Destination Poolside: 6 of the Best Pools in Costa Rica

best pools in Costa Rica

Welcome to six of the best pools in Costa Rica

One of our favorite things about a vacation in paradise? Doing everything and absolutely nothing. And by absolutely nothing, we mean lounging around some of the best pools in Costa Rica, be it for an afternoon or an entire week.

The choice is yours. We don’t judge. We do enable, though! So today, we’re serving up six of our picks for the best pools in Costa Rica: ocean-view, infinity-edge, and surrounded by all the luxury accouterments you could dream. Jump in. Cool off. Enjoy!

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Guide to Santa Rosa National Park

Witch's Rock at Santa Rosa National Park

Witch’s Rock, a famed surf site, is located within Santa Rosa National Park

Where isolated beach meets rare dry forest, where rushing rivers flow into lush mangrove forests, where epic waves crash onto rocky islands – this is Santa Rosa National Park, Costa Rica’s first national park and an untouched beauty still far off the nation’s beaten path.

Rough and wild, Santa Rosa is a place where white-tailed deer still frequent drinking holes and the jaguars still meander along parched landscapes. Where one of the world’s last tropical dry forests meet endangered sea turtle nesting sites, where howler monkeys hoot in the tees and bats flutter through the air.

Here, amidst waist-high scrub grass and the veil of Guanacaste trees, Santa Rosa National Park protects critical habitats and prized Costa Rican history. Here, Santa Rosa National Park cradles ocean-view hiking trails and two of the world’s most beloved surf sites. Here, Santa Rosa National Park calls you to outdoor adventures and inner reflections, to heart-pounding thrills and tranquil afternoons.

Santa Rosa National Park Overview: 

Location: 22 miles north of Liberia; about 2 hours north of Tamarindo

Founded: 1971

Area: 91,926 acres and 192,660 maritime acres

Hours: Monday through Sunday, 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.; extended hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during high season

Telephone: 2666-5051 / 2668-1045 / 2668-1150

Entrance Fee: $15 adults / $5 children

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What is Guanacaste Day? (aka What’s Today’s Holiday All About?)

Guanacaste Day typical dress

What is Guanacaste Day? It’s a celebration of history.

Every year, if you’re in town on July 25, you’ll notice a little something different is happening. Schoolchildren aren’t in school. Banks, government offices, and other places of business are closed. People – and especially young children – are dressed in traje típico (typical dress, usually of the red, white, and blue variety).

Mystery, solved: Today is “Guanacaste Day” or more formally, a celebration of “la Anexión del Partido de Nicoya” (the “Annexation of Guanacaste”).

The holiday is particularly grand here in Tamarindo, as we’re located in the province of Guanacaste – the epicenter of the day’s celebration. That said, Guanacaste Day is a major holiday throughout Costa Rica, and not just in Guanacaste: Today is an official holiday throughout all seven provinces. Today honors the day that our peninsula – now province – became a part of Costa Rica. Today is a day for celebration.

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Tips for Your Destination Wedding in Costa Rica

advice on a destination wedding in Costa Rica

Avoid these mistakes to plan your perfect destination wedding in Costa Rica

You ask, we answer: What do newlyweds most often wish they had known, before they walked down the aisle of their destination wedding in Costa Rica?

We’re not wedding planners – although our Tamarindo wedding guide does offer a pretty good start to your planning – but we do have a lot of Costa Rica wedding expertise. Not only are several of our luxury vacation homes available as wedding venues, but we also have excellent local connections and recommendations: wedding planners, florists, photographers and videographers, and more.

So, with all this experience under our belts, we have a few (okay, seven) suggestions to turn your wish-we-would-haves into we’re-so-glad-we-dids:

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Business Retreat in Costa Rica? Here’s What Your Employees Need (& Want) to Know

Zip Lining Group

Are you ready to plan the best ever business retreat in Costa Rica?

So, your company’s taking a business retreat in Costa Rica… and you’re considering Tamarindo! Or, perhaps you’ve already decided on Tamarindo. Congratulations! Costa Rica is a great choice for a corporate retreat and in Costa Rica – okay, call us biased – Tamarindo is the perfect home base.

After all, greater Tamarindo – Tamarindo, Langosta, Hacienda Pinilla, Conchal, and even out to Flamingo – is one of Costa Rica’s most popular destinations. Not just for a business retreat in Costa Rica, mind you, but for vacation, destination weddings, honeymoons, and more. In other words, Tamarindo is paradise amidst paradise.

Our main claim to fame? Beautiful beaches, for starters. And then, there’s our world-famous surf, eclectic adventure activities, plenty of water sports, and spectacular sunsets. And, of course, there’s much geared toward your business retreat in Costa Rica, too: sprawling luxury mansions, an excellent restaurant scene, and plenty of team building, bonding, and fun. If you’ve chosen Tamarindo, then your company must be a great one! #TamarindoOrBust

But okay, after the initial excitement and general euphoria subside, you start to wonder: Where is Tamarindo, exactly? Where are you all going to stay? (And will there be any privacy?) What’s the weather like? And, how much should you budgetfor out-of-pocket extras?

Well, the first thing you should know – this corporate retreat/vacation is going to be epic. As for the rest of your questions, we have you covered:

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Your Costa Rica Corporate Retreat: 7 Signs That It’s a Terrible Idea

plan a Costa Rica corporate retreat

Planning a Costa Rica corporate retreat? Then, here are a few things you should know.

If you’re planning a Costa Rica corporate retreat, STOP RIGHT THERE. Because, there are a few things you should know. A few things that should give you serious pause.

Costa Rica may receive a lot of praise – it’s spectacularly beautiful, environmentally forward and has perfect weather, right? Right?! – but there’s a dark side to this slice of tropical paradise. A very dark side.

Here are 7 signs that you and your team are absolutely, positively not made for a Costa Rica corporate retreat:

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