% of all land is reserved for national parks, wildlife refuges, and reserves – habitats to some of the densest wild animal populations in the world – there’s no guarantee you’ll spot a specific animal. Especially if that animal is elusive. Enter Las Pumas Rescue Center, or El Centro de Rescate Las Pumas.

Las Pumas is a wildlife rescue center, taking in the injured, the orphaned, and the illegally captured. Their goal: To provide necessary medical care and rehabilitate these animals, hopefully for release back into their natural habitats. What this means for us: Guaranteed animal sightings and a feel-good, do-good kind of day, where you not only see some animals but put your tourism dollars toward a worthy nonprofit. 

Need to Know:

Location: About 2 hours east of Tamarindo and 4.5 miles outside of Cañas, on the Interamerican Highway en route to Liberia

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday-Sunday

Cost: $8 children & students / $12 adults

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How to Find (and Choose) the Perfect Costa Rica Wedding Photographer

Costa Rica wedding photographer Toh Gouttenoire-min

Choosing your Costa Rica wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make | Photo courtesy of Toh Gouttenoire

When you’re planning your wedding in Costa Rica, a lot of work goes into the… well, planning! After all, whether large or intimate, fancy or casual, this promises to be one of the most important days of your life. And by important, we mean significant. And by that, we mean you need to be thinking about your Cosa Rica wedding photographer.

Big leap, you say? We think not. Because, at the end of the day (literally), your wedding is but a day – or a weekend or, okay, if you’re going all out, an entire week! – but the memories? Well, the memories last a lifetime. Great photos will help.

We don’t say that to be funny. Photos really do help. Because, in the moment, your emotions sweep you up. It’s hard to commit every minute, every look, every smile to memory because you’re too busy experiencing the actual moment. And that’s exactly as it should be. Don’t observe; experience.

Enter your wedding photographer – Editor’s note: your talented, experienced wedding photographer who really gets you – and his job it is to experience nothing and see everything. That’s why this may be the most important I-do decision you never knew you had to make. Because, while every other wedding decision affects the day/weekend/week itself, your choice of Costa Rica wedding photographer affects how you reflect on that day, for the rest of your life.

So, you know – no pressure.

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Costa Rica Travel Tips: Packing for Rainy Season

Costa Rica travel tips for rainy season-min

Rainy season travel is some of our favorite. The landscapes are green, the water is clear, flowers are in bloom, and the wildlife is happy. But, yeah, there’s likely to be rain. These Costa Rica travel tips for rainy season will see you through.

So, you’re visiting during the rainy season? Then hoo boy, do we have some Costa Rica travel tips up our sleeve.

Are you envisioning torrential downpours and epic thunderstorms, gray skies and a vacation spent huddling indoors, hiding from another miserable day?

Yeah, Costa Rica’s rainy season isn’t like that.

So, how much does it rain?  Are we talking a few sprinkles or more like apocalyptic, monsoon-level downpours? Does everything shut down? Here’s the short of it: Unless you’re really, really unlucky – as in, once-in-several-years unlucky – it’s not going to rain morning, noon, and night. It probably won’t even rain noon and night. It may not even rain every day.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Hold on to your umbrella, because we’re about to get real about Costa Rica’s rainy season.

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Property of the Month: Pacific Soul

Pacific Soul catamaran rental Costa Rica

You are here. Enough said? (Oh, you’re serious? Then feel free to inquire now about Pacific Soul!)

You’ve just awoken. There’s a hint of sunlight streaming in your window but, that’s not what woke you up. What was it? It was something completely beyond anything you’ve ever experienced. Or, at least, anything you’ve ever experienced upon waking.

You’re… rocking. It’s a gentle lap and ebb, lap and ebb. Oh, that’s right! Yesterday, you ditched your landlubber card and today, you’re waking up in Pacific Soul, a spectacular 45-foot private-charter catamaran. A 4-bedroom, 4-bath private catamaran. Floating on the aquamarine Pacific. Your only neighbors: dolphins, sea turtles, and the occasional octopus or two. This. Is. The. Life.

