Tamarindo Day Trip: The Fascinating Rio Celeste & its Waterfall

Tamarindo day trip to Rio Celeste

Tamarindo day trip: Rio Celeste, one of the world’s most incredible sights!

Once upon an ancient time, a god decided to paint the sky. Blue, he said, as he picked up his brush – the sky shall be blue. And so, the god chose his paints and began to smear the sky in swaths of cerulean, sapphire and turquoise.

As he painted, the god reached down to Earth to clean his brush. And his brush touched a river. And thus, the river also turned blue – sky blue, as the hue would be known, after the god finished his work. The Celeste River, as the river would be known, one day.

Or so the story goes.

Of course, there’s a scientific explanation for Costa Rica’s Rio Celeste. One that has everything to do with volcanic minerals – with oxygen, aluminum, and silicon, suspended in water and refracting light.

But we prefer the more romantic explanation. It’s fitting for this special river, baby blue in hue and proof, if ever there were, of real-life alchemy – of the mundane becoming something magical. Because here, the water is really, truly blue. Scoop it up with your hands – blue. Immerse your arm – blue. The Rio Celeste is really, truly the blue of a sky-blue crayon. Of a god’s leftover sky paint.

If we are vague, let us be clear: Don’t miss this Tamarindo day trip. Just don’t!

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Big Five: More Costa Rican Animals You Can’t Wait to Spot

Costa Rican animals: the keel-billed toucan

The keel-billed toucan is one of our favorite Costa Rican animals!

A promise is a promise! In our first overview of Costa Rica’s Big Five, we came clean and admitted we couldn’t narrow it down to just five Costa Rican animals.

After all, Costa Rica is home to a whopping 6% of the world’s total biodiversity, in space as small as just 0.3% of the Earth’s surface. That’s packing it pretty tight, in ratio terms. Pretty tight under any terms, really. Because, did you know? Costa Rica is home to an estimated 500,000 species (including 1,251 species of butterflies alone!).

Admittedly, that would be a lot to see while you’re here. In fact, it may be a tad over-optimistic to hope you’ll see them all. So, in our continuing mission to help you narrow it down, may we present our next round of our Big Five: 5 more Costa Rican animals to put on your must-see list:

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14 Reasons You’d Hate to Vacation in Costa Rica

beach sunset in Costa Rica

Buckle up, buttercup. We have the cold, hard truth about that vacation in Costa Rica…

Planning a vacation in Costa Rica? We are so sorry. Pura vida, schmura vida. We’ve been in “paradise” long enough to know, Costa Rica’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Want some proof? We have it. Fourteen proofs, to be exact. That’s right – 14 reasons you’d hate to vacation in Costa Rica:

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Your Tamarindo Honeymoon: A Guide

Tamarindo honeymoon spot

You are here: On a Tamarindo honeymoon in paradise!

So, you’ve settled on a Tamarindo honeymoon – congratulations! Tamarindo is a wonderful choice for a honeymoon: both urban and relaxed, at once romantic and memorable, both secluded and packed with things to do, this is the perfect backdrop for making memories (and all those honeymoon photos, of course!).

In fact, Tamarindo is one of Costa Rica’s most popular towns, thanks to our mix of beautiful beaches and epic surfing, adrenaline-drenched adventures and great dining, luxury amenities and spectacular sunsets.

What’s more, we’re also perfectly located to many of the Costa Rican adventures on your bucket list: active volcanoes and powder-soft beaches, wildlife rescue centers and palm-lined coast, tropical forests and jungle waterfalls, couples’ massages and sunset sails. The things to see, do and experience on a Tamarindo honeymoon are nearly endless.

Go ahead, you can do a happy dance! This is exactly the brand of newlywed bliss you’ve been looking for. Did someone say #BestHoneymoonEver ?

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Before I Do: 8 Ideas for a Better Tamarindo Bachelorette Party

Tamarindo bachelorette party - go surfing

Can you imagine doing this… in your wedding dress? Welcome to a better Tamarindo bachelorette party!

Look, while we all love a good naughty-themed fête, you also want your bachelorette to be Insta-worthy. You want to make memories. Real memories, not just the don’t-show-Grandma kind. The good news: You can opt for a super-cool Tamarindo bachelorette party and have your phallic cake, too. #YOLO, ladies!

That’s right: The era of the alternative (read: better) bachelorette party has arrived and with it, some of the coolest, most memorable ideas for your bachelorette party in Costa Rica. (Psst, also be sure to check out our full Tamarindo wedding guide!) In the meantime, here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Have a Luxury Sleepover

Need an excuse (as if!) to watch chick flicks and eat ice cream? Look no further, because there’s no better way to bond with your girls, than with an old-school sleepover. But not just any sleepover, not in Costa Rica.

Instead of dragging out your pillows and sleeping bags like you did a decade ago, Tamarindo invites you to elevate your bachelorette sleepover right into the luxury zone. In addition to luxe linens and private bathrooms for all, when you rent a luxury Tamarindo vacation rental, you’ll have your pick of hot tubs and ocean views, private pools and big-screen TVs. In other words, the fulfillment of all your bachelorette dreams.

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The 7 Habits of Highly Happy Costa Rica Travelers

how to be a happy Costa Rica traveler

Want to be a happy Costa Rica traveler? Then be sure to plan at least one “special” something for your trip.

You’re surrounded by guidebooks. Your website bookmarks number into what seems like the kajillions. You have ideas, itineraries, and must-dos bouncing around inside your head. It’s all a little overwhelming and wholly exciting. But you’re wondering, have you forgotten anything?

More specifically, what’s the secret sauce to being absolutely happy, totally thrilled with your Costa Rican vacation? Well, there is no one secret. But, over the years, we’ve known thousands of happy Costa Rica travelers and, along the way, have noticed a few things they have in common:

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