Welcome to the lap (and ebb) of luxury – a true, elusive luxury that only a few will ever have a chance experience. Will you be one of them?

Pacific Soul: Costa Rica’s Luxury Overnight Catamaran Rental

Pacific Soul catamaran rental hammocks

Pacific Soul is luxurious and hospitality – Costa Rica’s version of an overwater bungalow – all rolled into one incredible vacation rental.

Climb aboard an exotic vacation – an experience like no other and a trip you will never forget. Pacific Soul is the Costa Rican experience, run by a skilled, multi-national crew of friendly navigators and a captain who loves nothing more than beach-hopping cruises, multi-day fishing trips, and scavenger hunts to find the best surf breaks.

In other words, Pacific Soul is all about you. What do you dream of doing today?

Because, this is your charter boat. Explore solitary coves and un-touristed snorkeling spots. Take a late-afternoon sunset cruise or an early-morning trip. Hunt down those surf breaks. Throw your line in to catch dinner. Aboard Pacific Soul, you decide.

Where Luxury Catamaran Meets Vacation Rental

Pacific Soul catamaran rental bedrooms

See? No nighttime discomfort or horrible bathrooms in sight! It’s smooth sailing aboard Pacific Soul.

If your vision of boat life involves dark, cramped “heads” (boat-speak for bathrooms so small, your three-year-old cousin feels squished) and rock-hard beds fashioned from hard-foam sofa cushions, then may we introduce you to the luxurious side of boat living and vacations?

Pacific Soul is total luxury – with not a dank head or lumpy mattress in sight. Costa Rica’s version of an overwater bungalow, this floating palace offers four compact-but-comfortable, fully air-conditioned bedrooms and an equal four sleek bathrooms that, while not palatial, won’t make you want to skip the day’s shower. This is your very own, sea-faring mini-resort.

But, aboard Pacific Soul, it’s the living and social spaces that really shine: deck-level sofas and dining, an air-conditioned main cabin, and our favorite bit – the catamaran hammocks! Double the netting for double the relaxation, your lounge hammocks sit directly on top of Pacific waves. It’s just you, the water, and the sun. And a cold drink, if you’d like.

Because, despite everything we’ve already listed, here’s the best bit: Whether you’re aboard for a day or a week, the staff will keep you fueled and cooled with ice-cold drinks – the fully stocked bar is always open! – tasty snacks and even full dinners, prepared from local ingredients.

So, go ahead – play in the ocean until sunset. Dinner will be waiting when you’re ready. But, until then, feel free to turn on Pacific Soul’s blue underwater lights, turn up the tunes, and look up at the stars. And, when you’re finally ready to turn in, see how fast this anchored boat rocks you to sleep.

Complimentary Concierge Services with your Costa Rica Catamaran Rental

When you book a stay at Pacific Soul, you’re reserving more than just a great vacation home; your booking also includes full travel concierge services.

Cristina (aka Cris) is our wonderful, knowledgeable, and friendly in-house concierge. She not only knows greater Tamarindo like the back of her hand, but her job is to get to know you that well, too.

Here’s how it works: When you book Pacific Soul, Cristina will soon get in touch. She’ll send you our welcome packet, which includes an intro to many of the most popular Tamarindo activities, tours, and attractions. Have a look. Get a taste of what Tamarindo has to offer. Start building your must-do and would-like-to-do lists.

Then, it’s time to get personal. Because Cris is not your standard travel agent: she doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Her job is to get to know you, and know you well, so she can build your custom itinerary and suggest activities, tours, and attractions tailored to your specific interests, activity levels, and wish lists.

Even better? Our concierge services are absolutely and always free for our guests. Relax, dream, and plan. We’ll take care of the details.

Please get in touch for more information about Pacific Soul and our concierge services.